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Flex Entertainment has had various storylines and events throughout its four year history. This page will contain every significant event.

The Birth of Yung Schmoobin (2017-18)

On August 20, 2017, Simon Orr (aka Yung Schmoobin) uploaded his first song to YouTube, “YouTube Money,” and then uploaded “RisinLikeVerizon,” on December 9, 2017.

The Birth of Lil Flexer (2018)

In February of 2018, Lil Flexer joined Twitter. On March 7, Lil Flexer made his first tweet, that being an announcement for the release of his Ice on my Wrist Music Video. In April, Denzel Brown (aka Lil Mosquito Disease) found out about Lil Flexer on YouTube through his song “Ice On My Wrist” during the time he was still named “Tha Gucci Guy”.

DeClark always had a passion for music, listening to artists such as Lil Wayne and Kanye West while growing up. His dream was to become a rapper, and he would eventually do so. His first song was met with severe criticism as it was poorly made. Flexer admits that it was a terrible song. Soon after releasing Ice on my Wrist, Flexer met Water Handblast, who would later be known as Submarine Man and saw that he shared a passion in music with him. Flexer soon created a collective called Old Man Dad Records, including artists like Submarine Man and Lama Doodle.

The Birth of Big Baller B (2018)

Before he began his career, Brad was experimenting with simple beats on his SoundCloud account. Big Baller B released his debut single "Jesus" on March 2, 2018. The song was made as a parody of popular rappers. He released his debut extended-play "The Good, The Brad and The Emo." The EP was panned by critics and the artist himself.

Ice! (2018)

On April 19, 2018, Flexer released his debut album, "Ice!" under Old Man Dad Records, to more terrible reception, as the songs were very similar to Ice on my Wrist. It featured very small artists such as Slim Gunshot, $nipa D0lla and Yung Spiderboi55, who each have not even made one solo song.

Yung Schmoobin and Big Baller B collide (2018)

Schmoobin discovered Bradley Lehmann through his YouTube channel [Brad Taste in Music] in February 2018. After watching his reaction videos, he found out that Brad made meme rap as well. Schmoobin then reached out to Brad to collab on the YouTube Money Mixtape, which was eventually released in May on Bandcamp. On June 14, Brad released a reaction video to Yung Schmoobin’s YouTube Money Mixtape. Around this time, A.J.. reached out to Schmoobin to work on and share music, and Schmoobin discovered Lil Flexer through TheTopTens.com.

The Birth of Submarine Man (2018)

On May 17, 2018, Submarine Man self released his first EP “Lama Poof” on his BandCamp page. The same year, he met with Lil Flexer to start releasing music under Old Man Dad Records.

The Birth of Lil Squeaky (2018-19)

Lil Squeaky released his first single, “Fake Lil Squeaky,” in May 2018, a diss track towards fellow Virginia rapper Lil Crisp. He released several more singles in late spring and early summer 2018 on SoundCloud, and gained a following over the summer. He released his debut mixtape Squeakerton, The Chronicle on September 21, 2018. Just a few weeks later in October he released the EP Jews in the Ghetto, vol. 1. Then on November 3, 2018, he released the mixtape Deadass: Ricky’s Last Stand. The song “MANNY” from this mixtape became popular nearly two years later in July 2020 after being posted on the Reddit page Cringetopia. Shortly after the Deadass mixtape was released, the Lil Squeaky character “died.” This is because Squeaky didn’t feel any motivation to make music, so he killed off the character of Lil Squeaky. However, at the end of the year, he decided to revive the character and continue making music.

On February 10, 2019, Squeaky released his most recent mixtape Jews in the Ghetto, vol. 2. Later that month he released the double-single Spooky Hours, which featured the two lead singles for his upcoming debut album. His first studio album, Professional Murderer, was released on April 9, 2019, and was intended to be a very loud, experimental album. The album garnered mixed reviews, with many listeners enjoying the album’s absurdity and Squeaky’s brand of satire, while others criticized its length and how distorted and abrasive the album’s sound was. The album has gone on to spawn numerous sleeper hit songs, though, and has been looked back on positively by fans, with Squeaky himself calling it his best work to date. Squeaky went on hiatus after this, and released two singles in May 2019 under the moniker XXX Biggie T. The Soundcloud account he used for those songs would later become his second account for his Lil Squeaky music.

