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"My World" is the debut studio album by artist Jake G, released on May 17th, 2019, under Flex Entertainment. The album was released for Minecraft's 10th birthday and is a concept album.


"I Hate Fortnite" was released as the lead single on March 27, 2019. It features MINECOW and _JackTerra_.

"My World" was released as the second single from the album on September 7, 2019. The music video includes both "Intro" and "My World."


  1. Intro
  2. My World
  3. House of T.N.T. (Extended Mix)
  4. I Hate Fortnite! (feat. MINECOW & _JackTerra_)
  5. When I'm Mining (Extended Mix)
  6. I'm Ruining Your Village
  7. N00BZ (Extended Mix)
  8. Don't Listen to Your Family
  9. I Banned You, Hacker (Extended Mix)
  10. Lost in the Mine
  11. Happy Birthday Minecraft


The album is centered around a Minecraft player and tells the story of being in a Minecraft world. We are brought into the Minecraft world with "Intro", sampling a theme from the game. In "My World" the protagonist is singing about his Minecraft server he owns. In "House of T.N.T." he raps about the house he made out of t.n.t. and at the end someone comes and blows it up. Skip ahead to track 5 "When I'm Mining", where he talks about mining. all the diamonds he has talks about mining were used to rebuild his house, this time out of diamonds. In "I'm Ruining Your Village", the protagonist comes across a village and steals from it. He then proceeds to kill the villagers and blow up the village, as a way of taking out his anger because his house was blown up. In "N00BZ" the protagonist is bullying a new player on his server. Again he is seen bullying because of his anger. "Don't Listen to Your Family" shows the protagonist playing with his friend. His friend is telling him he must leave the game to eat dinner, but the protagonist insists he stay and play with him instead. His friend eventually leaves the game, but the protagonist takes it personal. Though this is not explicitly described in the song, the guitar part at the end is caused by the protagonist’s disappointment and anger. “I Banned You, Hacker” tells about a hacker joining the protagonist’s server. Obviously after everything the protagonist has been through this past week, he is furious at this hacker, and immediately bans him. In the closing track “Lost In The Mine” the protagonist decides to go into the mineshaft in search of more ores. Sadly he has lost his way in the cave and is lost. His health is low, and he has no torches. He longs for a friend to come and help him, but he hasn’t spoken to his friend since “Don’t Listen To Your Family”.

The story is continued into the next album “I LOVE MINECRAFT


  • The only tracks the do not add to the story of the album are "I Hate Fortnite!" and "Happy Birthday Minecraft". The reason why is because they are sung from the perspective of Jake G, himself.
  • The album was released for Minecraft's 10th Birthday.
  • Tracks "House of T.N.T.", "When I'm Mining", "N00BZ", and "I Banned You, Hacker" were originally released on Jake G's debut EP, "House of T.N.T." but were remixed and extended for "My World"