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Flex Entertainment is a record label founded by Yung Schmoobin in early 2019. The label is co-founded by Lil Flexer and Lil Mosquito Disease. Beetlebat and Lil Toy Yoda were later added as executives. It was official created on January 5, 2019 when record labels Old Man Dad Records and Asseating Records were merged to create a bigger label.

This is the official site for all information related to Flex Entertainment. If you have any questions about the label and it's music, the answers should be somewhere on this site.

If you want a list of releases released by our record label or in our label's catalogue, please go to this page.

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Current Roster Edit

  1. .jitters
  2. Ashi
  3. BaDaby
  4. beetlebat
  5. Big Baller B
  6. Depp Gibbs
  7. Emily Finchum
  8. Helios
  9. J Coyn Drive
  11. Kardia
  12. Kid Floral
  13. Kid Phang
  14. Lil AK Trap
  15. Lil Expired Lettuce
  16. Lil Flexer
  17. Lil Joof
  18. Lil Karat Stixx
  19. Lil Meerkat
  20. Lil Mosquito Disease
  21. Lil Squeaky
  22. Lil Toy Yoda
  23. Lil VEG
  24. Limeade
  25. LVN Filo
  26. ohmybryscon
  27. Poo Band
  28. sammy the fish
  29. Submarine Man
  30. Travis Scotch
  31. Willberto
  32. White Fury
  33. XandroR2
  34. Young Ryan G
  35. Young Seagull
  36. Young Squeaker
  37. Yung Fiji Water
  38. Yung Garfield
  39. Yung Lambo
  40. Yung Schmoobin
  41. Yung Tegga

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