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Chandler Filthard (born December 25, 2006) known profesionally as Lil Fliptard, is a Filipino rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Flipcity, Philippines. His music is defined by dark subject matters, violent lyrics, and gangsta rap. He was formerly signed to Flex Entertainment.

Fliptard gained traction following the release of his debut single CUM SOAP. It peaked at number 12 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, along with his other single PENIS IN MY MOUTH featuring eurogod, which peaked at number 39. Two weeks later he dropped his debut extended play PENIS EP.

He was kicked from Flex Entertainment on July 7, 2021 for sexually harassing a female member of the Flex Entertainment discord server, as well attempting to spread malware to others members of the label.

Lil fliptard died from playing russian roulette on September 5th, 2021

Early life[]

Filthard was born in Flipcity. His birthday is unknown. He grew up listening to twenty one pilots, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, and other similar bands. Fliptard later got into hip-hop and began listening to artists such as Juice Wrld, Scarlxrd, 21 Savage, Lil Pump, and Ski Mask The Slump God, who influenced his music style.

Filthard began rapping in 7th grade, making rap songs for high school projects.

At the start of quarantine, Filthard started editing for YouTuber IAmLukeman, who is friends with him. On December 2020, he became friends with YouTuber Cubeaholic, and started editing videos for him in January 2021.

Filthard joined the leroygang in January 2021. The gang is ran by YouTuber BonzaiLamar. Filthard was well known in the gang and had a positive reputation, being called "DaBaby", as a reference to the famous rapper DaBaby. One day, his gang members, including the leaader, Bonzai, decided to plot on him. Filthard barely survived the attack, and was left for dead. On February 2021, he formed his own gang called "DaBabies", which eventually became "Flippas". On February 22, he discovered Flex Entertainment and joined the Discord server. He eventually got signed on February 26, and started to take his rap career seriously. It would be a shame if he became a sexual harasser.


2020: Career beginnings[]

Fliptard started his career writing songs in December of 2020.

2021-present: Penis EP, Opps Will Die[]

After being betrayed by his former gang, he decided to take his music career seriously and started working on his debut mixtape Opps Will Die in February 2021. On the same month, he got signed to Flex Entertainment. In March, he started to work on his debut EP PENIS EP. On March 26, he dropped his debut single CUM SOAP. Two weeks later, he dropped another single, PENIS IN MY MOUTH, featuring rapper eurogod. This is his first song to have a feature. Two weeks later, he drops his first project PENIS EP, featuring Interbrain, eurogod, Jaive, Lil Joof, CRZFawkz, young nuts, Depp Gibbs, .jitters, and Lil Pinecone.

On April 29, Fliptard and Interbrain teased a collaborative EP. They both commented on the EP, saying that it will be the darkest thing to be released on the label, and even said that it is going to be controversial as Lil Squeaky's whole career, if not more.

On the next day, Fliptard dropped a new single titled "Beatbox Freestyle", which is a freestyle of the beat from "Beatbox" by SpotemGottem.

On May 14, Fliptard dropped a single titled "OPPS WILL DIE", featuring rapper Lil Soz. Then, he resumed working on his debut mixtape Opps Will Die. He dropped another single on June 26, which is a diss to Lil Mosquito Disease. It is not known on why he dissed Mosquito, but Fliptard said that everything will make sense once you listen to the whole mixtape. He is currently taking a break from music and has delayed Opps Will Die due to personal events.

He was kicked from Flex Entertainment on July 7, 2021 for sexually harassing a female member of the Flex Entertainment discord server.

Musical style[]

Fliptard's style of rap has been compared to the grim style of hip hop in the past 7 years such as Bones, $uicideboy$, and Pouya.

Personal life[]

Filthard is currently single, and is asexual. Despite the fact that he's asexual, he is also a masturbation addict, and is struggling with sobriety. He clearly hasn't changed due to the sexual harassment controversy.

Filthard is a Catholic, but is not that religious, and is struggling with his beliefs. This is probably because of his sexual harassment tendencies.

