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The Good, The Brad, and The Emo is the second extended-play by rapper Big Baller B, released on November 6th, 2018. It contains covers of songs by twenty one pilots and Lil Wayne.


  1. My Emo Song (5:32)
  2. I Wanna Cry (2:14)
  3. Club Banger (3:14)
  4. Levitate (Big Baller B Cover) (2:24)
  5. My Emotional Opus (2:43)
  6. Paradice (Big Baller B Cover) (4:06)


The EP contained two singles: "My Emo Song", a song recorded during a live stream, and "Paradice."

Critical Reception[]

The EP was negatively panned by critics, his fans, and the artist himself. B stated,"Legit I don't even know why I did this looking back. I put this together in an hour. Most tracks already existed. I just lazily slapped awful unfinished songs into an EP. There are a few funny moments where I go just far enough... but those are far and few." It was given a score of 20 on Album of the Year from 70 users and is the 29th lowest rated project on the entire site. It is the seventh lowest rated project of 2018. It also has a 0.81 rating on Rate Your Music.