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Tom Sawyer is an "artist" who is signed to Flex Entertainment. He was initially kicked off the label for having music that was unlistenable and universally panned by every listener, until he was signed back one year later. He currently has two of lowest rated albums of all time on the review website Album of the Year.

His previous works are no-longer part of the Flex Entertainment catalogue anymore.

Critical Reception[]

Tom Sawyer is one of the most universally despised musicians out there right now. His album "Daddy" has a score of 3/100 on site Album of the Year from 52 ratings and a 1.40/5 on site Rateyourmusic from 11 ratings. In fact Tom Sawyer's "Daddy" is not only the lowest rated album of 2019, but also the lowest rated album of all time on Album of the Year. Almost every reviewer on both sites criticizes the album for it's laziness and repetitive nature as he almost always just repeats the song title over and over again for the entire song. He was so bad that Flex Entertainment kicked him from their label due to how embarrassing he was for their public image.



  • Daddy (2019)
  • Momma (2020)
  • Daddy 2 (2020)
  • Son (2020)
  • Brother (2021)


List of promotional singles
Title Year Streams Certification Album
SoundCloud YouTube Spotify
(featuring Dthiccc)
2019 38 293 <1K
  • YT: 4x Plastic
"Math" 96 1.6K <1K
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 1x Bronze


  • "I Read Lots of Fanfiction" by Lil Meerkat featuring Lil Bodypillow