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"Jessica" is a song by American rapper Big Baller B. It was released on March 31, 2020, as the lead single for his upcoming third studio album. It currently holds the record as being the first Flex Entertainment single to debut at number 1 on the Flex Hot 100.


The song was debuted during his video "What Makes A Song Bad?" He put together all the elements of a terrible track including unlikability, trying to be something its not, and melodrama. It also pokes fun at artists such as A.J., twenty one pilots, AJR, and EDM producers. It was released on March 26, 2020. The music video currently has over nine thousand views.

Critical Reception[]

"Jessica" received mixed to positive reviews from critics. It was given credit for getting the main point across about terrible music. It currently has a 78 rating on Album of the Year. TheDankestMeme said "For a song that wants to encapsulate every bad quality in music, it perfectly does that."

Chart Performance[]

"Jessica" debuted at number one on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, dethroning "Diamond Ores" by Jake G. It is the first song to debut at number one. It is also his first number one single.


[Intro] Yaaah Ok Yah, yah

[Verse 1] I hate these mothertruckers I wish I could leave the space I'm in I'm locked in a bin I hate you

[Chorus] Jessica, why, why did you leave me Why did not need me, not anymore (ho)

Anymore Jessica, yeah

Jessica, yeah

[Verse 2] I thought about my life today The clouds above they were grey I say hi to the ice cream man I like to write words with my hand I'm so mad at NBC Cause they removed my favorite show from TV So what will I do I unlock what's true and do what I can, I hold up my hand I smoke weed to numb the pain of what's going on inside my brain I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings with that last line I wrote Lose the sad mask they say, they tell me to get over it I hate when they say to get over it Depression and Anxiety, I talk about it openly

[Chorus] Jessica, why, why did you leave me (yeah) Why did not need me (they'll never play this song on the radio) Not anymore

Let's go

Anymore Jessica, yeah

Jessica, yeah


Weekly Charts[]

Chart (2020) Peak
Flex Entertainment Top 100 1
SoundCloud Top 100 6
Spotify Top 100 1
YouTube Top 100 1

Year-End Charts[]

Chart (2020) Position
Flex Entertainment Hot 100 10