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Yung Boy Flexin is the second mixtape by rapper and Flex Entertainment co-founder Yung Schmoobin, released on March 25th, 2019. It contains guest appearances from Big Baller B, JayShay, Hot Teapot, Frxstbite, A.J., Lil Flexer, Lil Mosquito Disease, and Lil Meerkat.


  1. Flex Radio (skit) (1:02)
  2. Yung Boy Flexin (featuring JayShay) (1:36)
  3. Saucin' Like A Ladle (featuring Hot Teapot & Frxstbite) (3:26)
  4. Airpods (3:30)
  5. Run It, Get It (featuring A.J.) (3:40)
  6. Motorr (featuring Big Baller B) (2:46)
  7. BEST FREESTYLE 2019 (1:01)
  8. too much flexing (interlude) (0:58)
  9. WHY AM I STILL SO SAD??? (3:32)
  10. Drake Bullied Me (Drake Diss Track) (3:50)
  11. $Flex Gang Anthem$ (4:06)
  12. YouTube Money: Reloaded (featuring Big Baller B, Lil Flexer, A.J., Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Meerkat) (7:54)


The album provided four singles: Drake Bullied Me, Yung Boy Flexin, YouTube Money: Reloaded, and Run It, Get It.

Critical Reception[]

Despite being a improvement from his previous tape, the mixtape still received mixed to negative reviews from critics. It was given a score of 51 on Album of the Year from 15 users. It also has a 1.24 rating on Rate Your Music. Fellow Flex Entertainment member A.J. reviewed the tape on his channel during a live stream.