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"Hey kids here's a very important lesson in life!" ― Submarine Man in the music video for his song "NoStockingz"

Water Handblast (birth name Ardy Robert Andrews), better known by his stage name Submarine Man, is an American rapper. He is best known for his songs such as "Dog Walk", "Stinko Foot" and his appearance on 6ix9ine's song "SESE". He claims to be from a planet called Oceaa but the claims are not proven. He is known for his style of singing that involves lots of autotune, screaming and lyrics revolving around feet. Unlike some of the artists on Flex Entertainment like POOBAND who make music like this, Submarine Man claims his music is actually meant to be taken seriously makes and gets offended whenever someone calls him a joke (even though many do). He is also one of the founders of record label Old Man Dad Records, which later fused with Asseating Records to make Flex Entertainment.

Early Life

Born on May 8, 1993[1], Water Handblast was an "obedient" child and he often listened to his teachers and parents. He would play with Lama Doodle but Doodle would always win.[1] He liked music and he looked up to rappers like Lil Jon for inspiration.

Commercial Success

Submarine Man is recognized as one of the most commercially successful Flex Entertainment artists. His songs "Dog Walk" and "Stinko Foot" have over 100k views on YouTube. His other songs such as "Mo Foota", "Footi", and "Socky" are also successful commercially.

Critical Reception

Submarine Man is recognized by many outsiders as one of, if not the worst rapper to ever exist. He is often criticized for his heavily Auto-Tuned voice and ripping off popular rap tracks.

His song "Stinko Foot" was number one on Hip Hop HQ's Top 100 Worst Rap Songs of 2019 list. His other songs "Mo Foota" and "Footi" also make appearances at No. 12 and 11. His music also regularly gets very negative reception on reviewing sites like Album of the Year and Rate Your Music. He has a 16/100 on the former website.

However, among the Flex community Submarine Man is beloved for his unique style and sound as well as his iconic image and lyrics. His music has inspired many Flex artists including POO BAND, Yung Lambo and HOOD GUY.

Personal life

Not much is known about Submarine Man's personal life other than that he is married and has 2 children, one of which is allegedly looking for a wife and another who makes music under the name Submarine Boy (sometimes stylized as Submarine Boy). He also has 4 brothers.

Movie appearances






List of singles
Title Year Streams Certifications Album
"Feet Are the Best"
(featuring Sakooni)
2018 NoStockingz
"Dog Walk" 1 1 1 1
"War in the Stars"
"Submarine Boy Rules"
(featuring Sakooni)
"Let's Get Those Bottles"
"I Love the Smelly Feet"
(featuring Footye North and Lama Doodle)
Barefoot Worlds
"Fuck All Does Lamas"
"Stinko Foot" 2019 2 3 2 2
"Mo Foota" 6 5 5 7
"Footi" 2 6 2 4 TBA
"I Like Eating Feet"
(featuring A.J.)
2020 19 13 11 32 The Stocking OST
"Industry Footi"
(featuring Lama Doodle)
2021 1 4 1 1
  • FLEX: Diamond


List of features
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
(6ix9ine featuring Submarine Man, Lama Doodle and Footye North)
2018 non-album single
(Foot Fetish Forever featuring Submarine Man and Submarine Boy)
"I'm Richer than You"
(Lil Meerkat featuring Submarine Man, Aspecialboi, Dthiccc, Lil Taco, Yung Animo Acid, and Lil Peestain)
Weeaboo's Paradise, Vol 1
"Aliens Like Me"
(Lil Mosquito Disease featuring Submarine Man)
2019 28 21 21
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
"Outboy Stocking"
(As Flex Gang)
55 20 79
  • FLEX: Platinum
non-album singles
"Sub Man Smells"
(Footye North featuring Submarine Man)
"Smellcheck Footi"
(Footye North featuring Submarine Man)
Flex Gang, Vol. 1
"Takin' Ova the World"
(Big Baller B & Lil Mosquito Disease featuring Submarine Man)
35 47 63 35
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"Game of Mosquito"
(Lil Mosquito Disease featuring Yung Schmoobin and Submarine Man)
10 10 11 4
  • BMP: Platinum
  • FLEX: 6x Platinum
"Memes, Pt. 2"
(Lil Flexer featuring Submarine Man)
46 81 75 Flexin Till I Die
"Towelhead Gang"
(Lil Mosquito Disease featuring Depp Gibbs and Submarine Man)
  • FLEX: Platinum
Infection 2

Other Charted Songs

List of Other Charted Songs
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"Go Dumb"
(featuring Lil Flexer)
2018 29 29 23 70 NoStockingz
"Feet in the Air" 69 56 39
(featuring BarefootStoriesNet)
86 57 49
"Shave That Stinky Head" 2019 31 12 44 16
"Euphemism of This World"
(with A.J.)
94 31
  • FLEX: Gold
Flex Gang Vol, 1
"Smelly Feet" 15 8 16 14 Barefoot Worlds
"Big Feet"
(featuring Footye North and Lama Doodle)
27 7 39 17
"My Plan" 19 36 12
"Tip Toeing in my Barefeet" 46 46 28
"In My Feet" 40 25 37
"Footi Friday" 39 30 32 37
"Big Barefeet" 38 32 30
"Stinko!" 33 33 27
(featuring Megafoot)
40 30 31
(featuring Submarine Boy)
61 44 45
"Smelling My Foot" 79 51 58
"You Smelled It!" 62 48 61
"No Sock Drugs" 93 68 72
"King of the Clowns" 2020 12 8 12
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol 2
"End of the Socks"
(featuring Lil Squeaky)
2021 13 18 17 20
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol 3


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