Squeaky was signed to Flex Entertainment on October 31, 2019, and released his first single under the label, “Menace,” featuring Lil Mosquito Disease and Big Lil, in November. This was the start of the "Menace" series similar to NLE Choppa's "Shotta Flow" series. He would jump into voice calls and repeat the phrase "I am a menace" to the point where he became a recognizable figure in the community. Squeaky gained a much greater following after releasing the song, and it peaked at number 51 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, long after its initial release and peak popularity. Squeaky’s follow-up single “Menace 2,” featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Lil, and beetlebat, was released late in November, and peaked at number 67. "Menace 2" became Squeaky's first song to reach 1,000 plays on Spotify.

Lil Mosquito Disease and Broken Trombone Boi vs. the Anime Narrator (2018)

In June of 2018, Mosquito was asked to make a diss track on a man known only by the name "Anime Narrator" by his friend Broken Trombone Boi. After hearing his convincing argument, Brown decided to record a diss with lyrics ghostwritten by Broken Trombone Boi himself.

The song would become known as "Captain Out of Tune" and was released on June 20, 2018. The song was criticized heavily by almost everyone who heard it thanks to the awful single cover which depicted a fish-eye version of a photo of the Anime Narrator provided by Broken Trombone Boi as well as the awful production, lyrics and general nature of the song. The song even made it onto TheTopTens worst songs of 2018 list.

On October 15, Mosquito released his second single "Anime Narrator (Caw Caw)" written by Broken Trombone Boi. Just like “Captain Out of Tune” before it, it received terrible reviews from all audiences.

The Rise of Submarine Man: "SESE" and NoStockingz (2018)

On August 24, 6ix9ine, Submarine Man, Lama Doodle, and Footye North “released” a song on Spotify called SESE. It was produced by DJ Foot and Pandora Beats. The song became infamous for its poor production, and its validity is a topic of discussion to this date. Even though the song disappeared a few days later, a couple of people made sure to screen record the song for future reference, and it eventually caused some interest on Submarine Man to grow.

The hook, not only stolen from Mario's "Let Me Love You", was actually taken from a video of 6ix9ine saying he was to give up rapping and do a singing career, and then sings the hook of "Let Me Love You" intentionally bad. The freestyle 6ix9ine does early in the song was also taken from this video and the outro was sampled from this video. Theories are going around that Submarine Man & friends logged in to 6ix9ine's Spotify and put this song they made on there, or that they used Routenote.com to distribute it under 6ix9ine's name.

On November 14, 2019, this song was confirmed to be real on the music rights society BMI. The song's page there even credits the songwriters of Mario's "Let Me Love You" (Shaffer Smith [Ne-Yo], Kameron Houff, and Scott Storch,) as well as Submarine Man (Water Handblast.) In addition to this being a confirmation of the song as legitimate, it could mean 6ix9ine's management is looking to either re-release the song onto streaming platforms or even worse, make a new "remastered" version of the song. The song was later found to have been registered by 6ix9ine's management on music rights society ASCAP as well.

A week later (on August 31,) Submarine Man released his debut album NoStockingz on Old Man Dad Records. It featured one of the most popular Flex Entertainment songs "Dog Walk."

The Birth and Rise of Lil Toy Yoda (2018-20)

Yoda released a number of songs and projects on Soundcloud in 2018 and 2019, and gained notoriety for his absurd vocal delivery, production, and lyrics. His most well-known song from this era is the sleeper hit "Rat Booty Stuck in Train Tracks," which gained popularity around two years after its released.

Lil Toy Yoda became a Heatseeker Artist in mid 2019, which was a short-lived program of potential Flex artists. However, all these artists were eventually just signed to Flex. After Yoda's mentor CRZFawkz left the label on October 31, 2019, Yoda was signed to Flex alongside Lil Squeaky. He became one of the first Administrators in June 2020 alongside Yung Garfield. Soon after, he became an Executive of Flex Entertainment.

Lil Flexer vs. Submarine Man (2018)

On October 5, 2018, Flexer released his song Pay Day, to mainly negative reviews. Many people said that he had improved greatly from his earlier works but that the song was still bad. Even his fellow labelmate Submarine Man criticized him for making the song due to it being a diss track on one of his favorite artists Drake. Flexer and Submarine Man then started a beef with each artist releasing multiple diss tracks on each other. Lil Flexer won the beef with his diss track, Talent, featuring Yung Spiderboi55, who Flexer regrets putting on the song, due to his extremely mediocre verse compared to Flexer's much better performance. On November 16, 2018, Flexer dropped his second album, Flexer for Life, to mixed to good reviews, getting many positive remarks about the album. The album featured memorable songs such as Iced to Death and Talent. In December 2018, Yung Schmoobin messaged Flexer on Twitter about a possible collaboration, which would later become YouTube Money: Reloaded. When the song was released, there were ideas of merging Old Man Dad Records with Asseating Records, a collective owned by Lil Mosquito Disease, who was also on Youtube Money: Reloaded. They soon merged and Flexer, Schmoobin and Mosquito founded a record label known as Flex Entertainment. Flexer and Submarine Man also resolved their beef around this time.

