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Nebula is the fourth studio album by Wild Wes. It was released on August 6th of 2021.


Wild Wes announced this album on the Flex Entertainment discord server on May 5th of 2021 while showing off the cover to the album.

Wild Wes recorded 4-5 songs before having his 2-3 week hiatus, he returned to music on June 9th of 2021, he revealed the tracklist for the album on the same day.

Wild Wes revealed the album release date on July 21st of 2021.

A trailer for the album dropped on July 23rd of 2021.


4 singles from the album have been released.

Gravity, the first single for the album, was released on May 14th of 2021 on YouTube, it released on streaming services June 26th of 2021.

Have My Way, the lead single, was released on May 28th of 2021.

Ice Flex Freestyle was released on June 18th of 2021.

Lotta Cash, the final single, was released on July 9th of 2021.


Track Title Producer Length
1 Nebula's Intro Wild Wes 0:44
2 Back At It LouBeats 2:06
3 Run It Up (ft. Lil Joof) ilovt 2:00
4 Day (Interlude) Wild Wes 0:24
5 Magic Foreign Vu 1:33
6 Dracula (ft. Curtis Vuori) LouBeats 1:49
7 Gravity WesOnTheBeat (aka Wild Wes) 1:41
8 Have My Way Foreign Vu 1:40
9 4L fargothegoat 1:29
10 Frostbite LVX 1:35
11 Cost A Mill LouBeats 2:05
12 Ain't Got It (ft. MC Icy) LouBeats 1:42
13 Night (Interlude) Wild Wes 0:21
14 Woah Woah Wild Wes 1:24
15 Friends Become Enemies [REDACTED]

WIld Wes

16 Sleeping On Me Rxkz 1:55
17 Bankroll Foreign Vu 1:24
18 Lucky Night (ft. CRFZawkz) Lil Fari 1:39
19 Lotta Cash Foreign Vu 1:32
20 Purple Mission ReeseyGotIt

Wild Wes

21 Bank Till The Morning jboogin 2:02
22 TooBadSoSad (ft. Young Seagull) YoSa 1:31
23 Ice Flex Freestyle luvver 1:57
24 V10 Ride p!nk 1:07
25 BLUR fargothegoat 1:42
26 Up To Something icyy612 2:15