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ILLUMINATI is the debut studio album by Flex Entertainment member Amazing Blizzard. It was released on January 10, 2020. A day after releasing the album on his independent label internet relapse, he was signed to Flex Entertainment. On May 1, 2020, the album was released to digital & streaming platforms for the first time under the Flex Entertainment label.


1 "corridor" 6:48
2 "no time” 5:24
3 "Human" 7:50
4 "A Land of Her Own" 3:07
5 "The future is now. (with Daniel Medrano)" 6:39
6. "Color Blind" 5:42
7 "Stormur" 4:51
8 "Pandora" 9:05


Upon its first release, ILLUMINATI received positive to mixed feedback, currently having a 68/100 on AOTY. Although no reviews were written on the site, these compliments were sent to Amazing Blizzard himself. Hermit gave it a score of 70, saying that "no time" was his least favorite track due to how long the intro was. PipePanic liked the album due to the dark, ambient punchiness, that gave vibes similar to a Trent Reznor soundtrack. Toasterqueen12 gave a mixed opinion on ILLUMINATI, saying that some of the tracks were a tad bit too long and forgettable, although it was said he had room for improvement. Critics praised "Human," despite it being the artist's least favorite. Overall, ILLUMINATI received positive to mixed reviews.