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Heaven is the second single released from the Ivan Knight and the Imaginary Friends album. Despite being the second single from the album, it was the first single to get a music video. The music video was filmed in Ivan Knight's flat, with artwork by Dylan Tann playing in the background, while Ivan transforms into "The Frog" for the first time onscreen in over a year. The track was met with mostly positive reviews, and became the single to kickstart the hype for the album it came from.


The track actually started production back in 2013, when Ivan wasn't even interested in starting a music career.In school, Ivan would stay in computer suites at lunch time to avoid getting bullied. In these rooms, he would play about on Garageband and arrange midi Orchestral compositions. The first one he created would become the basic track for heaven. When Ivan started the self titled album in 2019, he wanted to make a song that felt like a classic, and seeing how he remembered this track after six years, he felt that it was the perfect fit. Ivan decided to turn the track into a synth pop track as he felt it would have more accessibility to it that way. This is one of the only songs on the album where Ivan is playing everything himself.


The track was met with mostly positive reviews, scoring a total of 80 on 'Albumoftheyear.com'. Most people praised it's catchiness as well as it's emotional power. Some people, however, felt indifferent about the track. Youtube Critic 'BradTasteInMusic' gave the song "the shrug", citing that the song was "hard to get into" and was "extremely pretentious", although upon second listening, he went back on his initial opinion and rated Heaven as one of the best songs on the album. Another person who felt indifferent about the song was Ivan himself. Ivan felt rather dissatisfied with the song, saying "It's a good song and all, but when you've heard it for like six years and then you hear it even more because it's your new single, you do start to get sick of it. I'm more looking forward to releasing other stuff to be honest."


Ivan Knight- Vocals, Programming, Electric Guitar, Keyboards