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"Shrekneck on the beat" ― Lambo's Shrekneck producer tag

The Gremlin, better by his stage name Yung Lambo is a rapper and software engineer signed to Flex Entertainment. He became an executive for the label on December 10, 2020.

He is known for his feature on Lil Shizz's "Iced Out Soul" and also his hit songs, "Freezin" and "Duel of the Fates". His debut album "Lambo Season", was released on October 2, 2020. He is also known for his intense hatred of sand and Star Wars character Pong Krell. He is also known as being one of the only consistent "nerdcore" artists in Flex Entertainment, often rapping about movies and TV Shows such as Shrek, Star Wars and Breaking Bad. His music contains elements of hip hop, trap metal, hyperpop, and dance music. He is also notable for the development of Bluetooth technologies since the year 1994.


September 2018 - January 2019: Independent & LRK[]

Lambo first started making music as a producer, making beats for fun but never releasing them. In September 2018, he left his current school and started going to a new one, where he met Lil Shizz, Yung Fizz and Uppercase J. Shizz heard one of Lambo's beats and thought it was great, and asked Lambo to help him make an album. Lambo and Shizz then started working on an album. Lambo ghostwrote and produced every song on the album. That album would become "Shizz a Wizz". At one point, Yung Fizz saw Lambo and Shizz working on the album and asked to be on it. Lambo also started working with Fizz on an album as well. He ghostwrote most of the album and produced every song on it. The album would become "Fizzpop".

January 2019 - present: Flex Entertainment[]

Both "Fizzpop" and "Shizz a Wizz" dropped on January 4, 2019. Lambo featured on Lil Shizz's song, "Iced Out Soul" off his album and Fizz's songs, "No Man's Ice", "Drip Trip" and "They Will Get It" off his album. Soon after this was released, Shizz, Lambo and Fizz signed to Flex Entertainment. Lambo did not release anything for a very long time until July 15, 2019, when he released his debut single, DRIP. The single did not perform very well, but it became somewhat of a sleeper hit over time. The song received a remaster in September 2020 courtesy of Lil Squeaky. On December 13, Lambo released his biggest single to date, Freezin. It was met with mixed to bad reception, with many claiming that the beat was good but everything else about the song was bad. The song has become arguably the biggest sleeper hit in the history of Flex Entertainment, remaining consistently popular over time and becoming one of the label's most iconic songs. A remix featuring Big Baller B, Lil Squeaky, and Yung Garfield was featured on Lambo's debut album Lambo Season.

In June 2020, a song by another artist also named Yung Lambo called "Sick 'n' Tired," featuring Babatunde, gained popularity on the music reviewing site MusicBoard, and it reached #1 on the charts on that site for a short time before being heavily downvoted. Lambo stated that Babatunde was shot and killed by Yung Fizz. A cover of the song, featuring Lil Squeaky, who also co-produced the song, appeared on Lambo Season.

On August 6, 2020, Lambo released his third single, "Duel of the Fates" featuring Lil Toy Yoda. The song was released with an accompanying music video. The song was met with generally positive reception, with many listeners enjoying how ridiculous the production and lyrics were accompanied by Lambo's deadpan, autotuned delivery and Yoda's very aggressive delivery. The music video received lots of praise. "Duel of the Fates" was a massive turning point in Lambo's career, gaining him a huge new following and making him a much more beloved artist, whereas he had been looked down upon before.

Lambo's debut album, Lambo Season, was initially announced in Spring 2020, but was slowly worked on over the summer. The album was completed in early September, and was released on October 2, 2020. The album was mixed and mastered by Lil Squeaky, and contains guest appearances from numerous Flex Entertainment artists, including Lil Squeaky, Big Baller B, Lil Toy Yoda, Yung Garfield, Lil Mosquito Disease, J Coyn Drive, and many more. Several songs from Lambo Season had been leaked over time, and Lambo has been credited with popularizing leaks in Flex Entertainment.