Lil Flexer said he had plans to create a sequel to Talent called "Talent Pt. 2" during a live stream hosted by  A.J., but the project was cancelled after his feud with Submarine Man ended.

The Birth of Yung Lambo (2018-19)

Lambo first started making music as a producer, making beats for fun but never releasing them. In September 2018, he left his current school and started going to a new one, where he met Lil Shizz, Yung Fizz and Uppercase J. Shizz heard one of Lambo's beats and thought it was great, and asked Lambo to help him make an album. Lambo and Shizz then started working on an album. Lambo ghostwrote and produced every song on the album. That album would become "Shizz a Wizz". At one point, Yung Fizz saw Lambo and Shizz working on the album and asked to be on it. Lambo also started working with Fizz on an album as well. He ghostwrote most of the album and produced every song on it. The album would become "Fizzpop".

Both "Fizzpop" and "Shizz a Wizz" dropped on January 4, 2019. Lambo featured on Lil Shizz's song, "Iced Out Soul" off his album and Fizz's songs, "No Man's Ice", "Drip Trip" and "They Will Get It" off his album. Soon after this was released, Shizz, Lambo and Fizz signed to Flex Entertainment. Lambo did not release anything for a very long time until July 15, 2019, when he released his debut single, DRIP. The single did not perform very well, but it became somewhat of a sleeper hit over time. The song received a remaster in September 2020 courtesy of Lil Squeaky. On December 13, Lambo released his biggest single to date, Freezin. It was met with mixed to bad reception, with many claiming that the beat was good but everything else about the song was bad. The song has become arguably the biggest sleeper hit in the history of Flex Entertainment, remaining consistently popular over time and becoming one of the label's most iconic songs.

The Birth of Yung Garfield (2018)

Yung Garfield started working on satirical rap in September of 2018. Yung Garfield later joined Flex in April of 2019, He released a few singles here and there which would then lead up to his first album titled 'Super Gar Gar' Released March 27, 2020. The album received negative reviews.

Big Baller B and Lil Mosquito Disease collide (2018)

On November 27. Brad reached out to Lil Mosquito Disease, a rapper that he discovered through TheTopTens.com, on Instagram stating “Is this the real legend himself”. This happened before his Worst Songs of 2018 Video. Mosquito then replied “Yes”.

Lil Meerkat's Weeaboo Paradise (2018)

He started out with his debut song “Todokete” which is a diss at anime series “Love Live” which spawned the “Snow Halation” song. On November 30, Lil Meerkat dropped a full length mixtape on November 30 called "Weeaboo Paradise Vol. 1" with features from Lil Bodypillow, Lil Mosquito Disease, Tom Sawyer, Submarine Man and many more. The mixtape most notably contains his most popular song, which was a controversial cover of the popular Queen song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was initially received poorly, but then it was recognized as a Flex Entertainment Classic as time went on.

YouTube Money: Reloaded (2018)

On December 10, Brad Taste uploaded his Worst Songs of 2018 videos, and discussed artists like Lil Flexer and Lil Mosquito Disease on the list, bringing new people to their audience, while also introducing the world to Submarine Man and Lil Meerkat. At this time, Schmoobin was already planning on getting a large amount of people to appear on a remix of YouTube Money, and Brad introduced him to just the right group.

On December 11, Brad DMed Mosquito stating “My friend is a soundcloud meme lord. I reviewed one of his projects on my channel. He is trying to get you, and Lil Flexer on a track. I just recorded a verse for the dude. It’s for his “YouTube Money Mixtape 2” It will be Fire. Are you up for it?”. Mosquito then replied “Sure, send me a beat, this boutta be” followed with some fire emojis. Brad then replied “This is gonna be a legendary clashing of gods”. Mosquito then said “Yes”. Brad then said “i’m gonna get the beat from schmoob. Also I shouted you out on my last vid”. Mosquito then said “Ayy”, “You know if flexer gonna be on the track yet, His @ is lilflexerofficial”.

Schmoobin then reached out to all of those artists (excluding Submarine Man) to contribute verses to the eight minute remix of “YouTube Money,” The track was then released on December 24.

The Birth of Flex Entertainment (2019)

On January 5, Lil Flexer made an announcement on Twitter about the birth of the Flex Entertainment label and how the two labels of Asseating Records and Old Man Dad Records were merged to create it. In the tweet he thanked Yung Schmoobin, Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Meerkat, A.J., Big Baller B, Submarine Man and two others.

