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Lama Poof! is the debut mixtape from American rapper and singer Submarine Man. It was released on May 17, 2018. The tape is a noteworthy part of Submarine Man's discography, not only for its raw and manic nature, (even by Submarine Man standards), but also being the first album by Submarine Man to focus on "foot-related" subjects, a theme later explored in more depth on later release.


"Star Wars" and "Feet Are the Best" were the only two singles from the mixtape. They were later re-released for Submarine Man's debut album "NoStockingz."


No. Title Length
1. "Star Wars (War In The Stars)" 0:57
2. "Feet Are The Best! (featuring Sakooni!)" 0:40
3. "#SmellYourFeet" 0:43
4. "Lama Poof!" 1:35
5. "Feet! (featuring Da Foot)" 0:52
6. "You Can't Rap!" 1:14
7. "Best Beats"


Critical Reception[]

The mixtape received overwhelmingly negative reviews by the few critics who have heard it, most of who were completely baffled by the album's strange qualities, and seemingly its mere existence. On the website Rate Your Music, it received a 1.61 from 39 ratings.

RYM critic TooBrokeToCare gave the album a Half Star (deeming a "unmusical" album), stating "It's one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable pieces of music I've ever consumed." He went on to say, "I have no fucking idea what motivates someone to make a project like this." Others echoed his sentiments, however not always in a negative light. In some circles, the album's gained a cult following for its surrealist, avant-garde nature. Some seeing Submarine Man as a modern day Captain Beefheart-type figure.