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Opps Will Die (stylized in all caps) is the upcoming debut mixtape by Filipino rapper Lil Fliptard, scheduled to be released on July 23, 2021, by Flex Entertainment. It is rumored to consist of 17 tracks, and 4 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.


While recovering from his injuries from the betrayal of his former gang members, Filthard felt anger and sadness and decided to put it into his work and started writing his first song, which is a diss track to BonzaiLamar.

Recording and production[]

Filthard began working on Opps Will Die in February 2021 while recovering from his injuries from the betrayal of his former gang members. He then discovered Flex Entertainment and eventually got signed. He then decided to put aside his mixtape and started to work on a different project, which is PENIS EP, which got a lot of traction. He said that he had to work on something else to gain an audience before he does a meaningful project so many people can listen to his masterpiece.

After the release of his debut extended play, he resumed production on Opps Will Die. He dropped two singles, "Beatbox Freestyle" and "Opps Will Die".

Producer Interbrain confirmed that he has been producing a lot of beats for the mixtape.

Filthard describes Opps Will Die as a story-based album, with stories such as gang members switching up on you, life in jail, losing your friends, getting cheated on, and more. Filthard also says that this project will be more lyrical than his previous projects.

Track listing[]

Opps Will Die track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. ? Lil Fliptard Interbrain • Voda Wake ?
2. ? Lil Fliptard • young nuts • British Thugga Lil Fliptard ?
3. ? Lil Fliptard • British Thugga • Lil Pineapple Lil Fliptard ?
4. ? Lil Fliptard Interbrain ?
5 ? Lil Fliptard • CRZFawkz ? ?
6. ? Lil Fliptard Lil Fliptard ?
7. TROMBONE ATTACK (Lil Mosquito Disease Diss) Lil Fliptard JVCXB • TRUNKSTYLEZ 3:08
8. ? Lil Fliptard ? ?
9. ? Lil Fliptard ? ?
10. ? Lil Fliptard • Yung Lambo • WT • Depp Gibbs Lil Fliptard ?
11 ? Lil Fliptard ? ?
12. ? Lil Fliptard Lil Fliptard ?
13. ? Lil Fliptard • Young Seagull • Billie Eilish Lil Fliptard ?
14. ? Lil Fliptard Lil Fliptard ?
15. ? Lil Fliptard Soundtrax ?
16. ? Lil Fliptard ZAYYPAID ?
Deluxe edition (bonus tracks)
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
17. Opps Will Die Lil Fliptard • Lil Soz Lil Fliptard 3:38
18. ? Lil Fliptard Nevo ?
19. ? Lil Fliptard Lil Fliptard ?
20. ? Lil Fliptard Lil Fliptard ?

Sample credits

  • "Opps Will Die" contains the drum roll at the intro of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.


  • Chandler Filthard – vocals, songwriter, producer, mixer
  • Lil Soz – vocals