On August 28, 2020, Lambo released his fourth single, "SAND" featuring Anakin Skywalker as a Soundcloud exclusive up until its release on the album. The song received positive reception for the ridiculousness of the lyrics and beat. It was however regarded as Lambo's biggest flops commercially as it was only released on SoundCloud at 2 AM on a Saturday. The song, however, rebounded in popularity after being added to Emily Finchum's album I'll be okay.

Lambo Season was released on October 2, 2020, and was met with generally positive reviews. Many listeners praised Lambo's sense of humor and his presence on the songs, as well as the production and features, though some were critical of the humor and the repetitive nature of some of the songs. 2 days after the release of his album, on October 4, 2020, Lambo released a 3 part music video for 3 of the songs on the album, "SAND", "Pong Krell Diss Track" and "I Cook Meth". This video was quite well received for its originality as multi-song music videos were not something very common in Flex at the time.

The song "Die Very Rough" by Mario Judah blew up on TikTok in October 2020. For some reason, Mario Judah was no longer credited on the song on the app. Instead, Yung Lambo was named the artist. This caused him to gain a lot of popularity, making his streaming numbers explode on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify. "Freezin" has been gaining thousands of views each week on YouTube. This caused the song to have a second win, reaching No. 2 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 on its 26th week. Lambo released a cover of "Die Very Rough" on October 31, 2020. The song blew up on Soundcloud and debuted at No. 13 on the Flex Hot 100. It leaped into the Top 10 the following week. After the release of the "Smoking the Lambo Pack", "Die Very Rough" reached number one on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, his first number one in his career. It dethroned "Bones" by Emily Finchum, which had a twenty-one-week reign on top.

On February 5 2021, Lambo dropped his first project since his debut album in the form of an EP titled "Cartel". The EP was originally released in late 2020 but was re-released in 2021. The tracklist features singles like "I AM THE CARTEL" and a horrible attempt on making hyperpop music with "p1zza 0n th3 r00f".

On February 12, Lambo dropped his surprise second studio album "The Mission to Make Speeder Flop" in an attempt to make Flex artist sammy the fish's album "Speeder" flop in retaliation for sammy leaking Lambo Season a few days before it's release in 2020.

On July 23rd, Lambo released his newest single THE BAD 81T3H , which featured an accompanying music video.

On August 6, Lambo announced the release date for his second studio album "SWAMP FOREVER" on Twitter, the date being August 20, 2021. The album was released to positive reception, with listeners praising the improved rapping and catchy sample-based production, as well as the strange and experimental touches throughout the album.

On December 25, 2021, Lambo, Hood Guy & Lil Mosquito Disease all simultaneously announced the upcoming release of "Gucci Swamp", the collab album between Lambo and Hood Guy, stating it would drop on the coming "Spider Monday". There were various cover arts announced, but none of the cover arts were ultimately used, with a different cover art used. The album was released to mostly positive reception, being praised for its uniqueness and extremely chaotic sound.


During the spring of 2020, Yung Lambo became infamous for his tendency to "rage and scream" over Lil Squeaky and Lil Mosquito Disease destroying his buildings on the Flex Entertainment Minecraft Server.

Yung Lambo and fellow Flex rapper Hood Guy entered a beef in November 2020, with Hood Guy releasing a Yung Lambo diss, titled "The Third". Lambo responded with "Stinky Pinky". Hood Guy then released an apology song, titled "Rockstar", featuring Rick Ross.

In February 2021, Yung Lambo released his mixtape The Mission to Make Speeder Flop. This album was, as stated in the title, intended to make sammy the fish's album Speeder, released on the same day, flop. Yung Lambo's album was widely panned by critics, and it was generally seen as a "dick move."

On March 11, 2022, Lil Squeaky and Hood Guy released a diss track on Yung Lambo, titled "Back 2 Back". Following the diss, the beef remained dormant for several weeks, until Squeaky released his diss track on Lambo, "Super Gremlin", on March 31, 2022. The following morning, Lambo released his diss track on Lil Squeaky, "Ima Dogg". On April 3, 2022, Hood Guy released his diss track, "I Hate Hood Guy", which dissed Lambo along with many other artists.


