Moonquake is the second studio album by Wild Wes. It is planned to release on January 8th 2021.

Background[edit | edit source]

After Wild Wes' debut album, Flood Warning, flopped, Wild Wes decided to make music inspired by Pi'erre Bourne and would release several singles and a mixtape to promote Moonquake.

Singles[edit | edit source]

Wild Wes dropped Wanakin Weswalker on August 7th of 2020

Mona Lisa dropped on September 4th of 2020

Wack 2020 Freestyle dropped on September 10th of 2020

Money Bags dropped on September 25th of 2020

Chameleon dropped on October 9th of 2020

Billions, which featured Flex Entertainment artist, Lil Squeaky, is set to drop on October 23rd of 2020.

And Freezer, the final single, dropped on October 30th of 2020.

Wild Wes re-released the music video for Wanakin Weswalker on October 6th of 2020.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

# Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Dummo Wild Wes YoSa 2:04
2 Chameleon Wild Wes YoSa 1:22
3 Mona Lisa (ft. Lil Toy Yoda) Wild Wes

Lil Toy Yoda

YoSa 1:35
4 Gucci Shoes (ft. Hood Guy) Wild Wes

Hood Guy

YoSa 1:52
5 Blew Racks (ft. Young Seagull) Wild Wes

Young Seagull

YoSa 1:45
6 Billions (ft. Lil Squeaky) Wild Wes

Lil Squeaky

YoSa 2:11
7 Makin' G's (ft. E.M.B.E.E) Wild Wes


YoSa 1:28
8 Freezer Wild Wes YoSa 2:05
9 Special Delivery Wild Wes YoSa 1:21
10 Money Bags Wild Wes YoSa

Wild Wes

11 Candy Bars (ft. Voda Wake) Wild Wes

Voda Wake

YoSa 1:23
12 Aquafina Drip (ft. MC Icy) Wild Wes

MC Icy

YoSa 1:41
13 Wack 2020 Freestyle Wild Wes Wild Wes 1:28
14 Bugs Bunny Wild Wes YoSa 1:48
15 Countin' Stacks Wild Wes YoSa 1:37
16 Ambition (ft. Lil Diabetes) Wild Wes

Lil Diabetes

YoSa 1:39
17 Gamble (ft. Sammy The Fish) Wild Wes

Sammy The Fish

YoSa 1:44
18 Wonders Wild Wes Wild Wes 1:06
19 Wanakin Weswalker Wild Wes YoSa

Wild Wes

20 Favorite (ft. CRZFawkz) Wild Wes


YoSa 1:31
Total Runtime: 34:07
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