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"Lion" is the rumored debut studio album by Canadian singer Ashi, said to be released in 2021. The album became a widespread meme in Flex Entertainment very shortly after the rumor began to spread.


Ashi was signed to Flex Entertainment in early 2020, and quickly became one of the most beloved artists in the label. Many of the artists were extremely proud to finally have an R&B artist in Flex. However, he soon became notorious for being extremely distant from the community and rarely releasing music.

In November 2020, Flex Entertainment executive Lil Squeaky had a dream in which he opened Discord on his phone, and found an announcement from Ashi in the Flex Entertainment Discord server. In the announcement, Ashi stated that he would finally be releasing new music, and he announced a new album. He stated that he had always wanted to become a lion, and he believed that that was what he was deep down on the inside: a lion. Thus, he was proud to announce his debut album, Lion. Squeaky was then added to a group chat made by Ashi, which contained the two of them plus Lil Mosquito Disease and beetlebat.

Upon Squeaky describing his dream, Lion immediately gained widespread attention from the community. A tracklist for the album has since been leaked.


  1. Lion (Intro)
  2. Everyone Gone
  3. No Soul (feat. LVN Filo)
  4. You Know
  5. Tears & Sorrows (feat. Lil Toy Yoda)
  6. Ballin Tears
  7. Help Pls (feat. Beetlebat)
  8. Losing It (feat. Lil Squeaky)
  9. Bitches (feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
  10. My Dream
  11. Closin
  12. Pain (feat. Kid Floral)
  13. Acting Up

Deluxe edition tracks:

14. End It

15. My Way Out (feat. LVN Filo)

16. SadSadSad (feat. Yung Lambo)

17. Acting Up (Remix) (feat. Emily Finchum)

18. Come Thru (Bonus)