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"Suck my dick and spit it out" ― the rapper on his hit song "Tavis"

kiernan often known by his various stage names kiernann, Lil Diaper Shit and most notably Yung Tegga is an American rapper and producer signed to Flex Entertainment. He is most known for his various appearances on the third instalment of the Flex Gang compilation series as well as mixing the revamped version of Just for Show by Lil Mosquito Disease which ended up being a smash hit after its release.

kiernan is also known for being one of the founding members of the defunct "Pedals Inc" group which existed in late 2020 and early 2021 as well as constantly asking Yung Lambo to feature on a remix of his 2020 Lambo Season track "Onions". He was also an executive of the label in early 2021 but was demoted in March of that same year.


The biggest achievement Tegga would ever be attributed to was producing the beat for Mosquito’s 2021 hit “Just For Show: Reloaded.” This caused Yung Tegga to be promoted to executive as a potential go-to producer for the label. The decision was criticized by the other executives who felt like Mosquito was giving him too much to soon. Tegga would be demoted in March of 2021 due to lingering tensions and his toxic behavior. He is seen as the worst executive in Flex history.

An infamous incident involving Tegga was a day where various members of the server and collective began hurling insults at random Flex artists in the Flex server, primarily Yung Lambo and Lil Squeaky. An infamous quote spawned out of this incident, that being one from Pedals co-owner Yung Tegga. The quote was "hey squeaky. you talk a lot of shit for someone who does literally nothing for flex and only talks down to people who thought of you as a friend. grow tf up. act your age dumbass". The quote has been memed to hell since then as it came across as extremely petty and kinda funny.

One of the biggest hit songs from Yung Lambo's Lambo Season was a track titled "Onions". It featured Lil Squeaky and is currently one of Lambo's only songs to have reached 1K streams on Spotify. Due to his love of the song, kiernan would ask to be on a remix of the song. This elusive remix would be dubbed the "Onions Remix" and Tegga would ask many times to be on the remix. Eventually Tegga would stop asking but now Lambo would return the favor and constantly harass kiernan to "do the onions verse". A remix EP for Lambo Season was released in 2021 and featured an Onions Remix although it did feature Yung Tegga. It is not known if the verse was ever recorded but it remains a staple in Flex history.

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