The Decline of Lil Flexer (2019)

On January 11, 2019, Flexer dropped a single titled "Glock & Uzi" featuring Yung Schmoobin and A.J. The single gained mixed to good reviews. Flexer's production was praised but some people thought that the artists did not fit on the beat. On April 18, 2019, another single, Crip Anthem featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, was released. Later in 2019, a deluxe edition of Flexer for Life was announced but later cancelled and Flexer began to work on a brand new album, titled "Flexin' Till I Die" instead. On November 22, Flexer released a sequel to his hit song, Memes, featuring Submarine Man. He has yet to release original material since.

The Rise of Lil Mosquito Disease: Trombone Attacc and Infection (2019)

On January 16, Mosquito released two singles “Trombone Attacc” and “Slide on the Blocc” the latter of which featured Lil Jergens. Trombone Attacc would end up becoming his most popular song and breakout single.

On February 16, Mosquito released his debut studio album "Infection". It was met with mixed to good reviews from audiences and critics, many categorizing it as a great meme rap record. It originally garnered some negative reception from the Horrible Music & Songs Wiki when it first released, but as time progressed, it was then praised as a good meme rap record that succeeded at being comedy. It is considered one of the most iconic Flex albums of all time.

On February 23, Mosquito released his first music video for his song "Trombone Attacc". The video originally ended up gaining 100k views and getting reactions from popular YouTubers like Tommy Craze and Brandon Rashad. The video was praised due to people finding humor in it.

Big Baller Paradise (2019)

Brad discovered Flex Entertainment after Lil Mosquito Disease reached out to him. He joined the label and decided to improve his music. Brad announced he would be releasing his debut album, hoping that it's better than his negatively panned EP "The Good, The Brad and The Emo." It would include bright synths and smoother production. Brad released two singles "Is That Yo Girl?" and "I Took Yo Bitch to the Dentist" as the lead singles for his debut album. He began collaborating with Mosquito to make tracks like "Hookada Bookada", "Gang Money", "Feeling Blue", and "Bigger Trigger Father Figures." Brad released his debut album "Big Baller Paradise" on June 7, 2019. The album received mixed to positive reviews, called a big improvement from his EP. It also included instrumental tracks like "Lazy River" and "Big Baller Paradise (Outro)." Artists like Lil Mosquito Disease, Yung Schmoobin, and Kid Patrick made appearances on the project.

It was originally going to be called "My Big Baller Paradise." The single "I Took Yo Bitch to the Dentist" was going to be featured but ended up being taken off. "Departure" was the original closing track before being replaced. Other tracks scrapped from the album were named "Super Spritzer", "The Seer Best", "Lost", and "Sandcastles" The third can be found on his SoundCloud account.

Weeaboo Paradise 2: The Sequel That Never Was (2019)

Sometime in early 2019, Lil Meerkat announced a second album titled Weeaboo Paradise, Vol. 2, however he stated that he would not drop it until he reached 1000 YouTube subscribers. He released a couple singles beforehand titled Lil Meerkat Sucks and Commitin Tax Fraud. He also dropped a greatest hits EP in June of 2019, but that was the last project he has released as of October 2021.

In January 2020, he released a remix of his Bohemian Rhapsody cover with Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Schmoobin, as well as both the original features. The single was titled "Bohemian Rhapsody 2". However, since then he has released nothing, and so sometime in 2020 he was taken off the Flex Entertainment roster due to inactivity. He never reached a thousand subscribers before his YouTube channel was terminated, however it is unknown as to whether or not he would actually release Weeaboo Paradise, Vol. 2.

Hip Hop HQ (2019-present)

Hip Hop HQ is a hip hop list channel. He had featured many Flex Entertainment artists like Lil Mosquito Disease, Submarine Man, and Lil Flexer. His videos had four million views in total, before getting terminated for unknown reasons (likely copyright) in early May 2020. His videos were one of the reasons that Flex Entertainment received viral traction as popular reactors such as Tommy Craze and xNeptune would review the videos when they came out. The channel returned in June of 2020 but has uploaded very few videos since.

Swarm (2019)

On March 11, Mosquito released his first collaboration single with Big Baller B “Gang Money”. It was considered one of the biggest Flex flops. On March 22, popular music critic Brad Taste in Music uploaded a video review of Lil Mosquito Disease's "Infection." While he found the first half of the album to be very slow, he praised the second half for making him smile and laugh. He gave the album a 7/10. The next day. Lil Mosquito Disease made his first tweet, which was a retweet of Brad’s review of Infection. After this, both of them began work on a collaboration album titled "Swarm". On March 29, Mosquito and Brad released their single “Feeling Blue” with a feature from the infamous Jaewon XXVI. On July 12, Brad Taste in Music under his stage name Big Baller B and Lil Mosquito Disease released their debut collaboration album titled "Swarm". It received mostly positive reviews from audiences citing the chemistry of the two and the humor for giving them a good laugh. It did have some negative reception from a few people though as well.

