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Noah, better known by his stage name Knozox, is a British "rapper" known for his short-lived rap beef with rapper Lil Mosquito Disease.

As of April 9 2020, all of his songs and social media profiles have mysteriously disappeared.


2019: Beginnings[]

Knozox created his YouTube channel on April 16, 2019. He went on to make low-quality, clickbait videos about getting in fights and attempting challenges. His first video involving rapping took place in a video called "Prank calling the police." In this video, he allegedly called the police and did a freestyle. He went on to make a freestyle diss track on Ade Alfa TV. He continued to make music by releasing the song "Devil's Mind" with a clickbait feature from Juice Wrld. On November 13, he announced that he now had dread locks.

2019 - 2020: Beef with Lil Mosquito Disease & Flex Entertainment[]

Knozox joined the Flex Entertainment discord server and shared his Lil Mosquito Disease diss track to everybody. The track received negative reception from the entire server. He illegally recorded a voice call on the Flex Entertainment Fan Server and uploaded it to YouTube and didn't take it down until Lil Mosquito Disease commented on his video. He would be criticized for his dread locks and called a clown repeatedly. Knozox's diss track would suddenly gain thousands of views. View bot was suggested by the server. Knozox claimed that his famous Instagram friend shared it with his followers. Mosquito, who originally wasn't going to respond, decided to record a response diss. "Revenge" would be released on January 27, 2020. It received positive reception and Mosquito was considered the winner of the beef. Knozox released two other singles "Critical" and "Extinction." Both received negative reception from critics. Knozox began to remove negative comments from his videos, despite having valid points. He announced he would be releasing an album this year. On April 9, all of his social media was removed from the internet. It is still unknown why he did this. It is possible he couldn't take all the hate he was getting and wanted to restart. This proves he cannot handle criticism.

Critical Reception[]

Knozox's material has been negatively received from critics. His diss track on Lil Mosquito Disease failed to diss him in any way. He has been criticized for his annoying rapping voice and being egotistical. His production is also poorly mastered and most of his lyrics are unintelligible. His look has been severely criticized due to it apparently culturally appropriating dreads due to the fact his profile picture used to depict him as a black man when in fact he is white. This can be considered racist to some. He even grew out his dreads even more and looks like Trippie Redd.

Homophobic Remarks[]

On March 16, 2020, Knozox messaged Mosquito "Fuck you f*g ass whore." He also messaged Gyfted "Fuck you f*g."




  • TBA (2020)


  • "Ade Alfa TV Diss Track" (2019)
  • "Deaval's Mind" (2019)
  • "Lil Mosquito Disease Disstrack" (2019)
  • "Critical" (2020)
  • "Extinction" (2020)