Filthard's family doesn't support his rap career and says he should focus more on school. Filthard has bad grades in school, likely from his focus on sexual harassment.

In April 2021, Cubeaholic's father adopted Filthard because his parents didn't appreciate him for what he likes to do. This is probably because he sexual harasses.

Dating history[]

Filthard started dating producer Interbrain from May 22, 2021 but broke up on June 3 because Interbrain gave another guy a goodnight kiss. Five days later, Filthard dated Lil Spoony and went on a disastrous picnic together. Spoony got locked up inside the bozo house so Filthard had to break in the bozo house. But Spoony dies, and Filthard prayed to God. Jesus Christ came down from heaven, and Filthard begs for Christ to bring back Spoony. Christ didnt bring Spoony back to life, and Filthard got angry. Christ then teleported Filthard to hell. He then picks up Spoony's body and goes outside to dispose it, but Spoony comes back to life. They then kiss and have their picnic in hell. Filthard then jokingly begs for sex, and Spoony wasn't happy about it. They broke up one hour in their relationship.

Filthard dated a friend of his on June 22, but their relationship didn't last long, as his friend found someone else. Their relationship lasted for almost twelve hours, which is the shortest relationship Filthard ever had.


Filthard was accused by rapper of being sus by rappers WT and Lil Sperm for willingly watching a horse sex video. He was kicked from Flex Entertainment on July 7, 2021 for sexually harassing a female member of the Flex Entertainment discord server. Kid Floral had shared a direct message from his conversation.

Legal Issues[]

On May 4, 2021, Filthard asked Billie Eilish to feature on his debut mixtape OPPS WILL DIE. Eventually, Filthard was sued by Eilish for allegedly mass emojiing and tried to make her send him gang signs. Eilish also arrested his brother Cubeaholic and put him on death row. Filthard was also supposed to be on death row, but he apologized to Eilish. On the next day, they made a deal that Eilish will hold onto Filthard's brother until the beat is finished.


Fliptard was a former gang member of the infamous leroygang. On January 29, 2021, the other members decided to plot on him, BonzaiLamar being the mastermind. Fliptard barely survived the attack and was left for dead. Ever since then, Fliptard hated monkeys and sees them as "opps". Fliptard is currently making a diss track on Bonzai.

On March 20, 2021, Fliptard posted a snippet of CUM SOAP in the Flex Entertainment Discord server. MC Icy called the beat a "13 year old producer's attempt at a DaBaby type beat", which made Fliptard furious because it's not even a DaBaby type beat. On March 26, 2021, Fliptard released CUM SOAP, which is also a diss track on MC Icy.

On May 19, Fliptard tried to frame Lil Pinecone for racism by changing his Discord account and profile picture to Lil Pinecone. Thus, Pinecone told Fliptard that he will never feature on his songs ever again.





List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"CUM SOAP" 2021 12 14 7 PENIS
(feat. eurogod)
39 42 25
"Beatbox Freestyle" 84 TBA
(feat. Lil Soz)
29 21 18
  • FLEX: Gold

Other Charted Songs[]

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Foreplay" 2021 26 13 36 PENIS
"funee screaming distortion song xDDD" 60 31 50
"Interlude" 88 41 56
"Miss The Rage Freestyle"

(feat. Lil Joof)

48 26 47
(feat. CRZFawkz)
61 32 51
"2006 (end)"
(feat. Depp Gibbs, .jitters, Lil Pinecone)
59 30 49


  • Fliptard got his name from the word "flip", which is a Filipino slur, and "tard" coming from the latin word "tardus", meaning slow. This may be that he is a slow thinker or his flow is the opposite of slow.
  • Fliptard made CUM SOAP in six days.
  • Fliptard made Beatbox Freestyle in two hours.
  • He has no eyes.
  • He is a horrible human being that needs to be sent to a concentration camp
  • His favorite TV series is Friends.
  • He has batophobia.
  • He sexually harassed a discord member.