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FuegoFizz, known previously as Yung Fizz is a rapper from the Flex Entertainment label. He was released from Flex Entertainment on June 7, 2020. He was resigned on August 13, 2020.


Fizz released his debut album "FizzPop" on January 9, 2019. It received negative reviews from critics. He released multiple other singles including "Ice Triccs", "Slippin", and "Crip Life." Despite the negative reception, his songs have garnered thousands of views. "Ice Triccs" has 10K views on YouTube and peaked at No. 9 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. "Slippin" also peaked at No. 23 and "Crip Life" peaked at No. 32.

Critical reception[]

He's been criticized for having an emotionless rapping voice and poorly made music videos of him dancing in front of a camera. His songs "Ice Triccs" and "Slippin" appeared on Hip Hop HQ's Top 100 Worst Rap Songs of 2019 list at No. 66 and 8. He was kicked from Flex Entertainment in 2020 for this reason as well as his inactivity, but then returned to the label later in the year. His music has achieved legendary status in the Flex Entertainment community.



  • Fizzpop (2019)
  • Fizz Forever Flexing (2020)
  • Fathers of Flexing (with Yung Lambo) (2020)


List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"Drip Trip"
(featuring Yung Lambo)
  • SC: 1x Plastic
"Slippin" 23 62 14
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 6x Bronze
non-album singles
"Crip Life"
(featuring Yung Schmoobin)
32 70 22
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Bronze
"Cop My Ice" 52 16 46
  • SC: 2x Plastic
  • YT: 2x Bronze
Flex Gang, Vol 1
"Ice Triccs" 8 29 4
  • SC: 7x Plastic
  • YT: 1x Silver
  • SP: 1x Bronze
non-album singles
"Livin' up My Raccs" 62 50
  • YT: 1x Bronze
"Top Tier"
(with Lil Shizz)
2020 7 4
  • YT: 4x Plastic
"No Time"
(with Lil Shizz)
2021 10 5
  • YT: 3x Plastic
(with Lil Shizz)
13 8
  • YT: 1x Plastic


List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
Hot 100 SC
"Hate Me?"
(YVS $tar featuring FuegoFizz, Sh1zz, & YVS_$J)
2021 4 2
  • SC: 8x Plastic
"Air Jordans 3"
(Tending Bike featuring FuegoFizz, CRZFawkz, & Wild Wes)
21 25 27
  • SC: 5x Plastic
Flex Gang, Vol. 3