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Meningitis” is a song by Yung Schmoobin, released on October 6th, 2019 as the second single from his third mixtape "Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat." It is a diss track towards rapper EmBee in response to his Flex Entertainment disses. It features vocals from Lil Mosquito Disease. It is also Schmoobin's second most popular song on Spotify.


[Intro: Lil Mosquito Disease]
We 'bout to end this man, Schmoobin
We 'bout to end this man!
He not ready, he not ready!

[Verse 1]
Hold up, wait a minute
This guy trynna diss me
His name is Embee, is he good? Well let's see
Embee, he be dissin' me
Like Calby, he should envy me
I'm nowhere near the industry
So I got no limits, try to [censored] with me!
You ain't gotta chance boy, what you think?
I thought of all the ways that your flow could stink
And I'm pretty sure that your bars be weak
Yeah you seem pretty meek like Mill
But you're not even clever in the slightest
Gotcha real dizzy, boy got Meningitis, check your status
Yeah you better watch your back, boy
Murder everything that I diss, boy
You can call me Chris, boy, Hansen, Dateline
Cause you trynna take my kids
That's what I called the game, I birthed it
You ain't even earned it, you will never get your spot
You could never call the shots
Yeah you probably pay for thots
Damn, gotta calm down
Why I spend so much time on this damn clown?
Damn, gotta calm down
Why I spend so much time on a damn clown?

Lil Mosquito Disease: Ayy
Yung Schmoobin: This kid's dead, dude
Lil Mosquito Disease: Yeah

[Verse 2: Lil Mosquito Disease]
Hey little bitch (yuh)
Heard you was a snitch (rat)
Nothing on your channel like there nothing on your wrist (ooh)
And I fuckng on yo bitch (yeah)
The flex gang we be so rich (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Getting less pussy than the virgins watching Twitch (yeah, yeah)
Pull up you get murked
Eating the rap game like big lurch (boom boom)
We bang blue get off our turf
When we catch a body we gon' smirk (yeah, yeah)
Got no profile picture
Career gonna injured (injured)
Clowning so hard the circus giving you a sticker (gonna get a sticker)
He sounding like angelic to the core (yeah)
Roast his ass just like a smore (yeah, yeah, yeah)
We be flexing right to the core (yeah)
Channel went to sleep now I’m hearing it snore
Your career ending worse than game of thrones (D&D)
Biggest height you gonna reach is a garden gnome (short)
Taking more ls gonna call you Russ
You thought you could make it, life is tough (life is tough bitch)
Schmoobin be movin' to the sound of 6 figures
You be moving be movin' to the sound of recyclable litter
Talk shit you get murked (yeah)
Mosquito end yo life you in the dirt yah (boom boom boom boom boom)
Damn that shit was dope (ayyy)


Chart (2020) Peak
Flex Entertainment Top 100 40
SoundCloud Top 100 26
Spotify Top 100 33
YouTube Top 100 37