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"Pain." is the first album that Kardia has released to Flex Entertainment. It is also the sixth full-length project that Kardia has released to the public. It has many featuring artists such as Lil VEG, OhMyBrycson, Lil Bit Handicapped and PORKB3LLY. Most of the tracks were produced by Kardia himself, with 3 of the tracks being produced by internet producer Wint3rmint. Kardia has went on record to say that this is "his best album yet"


Pain. was originally going to be a five track EP called "Some Trap Songs" but after Wint3rmint sent him a beat pack which most of them would later go used onto the non-promotional tracks, he decided to expand it to 11 tracks long. Kardia released 2 promotional singles for the album, "Knock Knock!" and "Slidee" which featured Lil VEG.


"Knock Knock!" was released on June 4th, 2020 as the first single for the album. It peaked at No. 65 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100.

"Slidee" was released on June 25th, 2020 as a follow-up single to keep fans interested in the album. It peaked at No. 40 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100.


  1. Slidee (ft. Lil VEG)
  2. Drive By (ft. OhMyBrycson)
  3. Knock Knock!
  4. No Respect (ft. Lil Bit Handicapped)
  5. Build Me A Minaret
  6. OnTheDot (ft. PORKB3LLY)
  7. Burnt Out
  8. 26 Days
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Please Save Me, I Am In Pain

Critical Reception[]

The album recieved mixed/positive reviews from critics within the scene, many noticing the massive improvement from his last mixtape but also disliking the heavier emphasis on autotune.

Scrapped/Cut Tracks[]

Initially there was going to be another track produced by Wint3rmint on the album titled "A Letter To The Cashier At My Local Wafflehouse". It was scrapped due to quality control disliking the beat.