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"Kenny Mgee On That Track" - On nearly every song he's ever made

Kenny Mgee is a Scottish rapper and former record lavek executive currently signed to the Flex Entertainment record label. Kenny previously co-founded founded Dominja records and released his music under that label up until his signing to Flex in 2022. Kenny has released many tracks under the label with a recent album with over 45 tracks called "SPLIT PERSONALITIES" released Friday 6th of May 2022. His debut single "KINGPIN" released to high praise critically and commercially. He has also released 2 following singles being "Roblox Hoe" and "Lame Ass Beat ft. Lil Big Jacko and Lil Squeaky" to similar praise. Kenny is a future Flex Entertainment legend and will go down in history as one of the greatest acts ever signed to the label. He is said to be Lil Squeaky's "apprentice."

Music career[]

2018-2019: Beginnings[]

Kenny started making music all the way back in 2018 with his hit song J.cam diss track dissing fellow youtuber J.cam. the song blew up with it currently having just over 300 views and this caused J.cam to respond with 3 diss tracks of his own, however only 2 of them are still in circulation with all 3 videos gone after a hardware malfunction. 1 year later Kenny Mgee created his first ever album titled "Doing My Thang" When he was 13 in late 2019. The album did well for Kenny and had 2 big hits of it that consisting off "Fortnite is the best" and the now infamous "Khereese diss track".

2019-2020: New Label[]

After this album Kenny Created Record Label "Dominja Records" With Lil Big Jacko (J.cam) and Kennys Brother Duggy G. He released many singles in his time with Dominja records Even Forming A Rap Group Called "DIARY OF THA HOOD" With Lil Big Jacko, Duggy G and Retired Rapper "Yo Da" Releasing only 2 songs To this day That Being "Zoom Freestyle" And There Biggest Hit "Long Time Coming", However Both Songs Have since been lost.

2020-2021: New Album[]

2 years after his first album Kenny came back with a sequel to his first album called "Doing My Thang Part 2" When he was 15 in late 2021. This album was made When Kenny Had matured and had decided to make his music not only more funny but also better well made and doing my thang 2 became an album with a story, about how Kenny Mgee had been put under pressure to release a new album and when he did it was voted so trash he gets killed. the album received very positive reviews throughout with famous rapper and Flex owner "Lil Mosquito Disease" saying "That was very enjoyable".

2021-2022: Signed to Flex Entertainment[]

20220421 224039.jpg

After This Kenny Took A Break for 2 months but after that he started working on a new project, that being "SPIT PERSONALITITES". The Album began production in February 2022 With it originally meant to be "Doing My Thang Part 3" However that project has been delayed for now and "SPLIT PERSONALITIES" Was put into production instead. The Album Began as similar type songs to "Doing My Thang Part 2" But them he decided to make it different which is where the idea of the album came from, He decided to Split The Album Into 3 Parts, With it having 3 different main styles on each side with it also having 15 songs on each side With the length being 45 songs. During the Production of the album Kenny was Signed to "Flex Entertainment" With an album Single Released On his YouTube Channel called "Dogfights". He was Signed By "Yung Lambo" with him saying "Can Someone Sign This Guy?" during the listening of the song. Kenny has become a prolific member in Flex ever since being signed with his 3 Singles "KINGPIN", "ROBLOX HOE" and "LAME ASS BEAT" All having over 100 views and having great reception. His Album "SPLIT PERSONALITIES" Released On May 6th and got very positive reception with the main criticism being that its 2 hours and 15 minutes long. The album is split up into 3 parts with Side A being an angry/experimental album, Side B being a pop/club/mumble rap album and Side C being a normal rap album. Kenny has proclaimed himself "Lil Squeaky's Apprentice" due to releasing several songs with Lil Squeaky, including the singles "UP 2 U," "Throat Goat," and "Lame Ass Beat"; Lil Squeaky was the first member of the label to collaborate with Kenny and he has said that his first feature has made him who he is in flex. Kenny and Squeaky released a single titled "What Happened?" which is a pop song capitalising on the "summer banger" trend.

