sammy the fish is an American singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, philantropist, YouTuber, treasurer, president, architect, rollercoaster designer/engineer and fashion designer born and raised in Miami, Florida.

Career Edit

Sammy the fish started making music at the very young age of 3 years old when he first got his toy piano. He lost the toy piano at age 6, which made him take a 5-year long break from music until he was 11. While moving to his new house, he found the keyboard and wrote his first song "Disney" with it. He then gave the piano to his little cousin to continue his legacy.

Sammy the fish posted his first song, Disney to YouTube on November 9th, 2018. The song never gained attention but served as the foundation to his second single, Spoon which was posted on January 10th, 2019. Spoon became a local hit in his school, even prompting a concert at the school dance and a moshpit.

At the very end of his school year, Sammy the fish dropped a 10 song mixtape known as "Flex On Yo Broke Rari," which featured 2 of his friends on several tracks. The album received terrible reviews even through his school friends but had some hits like No Autotuneand Backseat Pete which was produced and performed entirely by Lil Fern but was put on the mixtape since Lil Fern wanted to receive attention from it.

In the summer of 2019, Sammy the fish formed "HEAT RECORDS," a record label made up of his school friends including Lil Fern and Indian Train that wanted to follow in his footsteps. A 50 track long collaborative album called "CHEESE BUS" was recorded during that summer, but due to loss of free time with the school year, HEAT RECORDS was on hiatus from September 2019.

During the recording of "CHEESE BUS," Sammy the fish went on to record his first full studio album known as "Grawlix" (later renamed to "grawlix, pt. 1") This album became Sammy the fish's breakthrough with hits such as "Flying High" and most notably, "Quaint." "Quaint" became an instant local classic, with his group of friends and school blasting it along with the other hits at the time.

Sammy the fish went on hiatus from February, still making music but keeping his profile low.

In March of 2020, he dropped his first EP, "The Final EP" containing a truly new era of Sammy the fish music. It is also said he made an unreleased album at this time known as "Pidgeons Are Just Drones Controlled By The Government" or more notably, "PAJDCBTG." He never released the album but it is said he still has the files and the intention of dropping it one day.

Sammy the fish had intentions of expanding his reach worldwide so he took to the internet to find features for the album he was recording in June, know known as "grawlix, pt. 2." There he asked Voda Wake for a feature, and Voda Wake said sure, and also asked Sammy the fish if he would like to sign to CRZRecords (then Icy Records.) Sammy the fish said yes and that started the era of Sammy the fish you know today.

In July of 2020 Sammy the fish dropped his 2nd studio album, "grawlix, pt. 2." Later that month he resigned to Flex Entertainment. He has been steadily growing and has been critically acclaimed for making "Bangers" and "Bops." His biggest single "shawty like a melody (feat. Uncle Rick)" which was the 2nd single from grawlix, pt. 2 reached three-thousand plays on Spotify and peaked at No. 8 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. His first single since star machine, "Starlit" debuted and peaked at No. 19.

He has a new album under works set to debut in January 2021. He has stated it will include 12 tracks and that it will take inspiration from 100 gecs, Twenty One Pilots, Tame Impala, Yung Lambo, and Disney Channel.

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