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"Flex Gang, Vol. 3" is the third compilation album from American hip hop label Flex Entertainment. It was released on March 5, 2021. It features songs from Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Baller B, Lil Flexer, Lil Crog, xofilo, Tending Bike, Lil Joof, Kid Floral, Kid Phang, Lil Toy Yoda, Yung Tegga, Yung Lambo, Ivan Knight and the Imaginary Friends, Hood Guy, .jitters, WT, Mr Ice, Lil Sperm, MC Icy, Wild Wes, CRZFawkz, Lil Stuart Little, Depp Gibbs & Submarine Man. The tracklist was revealed on February 9, 2021.

Chart performance[]

Flex Gang, Vol 3 debuted at number two on the Braeden's Most Played Albums chart with 250,000 units sold. It became the label's third compilation album to hit the top ten and second to get blocked from the top spot. It was blocked by Zara Larsson's "Poster Girl" that dropped the same week. It spent two total weeks in the top ten. It was the 72nd bestselling album of 2021. It was certified Gold by BMP.


  1. Lil Mosquito Disease & Lil Squeaky - Flex On, Flex Off
  2. Lil Flexer - Glocc & Uzi (Remix) [feat. Yung Spice & Lil Mosquito Disease]
  3. Hood Guy - The End Of The Grand Era (feat. Hood Child & Hood The Grand)
  4. Lil Mosquito Disease - Captain Out Of Tune 3 (feat. Young Seagull, Yung Tegga, Lil Flexer, White Fury, Lil Bit Handicapped, Lil Squeaky, Lil Joof & Beetlebat)
  5. Ivan Knight - Big Baller B Stole My Girlfriend (feat. Big Baller B)
  6. Yung Lambo - Shrek Need Lambo
  7. xofilo - LVN Fylo
  8. Kid Phang - Skype
  9. Lil Crog - Tribute To The Best Rapper (feat. Big Baller B)
  10. Lil Eggnog - DTMS
  11. .jitters - I Summoned a Ghost (Spoken Word Intro by Lil Pinecone)
  12. WT, Mr Ice & Lil Sperm - Danny Savage Blocked Me
  13. MC Icy & Wild Wes - For Da Ages
  14. Big Baller B - Mumble Rapper Vs. Mumble Rapper
  15. Lil Joof - Big Dollas
  16. Tending Bike - Air Jordans 3 (feat. FuegoFizz, CRZFawkz & Wild Wes)
  17. Lil Stuart Little - Cheddar (feat. Young Seagull)
  18. Kid Floral - Tuna (feat. Lil Toy Yoda & Yung Tegga)
  19. CRZFawkz - Magic (feat. Young Seagull)
  20. Submarine Man - End Of The Socks (feat. Lil Squeaky)
  21. Lil AK Trap - Dope 2
  22. Lil Squeaky & Ivan Knight - Covered In Blood
  23. Depp Gibbs - Flex Is Flex
  24. Kid Floral & Yung Tegga - Tavis


Upon its release, vol. 3 received very positive reception from fans, with many calling it the best compilation from the label thus far. The diversity of the artists and the commitment of the artists to their songs were seen as the best attributes of the album, with every song feeling fitting and natural. There was also lots of diversity in public opinion, as hardly anybody had the exact same favorite tracks. In particular, tracks such as "Flex On, Flex Off," "Shrek Need Lambo," "For Da Ages," "Flex is Flex," and especially "Covered in Blood" were the most widely praised songs on the album.


Weekly Charts[]

Chart (2021) Peak
Braeden's Most Played Albums 2

Year-End Charts[]

Chart (2021) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 72


Region Certification Certified units/sales
Braeden's Most Played Songs (BMP) Gold 750,000