Isaak Clarkson, better known by his stage name MC Icy is an American rapper who previously had beef with the Flex Entertainment label. This included several Submarine Man diss tracks and a fake Lil Flexer collaboration.

Music careerEdit

2019-Present: Commercial DebutEdit

No one exactly knows, or even cares, where MC Icy really came from, Flex Entertainment paid slight attention to him when he released a terrible Submarine Man diss track titled "Don't Dr. Seuss It" which absolutely everyone, including Icy, hated. MC Icy, continuing to be a clout chaser, proceeded to make a second Submarine Man diss entitled "Put Da' Mic Down!" which reused the same lyrics as the previous song and was still downright terrible.

Shortly after releasing two terrible Submarine Man diss tracks, MC Icy went on to make a fake collaboration with Lil Flexer entitled "Flexing Ice" which is easily seen as MC Icy's worst song. Despite heavy amounts of criticism, Icy proceeded to release a terrible music video made in Plotagon for the song. Eventually, Lil Flexer was forced to get into contact with him and force him to delete the song. MC Icy complied and even released a now unlisted apology video.

But that's not where the beef stopped, MC Icy dropped a THIRD diss track against Submarine Man entitled "Closing The Casket" which was also hated by virtually everyone. Eventually, Submarine Man even dissed MC Icy in his music video for "Footi". After that, Icy didn't exactly escalate the beef any further than that. Until Lil Flexer released Memes, Pt. 2, which contained subliminal disses against him and another rapper named "EmBee".

The two rappers eventually released the single "Newcomers" which was their response to the subliminal disses. Needless to say, the song was better than his previous songs, but it was still considered to be mediocre by criticis and fans alike. After all this drama, MC Icy and EmBee apologized for the terrible beef, and Lil Mosquito Disease accepted their apology. Both him and EmBee are now very active members in the Flex Gang Discord server.

Criticial ReceptionEdit

MC Icy's debut self titled album received negative reviews from critics. It currently has a 25 out of 100 on Album of the Year based on 11 ratings. Reviewers such as TheDankestMeme criticized it for attempting to sound too lyrical and dissing mumble rappers. It also has a 1.25 rating on RateYourMusic. MC Icy‘s single “Newcomers” currently has a 55 out of 100 on Album reviewing site AOTY. It was considered a slight improvement from his debut album. MC Icy later released his second studio album “The Drawing Board” which currently has a 60 out of 100 on Album of the Year based on 4 ratings. Many people considered it a bad album, but an improvement nonetheless.


Studio Albums Edit

  • MC Icy (2019)
  • The Drawing Board (2020)

Singles Edit

List of singles
Title Year Album
"Prelude" 2019 MC Icy
"Rap Went to Crap"
"Don't Dr. Seuss It" non-album single
"Put Da’ Mic Down!" MC Icy
"Flexing Ice" non-album single
"Life Ain’t a Movie Script" MC Icy
"MEME RAP" non-album single
"Closing The Casket" MC Icy
(featuring Embee)
The Drawing Board
"Talent 2"
"Real Hip Hop" 2020 non-album single
(featuring Daptain Planet)
MC Icy

Features Edit

  • "Dontchaknow" by Wild Wes
  • "ICU" by Lil Expired Lettuce & MusiklyGyfted featuring Beetlebat and Lil French Fries
  • "Common Sense" by Wild Wes

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