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Keiran O'Connor, better known by their stage name Pierogi (formerly known as BELOWZERO) is a New Zealand producer signed to Flex Entertainment. They were signed to Flex Entertainment on September 5th, 2020.


Pierogi signed to the label on September 5th 2020 after originally being signed to Billion Dollar Records.


'Room 20' (EP) - 2020

Unknown 2021 Project - TBA, 2021


  • They are of British and Irish Descent.
  • They were born in Newcastle, South Africa but moved to New Zealand at a year old.
  • Their favourite band is Linkin Park, which was also their main influence to begin making music.
  • Their influences are Linkin Park (as said above) Mike Shinoda, DJ Carnage, Juice WRLD, and Lil Pump
  • They use FL Studio 12 as their main DAW.