The Rise of Tom Sawyer: Daddy (2019)

On March 28 2019, one of the former “artists” on the Flex label, Tom Sawyer, released the now notorious album “Daddy” in a last ditch effort to keep himself in the label, due to the contract stating that an artist is required to release at least 1 album or mixtape a year. Ironically, the album ended up getting a huge amount of backlash. For example, in virtually every song on this album, he repeated the song title for the entire song. Daddy was considered so awful that even labelmates of Flex Entertainment regretted the release of the album at the time, and Tom Sawyer ended up being removed from the roster by November during the infamous "Snowfall".

The Story of Poo Band (2019)

Buckethead John and Hood Guy were bored at school, so they made jokes about a group of people called "Poo Band." Hood Guy decided to make it a real thing. So Buckethead John and Hood Guy recorded "Bucketheads", "Rock", and "I Pooped The Bed". They went on to gather future bandmates Grason Vason, Double-P, and twin brothers Poo Cat and Trent the Unnamed. They started handing out flyers for their first show which was said to be a "absolute disaster." This was due to the show promoter Choral, a fat dude who claimed he was Justin Bieber. This five-hundred pound weirdo went on the stage and decided to dive in the crowd, injuring many. At the second show, Choral dyed his hair from blonde to brown and said he was Kim Kardashian. He was booed off stage. For about a year, they continued to make more songs. Until one day, Hood Guy found out how to put Poo Band on streaming services. They decided that they needed to give their fans something more to make up for those shows. This led them to drop the worst extended-play of all time "Constant Constipation" on April 4, 2019. The album cover perfectly describes the experience. You can see the arrow from Plotagon due to how badly photoshopped it is.

After that they signed to Flex Entertainment, and released the deluxe version of their self titled album. They didn't released a lot of material after this as a band. Hood Guy went on to become a successful solo artist. Poo Cat, who had originally forced his way into the band, was kicked out after an argument with Hood Guy. Poo Cat had thrown various allegations at Hood Guy to get him in trouble during the school year. In order to get back at him, Hood Guy told Poo Cat he was back in the band for an hour and then told him he was lying. The remaining members are living good lives. A deep cut from their debut album "I Love Poop" blew up on YouTube and Spotify. "Gimme Sum Poo" is still one of the most viewed music videos on the Flex Entertainment channel. "Jah on Drums Freestyle" received traction after it was featured in Hip Hop HQ's worst songs of 2019 list. After nearly three years of no music, they released the song "John's Plan" in 2022.

Barefoot Worlds (2019)

Barefoot Worlds is the second studio album from American rapper and singer Submarine Man. It was released on May 8, 2019. It has guest appearances from Megafoot, Submarne Boy, Lama Doodle, Footye North and Yung Schmoobin. The singles for this release include I Love the Smelly Feet, Stinko Foot and Mo Foota. Strangely enough, they appear on the deluxe version of NoStockingz in addition to this album. Barefoot Worlds has seemingly no songs that aren't a rip off of some other rap song. Most songs on this album feature very similar production with a similar lead synth, drums and hi hats throughout the album.

Unlike NoStockingz, Barefoot Worlds has had a much worse legacy and most people, including his fans see it as a considerable downgrade from NoStockingz. It is viewed as one of the worst albums to ever come out from Flex Entertainment and will probably be Submarine Man's most hated release for a while.

The Rise and Fall of JJ LOVES SOME GRU (2019-20)

JJ DM'ed Submarine Man in SoundCloud asking if he wants to join his label. He didn't respond until 1 month after he made the song, "I Need the Smeet." It was originally called, "this is for everybody who listens to submarine man." Submarine Man noticed it and said it was ok to join the label. He also released various songs on Newgrounds as "Pharinfarin", such as "this is for everybody who listens to submarine man" In May 20th, 2019, he released his first Flex Entertainment album called. "Me and the Flat Globe." He would release more albums after called "Atari 2600 Gang" and "Slap Ya Mama."

