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Infection is the debut studio album by rapper and Flex Entertainment co-founder Lil Mosquito Disease, released on February 16th, 2019 under Flex Entertainment. It contains guest appearances from Lil Taco, Yung Schmoobin, A.J., Lil Flexer, Lil Jergens, Lil Shizz, Submarine Man, Lil Meerkat, & Lil Bodypillow.


  1. "Intro"
  2. "Mosquitos"
  3. "Lean In My Cup"
  4. "Hit With The Mac" (featuring Lil Taco)
  5. "Anime Narrator (Caw Caw)"
  6. "Hardcore"
  7. "Issa Banger" (featuring Yung Schmoobin)
  8. "R.I.P."
  9. "Captain out of Tune" (featuring Broken Trombone Boi)
  10. "Captain out of Tune, Pt. 2" (featuring Yung Schmoobin A.J., & Lil Flexer)
  11. "Bitch This Is A Warzone"
  12. "Slide on the Blocc" (featuring Lil Jergens)
  13. "Trombone Attacc"
  14. "Mosquitocito" (featuring Lil Shizz)
  15. "Trombone Be Stimulated"
  16. "Aliens Like Me" (featuring Submarine Man)
  17. "Bitch I'm The Best" (featuring Lil Flexer)
  18. "Clap Your Cheeks Like DK" (featuring Lil Meerkat)
  19. "A Mukbang Freestyle" (featuring Lil Bodypillow)
  20. "We Wanted Sweet Victory"
  21. "Iced Out Outro" (featuring Lil Taco)


Most of the instrumentals on Infection involve an abrasive amount of kicks and bass. The drum patterns usually consist of a bunch of kicks coming in at the end of them, for comedic effect. This is prominently heard on tracks such as "Hit with The Mac" and "We Wanted Sweet Victory".

Some vocal samples are also used on this album, such as Yoko Ono, Blueface, & 6ix9ine.


To most, Infection is seen as a meme rap album. Brad Taste in Music, aka Big Baller B, said that this album was the most enjoyable meme album he has heard, and states it as an example on how to make a good meme rap album. On AOTY, user TheDankestMeme had stated that Infection excels in making you laugh, making it a good meme rap album, similar to what Brad had said in his reaction / review of the album.

Chart performance[]

Infection debuted at number eight on the Braeden's Most Played Albums chart with 170,000 units sold. It became his first top ten release and first for the Flex Entertainment label. The following week, it leaped to number two with 240,000 units sold in its first full tracking week. It spent a second week at the number two spot with a new high of 290,000 units. It was blocked by Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane" during both weeks. It returned to the chart for its one-year anniversary at number three with 240,000 units. It spent six weeks in the top ten. The album was the 28th best-selling album of 2019, the 32nd best-selling album of 2020, and the 95th best-selling album of 2021. It was certified two-times platinum by BMP.

Nearly every song from the album has one thousand plays on Spotify, with the exception being "Trombone Be Simulated."


Weekly Charts[]

Chart (2019) Peak
Braeden's Most Played Albums 2

Year-End Charts[]

Chart (2019) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 28
Chart (2020) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 32
Chart (2021) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 95


Region Certification Certified units/sales
Braeden's Most Played Songs (BMP) 2x Platinum 3,000,000