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Jacob Torres, better known by his stage name J1D by the flex community, but now changed to JThousand, was an artist signed to Flex Entertainment. On April 18, 2020, he decided he wanted to leave the Flex Entertainment label without permission. He officially left on April 23. He has committed various "Yang" crimes. That includes the will to associate with 1027 and MusiklyGyfted after all the terrible things they done. However, he has since apologized for said things and cut contact with Gyfted and 1027.

He was signed to CRZRecords for a short time in August before being signed to Flex Entertainment again that same month.



  • Lit Mixtape Pt. 1 (2019)
  • Lit Mixtape Pt. 2 (2019)


List of singles
Title Year Streams Album
SoundCloud YouTube
(featuring Lil Shizz)
2019 28 65 Lit Mixtape Pt. 1
(featuring Kid Patrick)
"It's My Fault" 33
"SkRRt Ride"
(featuring Yung Fizz)
42 194
(featuring Blackman69)
125 54
"Cross By"
(featuring NEWDLEZ)
41 non-album singles
"Okay" 35
(featuring Lil Boxx)
33 Lit Mixtape Pt. 2
"Push The Plan" 42 non-album single
"Cards" 16 34 Lit Mixtape Pt. 2
"Dying" 27 39
"Bricks" 31
"Ford" 35 66
"Help Me" 51 52
"Distortion" 307 62 TBA
"A Short Jellyfish Jam Freestyle" 173 non-album single
"One Thing" 60 TBA
(featuring Lil Squid or Nmozzle)
"XANAX" 87
"Monsters Inc"
(featuring Legendaryguy31)
"Bipolar Personalities" 28


  • EVAPORATE by Newdlez (2019)
  • Eating All the Gucci by Hood Guy (2019)
  • Crip With a Sticc by Big Lil featuring Lil Mosquito Disease (2019)
  • Gucci on Gucci by Hood Guy featuring Big Lil (2019)
  • No Fun by SZ Minja (2019)
  • NO CRAP by Lukerman featuring Lil Phlegm and Lil Nesley (2019)