One track from "Atari 2600 Gang" called "Yah Yeet" became a popular sound on TiKTok. It peaked at No. 4 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. After the song started to die down in popularity in mid 2020, he became less active in the Flex community. He was still dropping music but he wasn't informing anybody about it. It is likely he grew up and decided that the style of meme rap he was doing wasn't interesting to him. He will join a voice call or communicate every other month. Despite his inactivity, Flex has decided not to kick JJ for Mosquito's coveted "legend status" rule where anybody that stays around for years can't be removed even if their not active.

Hood Guy's Breakaway (2019-20)

Hood Guy decided that he wanted to some solo music outside of Poo Band. His first song as a solo artist was "Eating All The Gucci" with J1D. He would drop "The Cringe Mixtape" on May 30, 2019. He described it as his "street soundcloud" mixtape. It was seen as a Lil Flexer ripoff, getting mixed reviews. In late 2020, He was cruising down the street of Dallas when he found a barber shop. There was a poster of a man with red dreds known as Lil Wap. He decided to get red dreds and loved them so much that he pinged the entire Discord server with his fresh cut. This came days after recording his debut album "The Food Must Be Processed." He would proceed to release the "Baller" EP on July 16, 2020. It passed through Flex's quality control by some miracle. His clout chasing song "Giddy Up the Ace Family Lol Im Clout Chasing Austin Mcbroom" blew up on Spotify but was deleted months later. To hype up his debut album, he released another EP "John Cena" on October 16, 2020. "The Food Must Be Processed" was released on October 30, 2020 to positive reviews from critics. It is said to be the best Hood Guy album with classics such as "Furries At The Home Depot" and "BANDZ."

The Rise of Travis Scotch: The Evolution of Music and Scotchworld (2019-20)

Travis Scotch released his debut single "The Evolution of Music" on August 25, 2019. After multiple delays, Travis Scotch released his project "SCOTCHWORLD" on March 2, 2020. The album gained hundreds of views once again from Brad's review on the project on his channel.

Flex Gang Freshman List (2019-present)

The Flex Gang Freshman List is an annual list made by Flex Entertainment, in which ten artists who are considered to be "freshmen," or artists that are rising in popularity and have lots of potential, are featured. The list was done in 2019 and in 2020. In 2019, a few of the artists featured performed freestyles. In 2020, the artists will participate in cyphers showcasing their talents. The list is created through a poll, and the ten most voted artists are featured on the list. Artists who were eligible for one year's freshman list, but do not make it onto that list, will not be eligible for another year's list.

The only artist who declined the list was Yung Garfield, who left the label shortly before the list was released and rejected the offer to remain on the list. He would re-sign shortly after, before leaving at the beginning of 2021. Certain artists have made it onto the list, but ended up leaving or being removed from the label. Those artists are Yung Fiji Water, Yung Schmoobin, Jaewon XXVI, KidPatrick, Lil Shrecc, Jake G and BaDaby.

MC Icy: The "Negative Nancy" (2019-21)

MC Icy is, no doubt, one of the most hated people in the Flex universe, known for his negative aura and rarely having anything positive to say about anything. He is a rapper who bends heavy on being lyrical despite the music not being well received. He always reminds people that he is indeed asexual and rides a skateboard. Despite all the criticism he throws at others, he has a habit of self-depreciation which many people believes he uses as a way to not take criticism.

The story of Icy begins on July 16, 2019, when he released a diss track on Flex legend Submarine Man. Flex Entertainment paid slight attention to him when he released it which absolutely everyone, including Icy nowadays, hated. MC Icy saw the attention it got and proceeded to make a second Submarine Man diss entitled "Put Da' Mic Down!" to revise the previous one. The poor microphone quality, annoying rapping voice, and generic boom bap production was an early staple on Icy's material. Shortly after releasing two terrible Submarine Man diss tracks, MC Icy went on to make a fake collaboration with Lil Flexer entitled "Flexing Ice" which is easily seen as MC Icy's worst song. Lil Flexer's verse was sampled off of his 2019 Flex Gang Freshman Freestyle. Despite heavy amounts of criticism, Icy proceeded to release a terrible music video made in Plotagon for the song. Eventually, Lil Flexer was forced to get into contact with him and force him to delete the song. MC Icy complied and even released a now unlisted apology video. But that's not where the beef stopped, MC Icy dropped a third diss track against Submarine Man entitled "Closing The Casket" which was also hated by virtually everyone. Eventually, Submarine Man even dissed MC Icy in his music video for "Footi". After that, Icy didn't exactly escalate the beef any further than that. Until Lil Flexer released Memes, Pt. 2, which contained subliminal disses against him and another rapper named EmBee, who made diss tracks on Flex Entertainment.

