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""I'm so lit, yeah I got a hunnid bands, uh

See me with an UZI when I pull up on your mans, uh""

― The hook of Lil Karat Stixx's most well-known song "I'm So Lit"

Jimmy, better known as Lil Karat Stixx, is an Australian rapper hailing from Los Angeles known mostly for his songs "I'm So Lit" and "Dub (I Took One)". He is an alter-ego of YouTube music critic Sam The Music "Critic".

Lil Karat Stixx was released from the label in September 2020 and is currently an independent artist as he was during the initial release of his debut mixtape.


2012-2018 - The Birth of Karat (Backstory + Lil Karat Stixx: The Mixtape)[]

Getting his start as a Minecraft parody YouTuber under the name JimmyPlays, he soon quit and took down his channel as it was covered by LeafyIsHere and infested with rabid Leafy fans. A couple of years later, he seeked advice from fellow rapper, soon-to-be clickbait Fortnite YouTuber and classmate Yung Chug Jug at a high school party as he learned the ways of being a trap rapper. Him and Yung Chug Jug would spend their time recording long, drawn out mumble rap freestyles until in 2018, they would finally record their first song "Flexin'." In late 2018, Lil Karat Stixx: The Mixtape was released independently, with features from Yung Chug Jug and one from a previously unknown rapper by the name of Lil Boy. The project has received mixed reviews, but Karat personally sees it as his best work. The album cover is used as his profile picture all across social media to this day. Around this time, two more projects were hinted at behind the scenes: these being a Minecraft parody EP and a new album titled "CAESAR SALAD", none of which ever saw the light of day.

2019 - The Rise of Karat (The Premium Karat Experience & HOLY CRAP MY ROOM IS ON FIRE)[]

2019 rolled around and Karat was signed to Flex Entertainment after reaching out to Lil Mosquito Disease with his work. Karat had then begun work on his now scrapped debut album The Premium Karat Experience but due to a lack of budget from low album sales, he eventually canned the project. This is strange, considering the entire album was being created in FL Studio. Singles such as I'm So Lit and AirPods In My Ears were meant to be on the album but are now left non-album singles. The full tracklist for the scrapped project can be found on Genius as Karat uploaded it beforehand and doesn't know how to remove it. Based on the tracklist, tracks such as "The Ultimate Lil Karat Stixx Anthem", "I Have At Least 104 Girls In My Contacts" and "Your New Mixtape Is Trash" would be repurposed for his 2020 debut album 24KARAT. According to Karat, 24KARAT's lead single "Norm of the North" was also written around this time.

Later into the year as he spent the majority of the year browsing Reddit and listening to Flex Entertainment colleague Submarine Man, he was inspired by the likes of shitpost artists and a throwaway EP by Yung Schmoobin to create his first EP, HOLY CRAP MY ROOM IS ON FIRE. The EP consisted of overblown and bass-boosted meme rap songs with a feature from underground crooner The Sad Man. It's theorised the two are the same person, but there is no substantial evidence to back this up aside from the occasional changes between Australian and American accents (more common with The Sad Man). Unfortunately behind the scenes, during the recording he would actually set his room on fire, losing his house in the process. Luckily he made it out alive with all his money, his Ratchet and Clank collection and his many Yeezys and he would be staying over at producer Lil Yung Cash Coins XX No Fakes II9642's mansion. The EP received mixed reviews once again as most of the reviews stemmed from a challenge where a group of users reviewed albums by artists that use the reviewing website albumoftheyear.org. He hinted at another EP a few months later titled "GUIDE TO NOT BEING A CRINGE NORMIE", sharing many similarities with 24KARAT from the image used in the cover to Karat stating Norm of the North was "going on the EP" - which of course, ended up being on the album.

2020 - The Downfall of Karat (24KARAT, Dub (I Took One), Independence and 808s & Karat Cakes)[]

While in the midst of planning GUIDE TO NOT BEING A CRINGE NORMIE as the second part of a trilogy of EPs including HOLY CRAP, Karat scrapped the EP and turned it into an album. Here, Karat would finally begin work on 24KARAT, his debut album. Assisted by the new producer he envisioned a new era of Lil Karat Stixx; one with more high budget production and experimentation, a tighter tracklist and a lineup of A-list features including Lil Mosquito Disease and Big Baller B; while features such as Yung Chug Jug and Lil Boy returned. His goal was to make the ultimate Flex Entertainment album. He would reuse ideas from his scrapped original debut The Premium Karat Experience including a whole song, The Ultimate Lil Karat Stixx Anthem. In March of 2020 24KARAT was released to generally negative reception and underwhelming sales. Even Big Baller B, a collaborator on the track "Got It" would give his album a strong 1/10. Lil Karat Stixx would come to dislike the album despite constantly hyping it up. Once the negative reviews came out, he barely even mentioned the project.

