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Isekai'd Into the Rap Game is the second studio album by producer and rapper Lil Joof, released on March 21, 2021 under Flex Entertainment. The album is a follow-up to his debut album "THE WEEB LIFE OF JEWFREE-CHAN." It contains guest appearances from Yung Lambo, Beetlebat, Lil Toy Yoda, A.J., Hood Guy, .jitters, Lil Bit Handicapped, LVN Filo, Lil Squeaky, Pretty Kira & 57W1ZARd.

The album was supported by the singles "Run It Up", "Fictional", "Cuff Yo Waifu" & "School Idols". His previous single with 57W1ZARd "Joofenile" was added as a bonus track.


Throughout the fall of 2020, Jewfree worked on the project in strict secrecy, sharing details of the album with only a few people. The album was released on March 21, 2021, without any prior announcement or promotion. The promotional poster for Isekai'd Into The Rap Game is a parody of how Green Day promoted their thirteenth album, Father Of All. On August 2020, Joof went on a hiatus from social media and music which lasted 3 months. On November 13, 2020, Joof announced his comeback and released a new song called "Run It Up!", ending his hiatus. On December 11, 2020, Joof released the second single "Fictional". It features vocals from Yung Lambo and a music video was released the same day on the Flex Entertainment channel. It peaked at No. 9 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 becoming Joof's first top ten and it was his highest charting single to date until "Big Dollas" reached at No. 5. "Cuff Yo Waifu" was released on January 8, 2021 as the album's third single to celebrate the start of 2021. "School Idols" was released on February 19, 2021 as the album's fourth and final single. It features vocals from former Flex artist, LVN Filo.

Track Listing

  1. Run It Up!
  2. Fictional (feat. Yung Lambo)
  3. God's Blessing In This Wonderful World
  4. Woot Woot (feat. Beetlebat)
  5. Cuff Yo Waifu
  6. Darkness Freestyle
  7. A Love Letter To Raphtalia 2
  8. Waif2 (feat. Pretty Kira)
  9. School Idols (feat. LVN Filo)
  10. False Rumors
  11. Bruh Interlude, Pt. 2
  12. Blean 4 Real (feat. A.J., Hood Guy & .jitters)
  13. Explosions (feat. Lil Toy Yoda)
  14. Ferris (feat. Lil Bit Handicapped)
  15. Had Enough (Interlude)
  16. Rent A Girlfriend (feat. Lil Squeaky)
  17. Go For The Gold
  18. Joofenile (feat. 57W1ZARd) [Bonus Track]
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