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Whole Lotta Pink is the second and final extended-play by producer and rapper Lil Joof, released on June 12, 2021 under Flex Entertainment. The EP is a follow-up to his previous album "Isekai'd Into The Rap Game." It is his last project to be released before his death.

The EP consists of 7 tracks and features guest appearances from CRZFawkz, sk00tt & Lil Jdog. It includes the singles "Wiz" and Joof's song from Flex Gang, Vol. 3, "Big Dollas".


Throughout the spring of 2021, Jewfree dropped his second album “Isekai’d Into The Rap Game”. He stayed fairly quiet about his upcoming music. The EP was released on June 12, 2021, with barely any announcement or promotion. He continued the surprise release strategy he did previously on “Isekai’d Into The Rap Game”.

Track Listing[]

  1. Chunchunmaru Freestyle
  2. Hello Kitty Drip
  3. Coffee Blean (feat. CRZFawkz)
  4. Blue Jolly Ranchers (feat. sk00tt)
  5. Hunnids Of Bitches (feat. Lil Jdog)
  6. Wiz
  7. Big Dollas