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Intergalactic: The Space Age is the third studio album by Wild Wes. The album was released by Flex Entertainment on March 19th of 2021.


After the success that Moonquake gained, Wild Wes was getting ready to plan for his next album. Wild Wes started recording for the album on February 1st of 2021.


Ketaset, which featured Wild Wes was released on October 29th of 2020, but the album contained the remix.

Waste My Time, the lead single, was released on January 22nd of 2021.

Bands Up, which featured Tending Bike, was released on February 12th of 2021.

Wonderful, which featured CRZFawkz, released on February 19th of 2021.

Wet VVS, the final single which featured Young Seagull, was released on March 12th of 2021.


  1. Touchdown
  2. Racks In The Whip
  3. Bands Up (ft. Tending Bike)
  4. Deep Space (Interlude)
  5. Rocketship
  6. Moonshine
  7. Hype Vibe (ft. GENES1S)
  8. Waste My Time (Album Version)
  9. Cosmos (Interlude)
  10. Astronaut Dreams (ft. GENES1S)
  11. Do I Know U (ft. xofilo)
  12. Wet VVS (ft. Young Seagull)
  13. Blue Galaxy (Interlude)
  14. Rainbow Road (ft. MC Icy)
  15. Wonderful (ft. CRZFawkz)
  16. Ride Around (ft. Yung Lambo)
  17. Space Jam (ft. Lil Mosquito Disease)
  18. Hit The Lotto (ft. Beetlebat)
  19. Dreams (Interlude)
  20. In Debate (ft. Lil Squeaky)
  21. Stage Fright (ft. Hood Guy)
  22. Count Me In/Vibin'/Ambition 2 (ft. Lil Diabetes)
  23. FYM (ft. Depp Gibbs)
  24. Ketaset (Remix) (with Young Seagull)
  25. Intergalactic: The Space Age


On AOTY, the day the album dropped, the album was perfect for every listener, having a score of 100 based off of 5 ratings.

Chart performance[]

Intergalactic: The Space Age debuted at number four on the Braeden's Most Played Albums chart with 250,000 units sold. It became his second top-ten album in his career.


Chart (2021) Peak


Braeden's Most Played Albums 4