The two rappers eventually released a song together "Newcomers" which was their response to the subliminal disses. Needless to say, the song was better than his previous songs, but it was still considered to be mediocre by critics and fans alike. After all this drama, MC Icy and EmBee apologized for the terrible beef, and Lil Mosquito Disease accepted their apology. The two of them were accepted into the Flex Entertainment discord server for the time being. Icy was slowly becoming more of a genuine community member, featuring on a few Flex Entertainment songs such as "ICU." His music still wasn't liked by Flex, leading to him opening up his own label in December of 2019. He created a label called "Icy Records" which became more of a breeding ground for future Flex Entertainment signees. Many people who had been kicked or weren't eligible for Flex Entertainment got signed to this label. Notable artists were Icy himself, EmBee, Wild Wes, Voda Wake, and Young Seagull. CRZFawkz was also a member of the label after one of his several leaves in January 2020 from Flex. After a couple weeks of being in Icy Records, E.M.B.E.E asked CRZ if he wanted to be executive. He said yes, so he became an executive of the label. Sometime in March 2020, E.M.B.E.E and CRZ went looking for new signees, and they discovered a few artists from a GTTC server, most notably Interbrain, who is now a Flex artist.

Icy and EmBee became so active in the Flex Entertainment community that they were in the Top 5 most active members in the Flex Discord despite not being in the label. They received pushback for speaking about Icy Records so much in a Flex Entertainment server that an off-topic chat was created for them to chat about it. Now, there was some controversy surrounding Flex Entertainment executives and members of his label, with accusations of ripping off the Flex Entertainment, which included some of their artists copying other Flex artists. There was even a Icy Records Top 50 music chart and similar thumbnail style to Flex. This later lead MC Icy to leave his label on July 3rd, 2020 with ownership handed over to CRZFawkz, renaming it to CRZRecords. After leaving Icy Records, he was accused of being a racist and saying racial slurs, which he has since apologized for and has refrained from doing for a long time ever since. MC Icy was thought to be a doxer, and conspiracies revolving around the idea that he was part of a doxing syndicate with Zicari101 and Interbrain caused a severe shutdown of CRZRecords. MC Icy slowly made his way back into the community, alongside Interbrain, and the two have since cleared their names of the slander thrown at them in the past. On August 2020, CRZFawkz left the label and gave ownership to EmBee (originally the co-founder of Icy Records), later being renamed to Billion Dollar Records. This was after Flex admins went on a signing spree and signing a bunch of CRZRecords artists to Flex.

On late November 2020, Billion Dollar Records merged with Flex Entertainment after Lil Squeaky had bought it from E.M.B.E.E. for five-hundred robux. MC Icy pulled off a miracle and was finally signed to Flex Entertainment on November 27, 2020. His song on Flex Gang, Vol. 3 titled "For Da Ages" with Wild Wes was a fan favorite during the premiere of the album on YouTube. It wasn't all good for MC Icy as he would continue his negative antics towards specific Flex artists. MC Icy has entered massive public feuds with beetlebat and Lil AK Trap. He has lashed out numerous times at beetlebat for making supposedly horrible music, and his anger towards beetlebat has been condemned by many. He also constantly brings up how Lil AK Trap bots his numbers, and his obsession with the topic has drawn criticism from some, who think he's insecure about his numbers and needs to remind himself that AK's are botted to feel good about himself. Icy was correct in this case as AK's latest songs have received blatant botting with his songs earning thousands of streams within the first day without any legitimate interaction. However, many believe that Beetle has improved immensely from 2020 and his past material has received a newfound love.

Icy has never had this feeling with his music as everything he would make seemed to be hated on. This frustrated Icy as he took his pen game super seriously. He would have a few popular songs in the community such as "Spiderman", "Riveting", "Ain't No Capper" and "Among Us Rap" but he still didn't get any respect. On June 25, 2021, Icy finally snapped with a transphobic comment towards A.J. that wished that "males would stop pretending to be females" in the discord server. The comment toward the loved community member would obviously get him kicked permanently from Flex Entertainment and the server. He hasn't entirely left the community, sticking around with several hidden Discord alts that have been used to spy on Flex members. Every time he gets mentioned, he would message them about it or take a certain action like boosting a score on AOTY. He has developed a fanbase through Roblox which most of his music videos are filmed in. It is likely he will never get a chance in the Flex community ever again due to his terrible attitude at the age of 18. Zicari and him have been agreed upon by many to be the most hated people that came from the Flex community.

The Birth of J Coyn Drive (2019-20)

On July 28, 2019, J Coyn Drive self released his first mixtape "Baseball Bat". He initially wanted to release on the 31st, but released it 3 days earlier due to his impatience in order to allegedly "please his fans". The mixtape featured tracks such as "OREO RAP" and "YOU DON'T HIT THE SKRRT", the latter being one of his most well known hits. The project was inspired by artists from Flex Entertainment and he had wanted to join ever since then.

