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Royal Flush is the best rapper in the entire fucking universe no cap on god that fax. Any one who disagrees is a stupid liberal. My albums are a work of art that will be studied for generations of music listeners. Kendrick Lamar doesn’t want beef with me cause I will make all rappers shit their pants cause I’m taking over the whole game. I was born on April 30th 2001 cause I’m cool. My dick fell off cause I get so much pussy. Obama fucked your mom. Kid floral is mid. Yung Lambo did 9/11. I had sex with Rihanna, Kanye west asks me for advice, I kicked joe Biden’s ass in smash cause his main is olimar and that is very cringe. My rippity raps goes far beyond mortals level of understanding.

Yung Snoozy is based.




List of singles
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"Sewer Slide Anthem"

(AKA Suicide Anthem)

(feat. Maxiwatertower and Philgrim)

2022 8 TBA