J Coyn Drive is semi satirical rap artist signed to the Flex Entertainment record label. He is the alter ego of JakeYouOut. He is known to rap about his rhymes, money and life in his music.

Musical Career (2019-present) Edit

J Coyn Drive self released his first single: 'Scratched My Rolex' on April 26th, 2019. This song was completely satire and inspired by artists from Flex Entertainment and has wanted to join ever since that first single.

J Coyn self released various other singles which would eventually lead up to his first album/mixtape titled 'Baseball Bat'

This album was very satire and didn't have much effort, but still had some catchy tracks.

After this release J Coyn took a break from rap.

On January 1st, 2020 at 12:00 AM, J Coyn self released a single titled 'Taco Bell Rap' to welcome the new year. While also hinting to new music.

In early February, J Coyn had an idea for a collab album to self release with his friend Derrick/D Rock Street. This album.

Eventually they decided to call the album 'FALLEN OUT' which was set to release in early summer. But later in February. J Coyn was still wanting to join Flex Entertainment.

One day he was chatting in the Flex Entertainment Discord, and a now ex-flex entertainment artist was wondering if anyone would want to do a feature on their album.

J Coyn Drive hopped right on the opportunity and the ex-artist was very impressed and so, J Coyn was recommended to the executives. and a day later, J Coyn Drive was signed to Flex Entertainment!

Excited in this opportunity, J Coyn started working on the new album again. This album will feature beats straight from YouTube. meaning it will not be on Spotify. but will still be available on Soundcloud and YT Music.J Coyn, Finished writing the album on March 19th, and set to record and release the album in the spring! [Wiki page will be updated once it is released]

J Coyn Drive, determined to step up his game in his music, Is now working on a Full Original Album, Titled 'EMERGENCE' Planned to be released in Mid-Summer.

For now J Coyn is planning to release 'FALLEN OUT' on YT & Soundcloud at the end of April.

Fallen Out tells a story of J Coyn Drive & D Rock Street not agreeing to terms of the album they are working on which causes a, Fallen Out.

Be sure to listen to the album, Planned to release April 20th.

Discography Edit

Albums/Mixtapes Edit

~ Baseball Bat (2019)

~ FALLEN OUT (2020)

~ EMERGENCE (2020)

Singles Edit

~ 'Baseball Bat' Singles:

1. Scratched My Rolex,




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