Francis Garcia (AKA Lil' Diabetes) is a meme rap artist who has over 9 studio albums and 4 EP's. He was signed to Billion Dollar Records until Flex Gang merged with BDR which now Diabetes is signed to Flex Gang but hasn't posted anything on the Flex Gang Entertainment channel yet. Diabetes got inspired by a former Flex Gang member Travis Scotch and he doesn't write lyrics nor produce his music.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Diabetes was born on May 4th, 1999 in Compton, California. He was living with an abusive father and a schizophrenic mother with one brother (Lil' Slippery born on April 2nd, 2000). Lil' Diabetes attended school but then he dropped out his Senior year to begin creating music. Lil' Diabetes is currently 22 years old today.

Music Career[edit | edit source]

Before Diabetes was signed to Flex, he made his debut studio album called Bitches Be Running in November 8th, 2019. Then, he released his second studio album called "ZITS" on February 2nd, 2020. Both of these albums didn't gain attention until he released his third studio album "Stage Fright" on April 18th, 2020. Which was when at the time met a Non-Flex rapper Lil' Cum Stain, Adam Raps, Eddcakes, and Creativiting Us. Then Diabetes thought that it would been a great idea to join the Flex Gang Discord server which was his dream to meet all of the members like Lil' Mosquito Disease, Travis Scotch, and Big Baller B. He didn't end up meeting Big Baller but Lil' Diabetes was mentioned to him in one of his music reaction streams a while back, but he did meet some other artists whom he was unfamiliar with until now which is Yung Lambo, Sammy The Fish, and Voda Wake. Then he got signed to Billion Dollar Records (which was CRZ Records at the time) by the one and only CRZFawkz.

The Adam Raps beef[edit | edit source]

During the time when "I'm Never Going To Hollywood" was released. Diabetes started to have major beef with Adam Raps. Adam isn't in Flex but always tries to be part of Flex but he never got signed. Diabetes did a prank on him in one of Adam's live streams which got Adam heated to the point where he dissed Lil' Diabetes and then all hell went loose and they both made diss albums for each other, which Diabetes had the best diss albums and Adam, not knowing how to even make music, fails to deliver a likeable diss track (which he normally does). Diabetes made two volumes of Who Is That Boy? and then the beef ended in mid-December 2020. Recently Adam tried to get it back by beefing for 24 hours but nothing seemed to release that time except Adam releasing 3 disses off of Diabetes.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Studio Albums:[edit | edit source]

  • Bitches Be Running (2019)
  • ZITS (2020)
  • Stage Fright (2020)
  • I'm Never Going To Hollywood (2020)
  • Who Is That Boy? (2020)
  • Live, Flex, Eat, Repeat (2020)
  • Who Is That Boy? VOL 2 (2020)
  • Ho Hoe Holiday (2020)
  • We LIT (2021)
  • POGGERS (2021)

EPs:[edit | edit source]

  • You Can Use Anything! (2020)
  • Sellout (2020)
  • Anime Vibes (2020)
  • Uncreativiting Us (2020)
  • Halloween (2020)
  • DaBetes (2021)
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