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Theodore Oswald, also known as Yung Kardi, or better known professionally as Kardia (formerly Lil Shrecc), is an Irish-American rapper, singer, song-writer, producer, ghost writer, campaign manager, and Instagram personality that is known for making underground trap music on SoundCloud and was signed to Flex Entertainment. Kardia left the label on August 23rd, 2020.

Early Days and affiliations[]

Kardia began music in early 2018 under the name Lil Shrecc and released one EP in December of that year. He took a year long break before coming back in August of 2019 and unleashing a metric butt-load of music onto SoundCloud since then. Within the span of August 2019 to November 2019 he had released 8 full-length projects and had recorded many many features, most of which are lost to time.

YFM Era (November 2019 - January 2020)[]

YFM was a shortly-lived collective that was formed by fellow rappers Bigg Bird and COLO$$AL, alongside help with Kardia himself. They had recruited many members, most of which left within days of them joining and the collective was offically ended when Kardia left it to join the upcoming Handicapped Records. During his short time within YFM, Kardia released 4 full-length projects , most of which being now-deleted EPs.

Handicapped Records Era (February 2020 - May 2020)[]

Kardia was one of the many starting members of the meme rap collective/label called Handicapped Records. During this time, he had linked with many artists within the group and really focused on his own sound. He had released 2 full-length mixtapes, and 1 EP during his time in the group and also recorded a lot of features as well.

Flex Entertainment Era (June 2020 - ∞)[]

Kardia had been eagerly wanting to join Flex Entertainment since early May, but decided to take action after fellow artist, Spicy B had joined a week prior. In July 2020 he released his first full-length project under Flex Entertainment, titled "pain."

"Shrecc is pretty hot, Shrecc is pretty hot, not gonna lie"

-Lil VEG


Kardia has caught himself in many controversies throughout his career. Many of them based off of his fringe behavior and his quick-to-speak-slow-to-think-hot-headedness. He has been criticized by his peers often for deleting music, collaborating with controversial artists, and also by a few select amount of people that disagree with his fast work ethic.



  • Lil Shrecc (2019)
  • Toothpick Hotel (2019)
  • Meme Rap 2K19 (2019)
  • Shrecc Gang pt. 1 (2020)
  • The Timmy Tape (2020)
  • Pain. (2020)


  • It's All Ogre Now (2018)
  • Domo (2019)
  • Mouse House pt. 1 (2019)
  • Scraped Knees (2019)
  • Snow In The Swamp (2019)
  • Shrecc Gang: Prelude (2020)
  • Nothing Better Than Breaking Hearts (2020)
  • NOSEBLEEDZ (2020)

Critical Reception[]

Nobody talks about Kardia, but when they do, he is usually talked about in a lukewarm context