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Interbrain is a producer of multiple genres of music who frequently raps under the name Lil Soz signed to Flex Entertainment. He is known for several inside jokes surrounding him and electronic artist 5ach!†.


Interbrain started his musical career in early 2020 when he met MC Icy, the owner of the now-defunct Icy Records (now known as Billion Dollar Records) and was signed to his record label in March of 2020. Due to controversy in early July for associating and siding with Zicari101, a rapper who raided Discord servers, he was kicked out of Icy Records and shunned from the Flex Community as a whole. After that, he signed to a label called Redstar Entertainment (the label founded by Russian rapper and producer High$k1llz [as known as Lil Venom $pear] ) where he remained until he got signed to Flex in late November. He did not do anything noteworthy in the next 2 months.


Interbrain released the song "I Love U WT" featuring Mr Ice on January 24th 2021 to moderate success. Two months later Interbrain would suddenly have an idea. He thought he could make the longest flex album ever to date. He then adopted the moniker of Lil Soz which was thought of a year prior. The name of the album originated from fellow label mate CRZFawk's series of albums entitled Fawkz OP. CRZ gladly let Interbrain use the name for his album Soz OP. Soz OP dropped on April 30th to great success despite it's long length. Some even calling it one of the best projects from flex in 2021. Interbrain would also produce Lil Stuart Little's hit song Cheddar from the label's third compilation Flex Gang Vol. 3. On July 30th, Lil Soz dropped his first mixtape Swampy Cracks to commercial failure but later became a cult classic in his school. Intebrain also did some production work on CRZFawkz's double album Yung Admin/Traphell 3 on the tracks Canadia Freestyle and "The Bus" which later was released on the compilation album CRZClassics as well as producing CRFlow on Autism 8: The Hiatus Tape,

Beefs And Controversies[]

NJD VS Interbrain and Voda wake[]

Album Of The Year critic NoIDMedia otherwise known as NJD joins the Flex Entertainment Fan Server, He then proceeds to act very obnoxious and rude (using homophobic slurs, being annoying). This prompts Interbrain to drop a diss on NJD featuring Young Smores. NJD responds on Album Of The Year with a rather long paragraph about why the song sucked. A few days later fellow labelmate Voda Wake releases a diss track on NJD for the same reason as Interbrain, NJD yet again responds with a long paragraph on Album Of The Year about why the song sucks. After a few months, NJD is never heard from again and it assumed that the beef is over.

Midposting and "Terrible Takes"[]

Around the end of 2021, Payden McKnight dropped his album Iknight Radio. Interbrain proceeded to hate on the project feeling that it did not deserve all of the overwhelming praise and support it got. The months after he would always state things that the general public would not agree with. Examples including calling every project coming out mid and forgettable. As well as calling the based movement happening in flex a gimmick. Therefore branding him a "negative man" along with BIg Twigey and other "negative men". even going as far as to argue with owner Lil Mosquito Disease and other execs. On July 18th, he went to a local swimming pool and finally learned how to swim, He would announce that he will no longer be a midposter and will become a very positive man.



  • Sounds Of An Uncreative Mind (2020)
  • Synthwave Pt. 1 (2020)
  • Calming compisitions Vol.1 (2020)


  • Bright (2020)
  • Cool  (2020)
  • Futurism  (2020)
  • Big Stinky (with .jitters) (2021)
  • PEDRO (with lil stuart little, prod trollface teh rapper)
  • I love U WT
  • The E.M.B.E.E Sucks Groove

Production Discography[]

  • Yung Vanilla Cucumber Broccoli- Man
  • JJ LOVES SOME GRU- Lost It (Ft Lil Toy Yoda)
  • Lil Mickey Mouse- Zicari Diss Track
  • Lil Stuart Little- Thicc Ass Mouse Shawty
  • Lil Stuart Little- Drippy Drip Drip (ft CRZfawkz)
  • Lil Stuart Little- Cheddar (Ft Young Seagull)
  • Mostmetalrapper69- Bruh (I ain't a youtuber)
  • Big Business- Cock O Clock
  • Voda Wake- Shock (prod interbrain x JJ LOVES SOME GRU)
  • Theo Landish- Light Up
  • lIl fliptard- Foreplay


  • Interbrain is of Latino descent
  • He is an avid fan of Lil Stuart Little, JJ LOVES SOME GRU and Kid Phang
  • His favorite song is "Brain" by Mellowhype
  • He uses FL Studio to produce
  • He along with label mate .jitters have the second biggest drop from the flex chart history with their track Big Stinky
  • He has produced the most instrumentals for Lil Stuart LIttle