  • He has the most XP in the Flex Entertainment Discord Server.
  • He is also believed by some to be the same person as Lil Flexer and Submarine Man.
  • He likes to traffic people across the border



  • Lambo Season (2020)
  • The Mission To Make Speeder Flop (2021)
  • Swamp Forever (2021)
  • A$$ Daddy Donkey Kong (2022)
  • The Mustafar Meth Cartel (2023)


  • The Shrextape (2022)


  • Cartel (2021)
  • Lambo Season Remixes (2021)

Collaborative Albums[]

  • Gucci Swamp (with Hood Guy) (2021)


List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"Drip" 2019 69 34 93 67 DRIP REMASTERED
"Freezin" 2 9 1 6
  • FLEX: 7x Platinum
Lambo Season
"Duel of the Fates"
(featuring Lil Toy Yoda)
2020 8 25 4 12
  • FLEX: 5x Platinum
(featuring Anakin Skywalker)
8 18 6 32
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
(featuring Gus Fring & Hector Salamanca)
9 6 12 22
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
16 8 86 The Food Must Not Be Processed
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
Smoking the Lambo Pack
"Molester Moon"
(with Yung Lambo, Lil Squeaky, & Yung Garfield featuring .jitters, Cedric, & Lil Nav)
13 6 17
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
non-album singles
(featuring Deon Cap, Lung Yambo & Walter White)
12 13 15 28 Cartel
"Shrek Need Lambo" 2021 7 5 5 37
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol. 3
"In Jump"
(featuring Lil Squeaky & .jitters)
9 34 5 17
  • FLEX: Platinum
Swamp Forever
"Doing It Right"
(featuring Yung Schmoobin)
6 32 4 12
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"The Bad Bitch" 3 52 3 15
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
(featuring Ashi & 4Pac)
7 21 8 13
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Blood Moon"
(featuring White Fury & Young Seagull)
10 15 7 16 1
  • BMP: Gold
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
(featuring Mairo Judah, Death Grip, & Lil Stuart Little)
24 15 57 20
  • FLEX: Platinum
non-album single

Promotional Singles[]

List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"Stinky Pinky (Hood Guy Diss Track)" 2020 1 1 72 36
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
Hood Guy, Out!
"give me ceo of taco bell role" 91 63 N/A


List of features
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
(Lil Joof featuring Yung Lambo)
(Tending Bike featuring Yung Lambo)
2021 8 18 4
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Flex Gang Cypher"
(Flex Entertainment featuring Lil Kori Da Fine$$e Kidd, Lil Henjin, Payden McKnight, Lil Toy Yoda, Lil Hersey Squirt, Lil Mosquito Disease, Yung Lambo, Hood Guy)
2 3 1 Flex Gang Cypher
"The Hive"
(Lil Mosquito Disease featuring Yung Lambo)
2022 3 6 1
  • BMP: Platinum
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
American Power"
(Tom's White Knights featuring Yung Lambo)
36 25
  • FLEX: Gold

Other Charted Songs[]

