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"Lego On The Ceiling" is the sixth studio album by The Buzz. it was released on April 11th 2021, as their first album under Flex Entertainment. The album features guest appearances from R-K-Dubuya, Joe Mug, Serj Tankian, Baby Disappointment, A-Pesto, Ray William Johnson, Apparated Inside My Fridge, Joe Barrel, Bear Grylls and Paul McCartney


As a bonus project to keep fans satisfied in the long release hiatus between "The Boi In The Hype Pajamas" and "Lego On The Ceiling", The Buzz released an album titled "Wake" on October 8, 2020, which is a 4 track project that M-Sack mysteriously found inside his fridge while looking for some babybels. M-Sack's fridge also provided material for some of the "Lego On The Ceiling" tracks, The fridge credit now being dubbed "Apparated Inside My Fridge". Another project was started in this hiatus period called "Buzz Machine" which is an evolving album with each track being added to its track list as the tracks are made. Soon after the release of "Lego On The Ceiling" album called "Shadow On The Underfloor" was released alongside the project on April 25, 2021, which is a collection of B-Side tracks, alternate versions of songs and instrumentals.

The albums creation began on April 2, 2019 right after the release of the bands previous project "The Boi In The Hype Pajamas" and ended on April 2, 2021 spanning 2 years of work. The project took such a long time to make that the band had switched 3rd member twice changing from "T-Bed" to "A-Pesto" to "D-Dog". Although the the album was mainly worked on during this 2 year period some elements of the album date back further "Don't Stay In Minecraft" was written in November 2018 and the instrumental for "How Do I Turn This Shit On" was created in the latter half of 2015


3 singles were released for Lego On The Ceiling. None of them charted as The Buzz was not signed to Flex Entertainment at the times of their releases

"Ashton Cronch" was released on April 3rd 2021 as the first single from the album

"Get Out Of My Head" was released on April 6th 2021 as the second single from the album

"Weedy Puffs" was released on April 9th 2021 as the third single from the album


  1. How Do I Turn This Shit On
  2. Ashton Cronch
  3. Auxiliary Research Submarine
  4. This Is What We Get
  5. Get Out Of My Head
  6. Weedy Puffs
  7. Paper Tube
  8. Penis Song
  9. Mozzie Drop That
  10. Intercoursing Your Mother
  11. Sacking The Donk
  12. Jorgan Moans (Narrative II)
  13. Don't Stay In Minecraft
  14. Jazz Funk (Guitar Fire)
  15. The Lil' Bed Diss


  • M-Sack - writer, producer, mixing, lyrics, vocals, mastering
  • F-Word - writer, producer, mixing, lyrics, vocals
  • D-Dog - writer, producer, mixing, vocals, guitar
  • B-Ball - writer, lyrics, vocals, guitar
  • A-Pesto - writer, lyrics, vocals
  • Apparated Inside My Fridge - writer, producer, mixing, vocals, lyrics
  • R-K-Dubuya - vocals
  • Baby Disappointment - vocals
  • Joe Mug - writer, lyrics, vocals
  • Joe Barrel - vocals
  • Deo Thiccinson - writer, lyrics