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Sh1zz, formerly known as Lil Shizz is a Canadian rapper. He was removed from Flex Entertainment due to him not releasing any music as well as his low critical reception. On March 17, 2020, Lil Shizz signed to the now-defunct Billion Dollar Records label (back then called Icy Records). On December 19, 2020, Shizz was signed back to Flex Entertainment.

Critical reception[]

He has been criticized for his lyrics being very repetitive and all about bragging and flexing expensive clothes and jewelry. His songs "Revenue" and "Iced Out Soul" appeared on Hip Hop HQ's Top 100 Worst Rap Songs of 2019 list at No. 37 and 33 respectively. His music is also poorly received on sites like Album of the Year for similar reasons.


Studio Albums[]

  • Shizz a Wizz (2019)


  • Aston Martin Valkyrie (2019)


  • Megaphone (2018)
  • I Got My Double Cup (featuring A$AP Lean) (2018)
  • I Am a Genius (featuring Yung Fizz) (2018)
  • Iced Out Soul (featuring Yung Lambo) (2019)
  • Outstanding Move (2019)
  • Detective Shizz Looking For Your Hairline (2019)
  • SupremeBag.EXE