Personal life[]

Channels4 profile.jpg

Kenny Mgee was born on the 16th of June 2006 and is currently 16 years old. He is from Scotland and has lived there His whole life and is Currently the only Artist in flex Who is from Scotland. He has a Brother familiar to Flex called "Duggy G" and has made many songs with him. he originally started making videos on his YouTube channel "Keboard Kenny" where he posted Minecraft pocket edition gameplay, skits and songs. the channel has been active since the 5th of may 2016 and to this day Kenny still makes videos for the channel along with music.


Kenny Mgee has had a few controversies in his time making music. The controversies, however, he has been involved in are very big.

Og cover.png

In the production of his first album in 2018, "Doing My Thang", he had to change the album art as it originally was him in a slaughter house. He later changed it after a lot of controversy from members of his school to him infront of a low quality image of Some Men "Spitting Bars" according to Kenny.

In the production of his second album "Doing My Thang Part 2" Kenny released the song "Khereese Diss V2" as a single on his channel, however only after 1 day of it being up it was taken down and Kenny got a community guidelines strike on his YouTube channel "Keboard Kenny" for "harassment and bullying". To this day Kenny still doesn't know who reported the video, he suspected it was the girl "Khereese" as said in the song. However she said "I didn't even watch it" so its still a mystery to this day.


Kenny has been vocal about fellow Flex rapper "Lil Jxck" as he waited over two months for two features from him and he completely ghosted Kenny in direct messages. The situation escalated further when "Lil Jxck" said that he was going to take a break from discord and send over the features people were waiting on but didn't send Kenny's. This caused Kenny to state that Lil Jxck is the worst artist in Flex when it comes to waiting on features.



List of albums
Title Cover art Album details Certifications
Doing My Thang
Doing my thang .jpg
  • Released December 22nd 2019
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
Doing My Thang Part 2 Doin my thang part 2.jpg
  • Released: December 25th 2021
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
Split Personalities SPLIT PERSONALITIES .jpg
  • Released: May 6th 2022
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
  • FLEX: Platinum


List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"KINGPIN" 2022 9 90 4
  • FLEX: Platinum
Split Personalities
"Roblox Hoe" 8 74 3
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Lame Ass Beat"
(feat. Lil Squeaky & Lil Big Jacko)
10 65 5
  • FLEX: Platinum
"UP 2 U"

(feat. Lil Squeaky)

20 16 21 8
  • FLEX: Platinum
non album single
(feat. Lil Big Jacko)
3 1
  • FLEX: Platinum
Split Personalities
"CRACKIN FINGAZ" 11 5 non album singles
"Bad Wit The Keys" 20 9


List of features
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Throat Goat"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Kenny Mgee)
2022 46 28 non-album single
"A Day In The Life"

(Lil Soz feat. Kenny Mgee)

2022 tbc tbc album single

(Yung Bink$ feat. Kenny Mgee)

2022 25 11 non-album single
"What Happened?"

(Lil Squeaky feat. Kenny Mgee)

2022 10 7 non-album single


  • Kenny Mgee is the richest man in Scotland with currently over 50 trillion pounds to his name, however he is not aloud to have this money until the week he dies which is suspected to be on the 07/18/3786
  • Kenny got the stage name "Kenny Mgee" from the tv show "south park" as it was a show he watched a lot and his favourite character was Kenny. he is suspected to have gotten the last part of his name "Mgee" from him being Scottish however he actually got it when his friend called someone in his social circle at the time "Twat Mgee".
  • Kennys main email is banned from all sites associated with Facebook as he named himself "Sket Mgee" on his original Instagram account and got banned because of it.
  • In year 1 of his high school when he was 12 years old he formed a band with his friend "YungboiGa$" called "Shadez" the band made 2 songs one being "breeze" and the other being "down let (demo)" before abandoning the project later the same year. kenny and Yungboi still make music to this day.