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Jacob Torres, better known by his stage name JThousand, is an artist who was formerly signed to Flex Entertainment. On April 18, 2020, he decided he wanted to leave the Flex Entertainment label without permission. He officially left on April 23. He has committed various "Yang" crimes. That includes the will to associate with 1027 after all the terrible things he did. However, he had apologized for said things and cut contact with GENES1S / 1027.

He was signed to CRZRecords for a short time in August before being signed to Flex Entertainment again that same month. He left Flex Entertainment sometime later in 2020, and currently runs the collective NightOwls with sk00tt, xofilo, hategyft, XandroR2, Flairr, and others.



  • Past (with chilloud) (2020)
  • Grime (with A.J. & sk00tt) (2020)
  • Nonsense (2021)
  • Placements (with A.J.) (2021)
  • Another One (with Cldsummer & sk00tt) (2021)
  • Bag Up (with m0tive) (2021)
  • કિેરવ્કોલવિતેવિતેવલિતેવિ