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Flex Entertainment is a primarily hip hop based record label that focuses on a lot of internet related artists, especially in the "meme" rap scene.

It was founded on January 5, 2019 and is owned by rapper Lil Mosquito Disease and helped ran by executives beetlebat, J Coyn Drive, Tanner Joseph & Yung Lambo.

The thing that sets Flex Entertainment apart from various other labels is the fun environment and community setup where fans are able to talk freely with artists from the label on the Flex Entertainment Discord Server. If you love making music and want to find a community where there are other's who love doing the same, Flex is the place for you!

This is the official site for all information related to Flex Entertainment. If you have any questions about the label and it's music, the answers should be somewhere on this site.

If you want a list of releases released by our record label or in our label's catalogue, please go to this page.

Current Roster[]

  1. $tarbaby
  2. 4Pac
  3. Ashi
  4. beetlebat
  5. belowzero
  6. Big Baller B
  7. Big Business
  9. Clorox
  10. Criss Jenova
  11. CRZFawkz
  12. Cuhclown
  14. Depp Gibbs
  15. E.M.B.E.E.
  17. Ej123OP
  18. Emily Finchum
  19. Floppas
  20. FuegoFizz
  21. G10CK
  22. hategyft
  23. Homer Misnomer
  24. Hood Guy
  25. Interbrain
  26. Ivan Knight and the Imaginary Friends
  27. J Coyn Drive
  29. JOG GANG (White Fury, Biggy B, DJ Screw, Lil Bronchitis & Lil Cement Block)
  30. Kid Floral
  31. Kid Phang
  33. Lil AK Trap
  34. Lil Bit Handicapped
  35. Lil Crog
  36. Lil Diabetes
  37. Lil Flexer
  38. Lil Jdog
  39. Lil Pineapple
  40. Lil Pony
  41. Lil Lasagna
  42. Lil Mosquito Disease
  43. Lil Soz
  44. Lil Sperm
  45. Lil Tax Fraud
  46. lars
  47. Oesce
  48. PAYDEN
  49. Poo Band (Hood Guy, Grason Vason, Buckethead John & Double P)
  50. Puff
  51. sammy the fish
  52. Spitbucket (Reysosexy, Iansostoop, RobotDave, CrazyMowerMan, Voda Wake)
  53. Sh1zz
  54. Submarine Man
  55. Tanner Joseph / Yung Garfield
  56. Tatzu
  57. ThoseRolesGod
  58. Tom Sawyer
  59. Travis Scotch
  60. Turbo Virgin
  61. Uncle Rick
  62. Uppercase J
  63. Voda Wake
  64. WIJAH
  65. Wild Wes
  66. whiteboi
  67. White Fury
  68. WT
  69. Ya Boy Payden / PAYDEN
  70. Young Ryan G
  71. Young Seagull
  72. Yung Benji
  73. yung head$hit
  74. Yung Lambo
  75. Yung Suns

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