It turned out that, unbeknownst to Karat, Lil Yung Cash Coins XX No Fakes II9642 was an incredibly infamous producer, helping produce albums such as The Clash's Cut The Crap, Metallica's St. Anger and his own album The Grand Prejudice Of Nature And Gods Alike, which was so badly produced people began to believe it was experimental with how out there and unprofessional the production was. It would earn the genre tags Free Improvisation, Experimental and Bubblegum Bass on RYM despite it meaning to be a trap rap project.

Karat still persevered, releasing singles that would soon build up to a come-back mixtape he teased titled The Karat Stixx Manifesto, which has been postponed indefinitely. The mixtape was supposed to be a return to form, undergoing extreme quality control and removing Lil Yung Cash Coins from the equation. He ended up releasing a song from the mixtape titled "Dub (I Took One)" under the Flex Gang, Vol. 2 compilation, which was described as one of the worst tracks on the comp. The track became a running joke at Karat's expense, being parodied by rapper Tending Bike but credited as a feature from Karat himself. This was when Karat realised he was simply trying to appease the critics, so he took a brief hiatus. The final track on the mixtape "Made It (Karat Just Did It Again)" was meant for the tape but got released under a Various Artists compilation nearly a year later.

During that hiatus however, the late rapper Lil Toy Yoda would release a diss track on Karat accusing him of stealing lyrics from his songs as well as being a fan of Rich The Kid and beauty YouTuber James Charles; all of which were false. Karat was in the midst of creating a diss track but was too busy playing through the Ratchet and Clank series to do it. He later decided it wasn't worth the effort as he had already had his Flex Entertainment reputation taken down by false information. Eventually having the label side against him, including Submarine Man, Karat had hit an emotional low, inspiring his later EP 808s & Karat Cakes. He was later released from the label due to the poor critical reception and general disdain for his music.

Featuring a new singer-songwriter blend and a rushed quality, 808s and Karat Cakes was made in only a few days with only one feature - uncredited vocals from Lil Frogthroat on the emotional ending Catharsis. The EP released in September of 2020 to catastrophically low sales and pretty much absent reception aside from a couple ratings.

2021 - The Future of Karat (L.K.S. & S.K.L.)[]

Since the release of the EP, Karat had been pretty quiet music wise. It was assumed he was on an indefinite hiatus, possibly even signalling the end of the rapper's career. However, Karat has released a couple of songs since the release of 808s, including one on shitpost artist Rakk's "Totally Different People" compilation, a compilation comprised of completely different people. A representative of Karat announced in the Flex Entertainment Discord server that the rapper could possibly be working on an unscripted mixtape, but not much else was known outside of that.

Two days before its release, Karat announced a brand new mixtape out of the blue entitled “L.K.S.”, featuring a plain light blue cover and the originally non-album single “Drugs Drugs”. Every song was supposedly completely unscripted, there were no features, none of the songs were produced by him and the whole thing was recorded on an autotune app.

The project was released to, as of writing this, quite literally no reception.

On September 9, 2021, Lil Karat Stixx released a second mixtape titled "S.K.L.", featuring a plain light red cover. The album featured more variety and experimentation while sticking to the same freestyle driven premise. This release followed a hectic rollout following a fallout with his manager, Darren McLaren, and a supposed hitman threat from a "Big Rob", leading him to post the album before he is supposedly killed.



  • 24KARAT (2020)


  • 808s & Karat Cakes (2020)


  • Lil Karat Stixx: The Mixtape (2018)
  • L.K.S. (2021)
  • S.K.L. (2021)


List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"Pharaoh" 2018
  • SC: 1x Plastic
Lil Karat Stixx: The Mixtape
"250 GTO"
"RANDOM FREESTYLE WHY NOT" non-album singles
"I Got Millis" 2019
"I'm So Lit" 84 50 71
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 9x Plastic
"AirPods In My Ears"
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Plastic
  • YT: 1x Plastic
"Norm of the North" 2020 24KARAT
"Dub (I Took One)" 25 34 18
  • SC: 1x Plastic
Flex Gang, Vol 2
"VOTE KARAT 2020" non-album singles
"A Freestyle So Epic You’d Think It Was The 2013 Movie By Blue Sky Studios"
"Animal Crossing Clout"
"A Track For God"
"Another Man" 808s & Karat Cakes
"Made It (Karat Just Did It Again)" 2021
Totally Different People Compilation
"Drugs Drugs" non-album singles