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Stuart Little, better known as his stage name Lil Stuart Little, is a rapper that got signed to Flex Entertainment in January 2021. He is known for his especially

high pitch vocals and very loud vocal mixing.


Stuart starting uploading songs to SoundCloud in July of 2019, his first song being "Racky!". It racked up hundreds of plays in a very short amount of time. Around this time, he was not on Discord, so he had no way of joining any music community or signing to a label. He dropped a few more songs in 2019, including Esketit and Tropical Shit! Both songs used the beats of Lil Pump's Esketit and Kodak Black's ZEZE respectfully.

In early 2020, he got a Discord account and attempted to join Icy Records, but he was never let in the label because he was deemed as unlistenable, and CRZFawkz, an executive of Icy at the time really didn't want him in the label. Around this time he dropped various singles however, like Boogie and Drippy Drip Drip. In June of 2020, Lil Squeaky invited him to the Flex server, and he attempted to get into the label, but had no luck. He was shortly in Kenobi Records the next month, but after it got merged with CRZRecords, CRZ instantly kicked him from the label. By the time the BDR era started, Stuart was much less active on Discord and-music wise in general, so not much happened for the rest of 2020. This was mostly due to him being discouraged by not being let into any music labels.

In late January 2021, he became active on Discord again and DMed Flex executive Yung Lambo asking if he could get into the label. After sending him a new song with Interbrain, Lambo signed him to Flex, and a couple weeks later he dropped his debut EP Super Stuart Land. The EP was met with seemingly positive reception, with some people even calling it an experimental hip-hop project, and saying it made them cry. It is known that Brad Taste in Music (Big Baller B) listened to the entire EP.

Sometime after Super Stuart Land released, he starting working with a new producer named Ratburn Da Creatah, who would go on to produce the majority of his future music.

Later in 2021, Stuart contributed a song to Flex Gang, Vol. 3 with Young Seagull & Interbrain called Cheddar. Many people enjoyed the track, saying it was one of their favorites on the album. Paul Harrison The Music Reviewer gave a more negative review, asking why people liked it, and that it scared the shit out of him. Ivan Knight also gave the song 3 out of 5 stars on his reaction channel, being taken very off guard by Stuart's verse. Stuart would then feature on a few projects, including Lil Soz's Soz-OP and CRZFawkz's Ugandan Bands 2. In April 2021, he dropped a single called Cheese. It was a lukewarm hit. He then dropped another single with CRZFawkz called Fool For That.

On July 3rd, 2021, Stuart finally announced the cover and tracklist of his debut album, The Mouse LP. It includes singles like Thicc Ass Mouse Shawty! and Cheese. It was released on July 9, and got a very mixed reception. Some say it's the best album ever made, while some gave it a 0-1/100, calling it "Unlistenable", "The worst thing i've ever heard", etc. Stuart then announced a deluxe edition with 9 more songs, coming on July 13, 2021 on YouTube and SoundCloud, and services on July 15th.

On July 18th, 2021 he announced that a remix of Mice&B featuring Young Seagull, CRZFawkz & Yung BINK$ was dropping at midnight. The remix dropped on July 19, 2021.

On September 9th, 2021, Stuart returned with a new song called "Give Her Chills". He then released another single called "The World" on September 29th, and announced his second album titled 12 Stuart alongside it. The album was meant to drop on October 12th, 2021, but was pushed back to October 15th. It was then delayed again the same day to October 22nd, 2021, as confirmed by him and Ratburn Da Creatah. However, Stuart said a surprise was coming on October 15th after the album was delayed, however it is unknown as to what it is.


Beef With CRZFawkz[]

Stuart and CRZ did not get along too well for most of 2020, with CRZ never letting Stuart into his labels, and also kicking him from a label. He also refused to produce for Stuart on many occasions. By late 2020 however, the beef was completely resolved, and Stuart and CRZ are now friends and collab quite a bit.

Almost Killing CRZCrocs[]

On the day of Super Stuart Land's release, Stuart publicly announced in the Flex Entertainment Discord Server that he "killed" CRZCrocs, because he attempted to steal his cheese. Because of this, Stuart shot him, but CRZCrocs returned about 3 months later after his lucky recovery, which confirmed he is actually still alive. Their short lived beef was later on resolved, as CRZCrocs appears on both the standard Mouse LP and the deluxe tracklist.




  • Super Stuart Land (2021)