"I am a menace, I am a-I am a menace" ― Lil Squeaky in every Flex Entertainment Fan Server voice call
Apollo Allen Ailus, known professionally by his stage name Lil Squeaky, is a Finnish-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. He initially gained notoriety for his extensive discography on SoundCloud, before signing to Flex Entertainment. He is best known for singles such as "Menace," "Menace 2," and the song "Nipples," which peaked at number seven on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. He is an administrator for Flex Entertainment, and is the older brother of fellow Flex Entertainment artist .jitters.

Early Life Edit

Apollo Allen Ailus was born on December 16, 2002, in Helsinki, Finland, as the second child of four. His mother is from Bangladesh, and was adopted by a wealthy Finnish couple at the age of seven. His father is a pure-blooded Finnish man. In May 2004, Ailus and his family moved to the US state of Maryland, before relocating to Falls Church, Virginia. They later moved to Fairfax, Virginia in 2006, and finally to Alexandria, Virginia in 2017. He has two younger brothers and one older sister. One of his brothers is fellow rapper and producer .jitters.

Career Edit

Lil Squeaky released his first few single, “Fake Lil Squeaky” in May 2018, a diss track towards fellow Virginia rapper Lil Crisp.  He released several more singles in late spring and early summer 2018 on SoundCloud, and gained a following over the summer.  He released his debut mixtape Squeakerton, The Chronicle on September 21, 2018.  Just a few weeks later in October he released the EP Jews in the Ghetto, vol. 1.  Then on November 3, 2018, he released the EP Deadass: Ricky’s Last Stand.  The song “MANNY” from this EP became popular nearly two years later in July 2020 after being posted on Reddit.  Shortly after the Deadass EP was released, Lil Squeaky “died.”  This is because Ailus didn’t feel any motivation to make music, so he killed off the character of Lil Squeaky.  However, at the end of the year, he decided to revive the character and continue making music.

On February 10, 2019, Squeaky released his most recent mixtape Jews in the Ghetto, vol. 2.  Later that month he released the double-single Spooky Hours, which featured the two lead singles for his upcoming debut album.  His first and only studio album so far, Professional Murderer, was released on April 9, 2019, and was intended to be a very loud, experimental album.  The album garnered mixed to positive reviews, with many listeners enjoying the album’s absurdity and Squeaky’s brand of satire, while others criticized how distorted and abrasive the album’s sound was. Squeaky went on hiatus after this, and released two singles in May 2019 under the moniker XXX Biggie T.  The Soundcloud account he used for those songs would later become his second account for his Lil Squeaky music.  

Squeaky signed to Flex Entertainment on October 31, 2019, and released his first single under the label, “Menace,” featuring Lil Mosquito Disease and Big Lil, in November.  Squeaky gained a much greater following after releasing the song, and it peaked at number 51 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, long after its initial release and peak popularity.  Squeaky’s follow-up single “Menace 2,” featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Lil, and beetlebat, was released late in November, and peaked at number 67.  

In 2020, Squeaky’s first release was the single “Ok,” and shortly after announced that he was working on his second studio album Menace 2 Society.  However, he would later announce that the entire album was scrapped and he would instead attempt to make an album that people would listen to unironically in their free time while still including lyrics that could make people laugh.  To entertain fans before he album would be released, he released two projects: a live compilation album, Squeaky Sings the Classics, released on April 10 on SoundCloud and YouTube, and the EP Squeaky 4 President, released on SoundCloud and YouTube on April 17 and onto streaming services on April 31.  The EP was met with generally positive reviews, with many listeners finding the songs catchy, while others disliked the mastering and the very questionable lyrics.  The EP spawned Squeaky’s first top ten hit, “Nipples,” which peaked at number 7 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100.

Squeaky became an administrator for Flex Entertainment on June 29, 2020, after administrator Yung Garfield left the label; however, Garfield re-signed to the label on July 3 and would become an administrator again alongside Squeaky.   Squeaky announced in June that he changed the title of his second studio album to God Mode, and the album was released on July 24, 2020. The album received very positive reviews from critics, becoming the highest rated album from Flex Entertainment on AlbumOfTheYear.  The album’s lead single “Rollercoaster” was released on July 3, 2020 and peaked at number 53 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100.  On that same day, Squeaky appeared on three songs on the Flex Gang, vol. 2 compilation album: His own songs, “Moonshine” featuring Lil Toy Yoda and Lil Joof, and “Nipples 2” featuring Big Baller B, Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Toy Yoda, Lil Joof, and Yung Lambo; and as a featured artist on Yung Garfield’s song “New Beans” featuring Lil Squeaky and John. On the Hot 100, Moonshine peaked at number 24 and New Beans at 27.

Squeaky plans on releasing a collaborative album with .jitters under the duo name OnTheMap600. He also plans on releasing a mixtape called Jews in the Ghetto, vol. 3 in fall or December 2020. He is also in charge of mixing and mastering two Flex Entertainment albums: Yung Lambo's debut album Lambo Season, and .jitters' third album Coffee Addiction.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Professional Murderer (2019)
  • God Mode (2020)

Mixtapes Edit

  • Squeakerton: The Chronicle (2018)
  • Deadass: Ricky's Last Stand (2018)
  • Jews in the Ghetto, Vol. 2 (2019)

EPs Edit

  • Jews in the Ghetto, Vol. 1 (2018)
  • SPOOKY HOURS (2019)
  • Squeaky 4 President (2020)

Live Albums Edit

  • Squeaky Sings the Classics (2020)

Singles Edit

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"MANNY" 2018 91 56
  • SC: 2x Plastic
Deadass: Ricky's Last Stand
"Oolin" 2019 Professional Murderer
(featuring Lil Mosquito Disease and Big Lil)
51 18 71
  • SC: 7x Plastic
  • YT: 1x Bronze
non album singles
"Menace 2"
(featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Lil, and beetlebat)
67 31 68 54
  • SC: 4x Plastic
  • YT: 7x Plastic
  • SP: 1x Bronze
"Ok" 2020
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 1x Plastic
"Nipples" 7 3 9 4
  • SC: 1x Bronze
  • YT: 7x Plastic
  • SP: 1x Bronze
Squeaky 4 President
"Rollercoaster" 53 42 34
  • YT: 1x Plastic
God Mode


List of other popular songs
Title Year Charts Certification Album
(.jitters featuring Lil Squeaky)
2020 59 -
  • YT: 1x Plastic
"New Beans"

(Yung Garfield featuring Lil Squeaky & John)

2020 27 - Flex Gang, vol. 2
"Cosby (Remix)"

(Yung Garfield featuring Viper, Big Baller B & Lil Squeaky)

2020 13 1
  • YT: 7x Plastic

Other Charted SongsEdit

List of other popular songs
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Deaf" 2020 57 39 Squeaky 4 President

(.jitters featuring Lil Squeaky)

2020 24 - Flex Gang, vol. 2
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