List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"The Swamp"
(featuring CRZFawkz)
2020 16 29 10 26
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Lambo Season
"Lambo Season"
(featuring John & sammy the fish)
18 63 11 29
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring Lil Squeaky)
17 11 51 12 28
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
  • BMP: Gold
  • FLEX: Platinum
"I Cook Meth"
(featuring Walter White & Jesse Pinkman)
17 44 8 31
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"Riding Around with the Whole Team"
(featuring beetlebat)
20 34 15 34
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Xenomorph Swag"
(featuring J Coyn Drive)
13 11 16 36
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Netherite Hoe Freestyle"
(featuring Hood Guy)
24 58 17 37
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Lil Kraqqen Interlude"
(featuring Lil Kraqqen, Yang 2012, & Jesse Pinkman)
26 45 18 41
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Lambo Gas"
(featuring xofilo)
27 25 19 42
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Revenge of the Sith is the Greatest Movie Ever Made"
(featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
22 69 20 35
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Sick 'N' Tired"
(featuring Lil Squeaky)
23 52 21 38
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"I Admit"
(sammy the fish featuring Depp Gibbs, beetlebat, Lil Squeaky, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Eggnog, R Kelly, Lil Joof, Burger Beard, Lil Pinecone, Sachit, Yung Lambo, K Relly, Emily Finchum, & J Coyn Drive
97 59 non-album single
"Lyrical Miracle (Interlude)"
(featuring beetlebat, Big Baller B, Yung Schmoobin, & Yung Lambo)
18 10 16 15 26 Infestation
(featuring Saul Goodman & RBG Bread)
2021 11 14 12 24
  • FLEX: Gold
(featuring Wild Wes)
14 18 15 30
(featuring LVN Fylo & Old Bando)
15 20 16 32
"p1zza 0n th3 r00f"
(featuring sammythefish & xofilo)
10 12 10 27
  • FLEX: Gold
(featuring Lil Squeaky)
24 16 58 The Mission To Make Speeder Flop
(featuring Tending Bike & Lil Mosquito Disease)
26 17 63
(featuring Hood Guy, Hood The Grand, Pee, Good Guy, Hood Child, & beetlebat)
27 18 65
"Staring at the Sunset, Pt. 2"
(featuring LEGGOLAND)
34 23 79
"Poopoo is Nutritious (Interlude)"
(featuring LEGGOLAND)
30 20 72
(featuring Pedals Inc)
31 21 74
"Keep Everything Real"
(featuring White Fury)
35 25 85
(featuring Yang 2012, GENES1S, iwanttodie, 1027, & hashiyama)
28 19 70
"The Sand"
(featuring Yang 2012, GENES1S, iwanttodie, 1027, & hashiyama)
36 26 88
"sk00tt (PRIVATE SERVA)"
(featuring Tending Bike, Lil Sperm)
37 27 90
(featuring Tending Bike, GUN GAMBO, & Shrekleg)
38 28 91
(featuring .jitters, jot jitters, & Terry Shaw)
39 29 94
"No Words, Pt. 2"
(featuring sk00tt & jimmybitches_)
40 30 96
"SWAMP FOREVER" 12 8 9 7
  • FLEX: Platinum
Swamp Forever
(featuring beetlebat)
13 8 10 9
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
(featuring Lil Squeaky)
16 17 11 11
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring sammy the fish & Lil Mosquito Disease)
13 50 10 12 2
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring .jitters, Depp Gibbs, & Tending Bike)
18 22 13 14
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring Hood Guy)
20 28 14 16
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring Ivan Knight and the Imaginary Friends)
21 23 15 18
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring beetlebat)
19 49 18 17 19
  • FLEX: Platinum
(featuring Mr. Eggnog & Payden McKnight)
14 48 11 18 4
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Spider-Man Butthole"
(with Hood Guy featuring Green Lantern & Sandman)
10 7
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Gucci Swamp
(with Hood Guy)
9 8
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
12 9
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"Pleasant Surprise (Intro)"
(with Hood Guy)
14 10
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy featuring French Montana)
14 11
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Squid Game Cookies"
(with Hood Guy featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
15 12
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
9 7
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy featuring Mike Oxmaul & Dill Doh)
18 14
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Elephant Trunk"
(with Hood Guy featuring National Geographic)
19 15
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
20 16
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Went to the City"
(with Hood Guy featuring Hood The Grand)
21 17
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
22 18
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Gangsta Breath"
(with Hood Guy)
23 19
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Don't Tell Me (I Have to Go)"
(with Hood Guy featuring Bonus Pee)
10 8
  • FLEX: Platinum
(with Hood Guy)
25 21
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Coming to Your Senses"
(with Hood Guy featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
26 22
  • FLEX: Platinum