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The Bad Boy is the first EP from American rapper and singer Submarine Man. It was released on November 1, 2018. The album is a diss towards labelmate Lil Flexer who had dissed Drake in his song "Pay Day". Submarine Man, being a Drake stan was very angry at Lil Flexer and released this EP as a diss towards him.


On October 5, 2018, Flexer released his song "Pay Day," to mainly negative reviews. Many people said that he had improved greatly from his earlier works but that the song was still bad. His fellow labelmate Submarine Man criticized him for dissing Drake, his favorite artist. Flexer and Submarine Man then started a beef with each artist releasing multiple diss tracks on each other. Lil Flexer won the beef with his diss track, "Talent," featuring Yung Spiderboi55, who Flexer regrets putting on the song, due to his extremely mediocre verse compared to Flexer's much better performance. Flexer and Submarine Man would resolve their beef a month later.


No. Title Length
1. "You're a Bad Boy" 1:52
2. "Freaking Foot Fame" 2:42
3. "Little Flexer You Are In Big Trouble" 2:02


  • Submarine Man
  • DJ Foot

Critical Reception[]

The EP received negative reviews from all critics. It was criticized for being a poor excuse of a diss track record. On the website Album of the Year, it currently holds 5/100 from 14 ratings. On the website Rate Your Music, it also received a 0.50 from 2 ratings.