On March 6, 2020, J Coyn was chatting in the Flex Entertainment Discord Server, and infamous Flex Entertainment artist Gyfted was wondering if anyone would want to do a feature on their album. J Coyn Drive hopped right on the opportunity to get some recognition and get signed to Flex and this was also an attempt to get the execs to finally notice his talent because Yung Schmoobin was rudely ignoring his kind requests. Gyfted was very impressed with his performance on his song and due to this, he recommended J Coyn Drive to the executives. A day later, J Coyn Drive was signed to Flex Entertainment and has been making music ever since.

Submarine Man's movie "The Stocking" (2019-20)

On August 31, 2019, the 1 year anniversary of NoStockingz, Submarine Man released a trailer for his movie, The Stocking, under the newly founded movie division of Flex Entertainment, Flex Studios. The movie was announced to be released in the Summer of 2020.

On August 21, 2020, Submarine Man would release his first movie The Stocking onto YouTube. The movie was met with positive reception from Submarine Man’s fans and the Flex community as it was seen as a very funny and grand moment for the Flex community.

The Birth of Lil Joof (2019)

Born on July 23, 2003, Jewfree Dickinson was a respectful child and he often listened to his teachers, parents, and grown-ups around him. He would always socialize with his friends. However, that changed when he discovered anime at age 12. Ever since then, he stopped socializing and became a loner. He refused to invite friends over to his house, attend school events, etc. At age 15, Jewfree saw how messy the planet Earth was. So he decided to leave Earth for another planet called Planet ZEPETO (now renamed as "JoofWorld"). He was born with natural brown hair, but he wanted to change his look. So he bleached his hair and dyed it pink. Another reason for moving was due to his hatred of 3D real life women. At age 16, Jewfree dropped out of high school during his junior year to fully focus on making music.

Alongside Jewfree starting a new life in Planet ZEPETO, He was becoming interested in music. He was influenced by Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Pierre Bourne, Young Thug, Future & David Shawty. He started out by posting a remix of a Victoria Monet and Ariana Grande song called "Monopoly". on June 10, 2019, he was signed to Flex Entertainment. He discovered the label through Tommy Craze's video of the Top 100 Worst Rap Songs of 2018 when Submarine Man and Lil Mosquito Disease appeared a few times on the list. This inspired Jewfree to make music alongside his influences.j

The Birth of the Flex Entertainment Fan Server (2019)

On October 10, the Flex Entertainment Fan Server was created with the first member being Lil Flexer. The following day (October 11), a YouTube video was put on the label’s channel to invite fans into the server. This marked the beginning of a true golden age, as hundreds of fans could finally directly interact with their favorite Flex artists, and several artists who joined the label would ultimately sign. It spawned a number of memes and elevated the followings of virtually all the artists involved, and truly brought the Flex community together in a way that was never seen before. On February 28, 2020, the infamous xpstar214 would finally squash his beef with Flex Entertainment, and join their fan server.

Flex Entertainment Dictionary (2019-present)

This article will detail some of commonly used phrases or inside jokes from Flex Entertainment.


Very Good


Stereo Separation

This is an effect of sound coming through a stereo system at different points. This style of mixing is used commonly by former Flex Entertainment artist Kid Phang. It has since becoming a running joke in the community when it is used in Flex songs as it relates back to Phang's obsessive use of it.



Fresh Cut

This term is used to describe if someone's haircut is good. It was popularized by Hood Guy, who always asks the community if his latest haircut is good. Everytime a haircut is presented, Flex artists will debate if its "fresh."


The term "Gifposter" was a word made to describe the many artists of a very niche subculture in Flex in late 2020 to early 2021. The culture involved the practice of spamming certain Gifs (hence the name gifposter), weird songs about very niche inside jokes and of course the infamous "stories". Examples of Gifposters are Mr. Ice, WT, Lil Meat, BigVladminVEVO, Matt Denton, and formerly Lil Sperm.


The group chat named "Amire" was big proponent of the Gifposter culture, being the home of various artists in it. It is said to be a toxic and questionable environment. The group practically took over Flex's general chat early 2021 with their spamming of gifs and "stories."


After the fallout of the Gifposters who ended up growing out of the habit, a new group that ruled Flex's general chat formed from the common hip hop insult "mid." The first major incident came from Lambo sending Squeaky to MidWorld until he broke out with "Art." Since that moment, Squeaky became apart of the problem itself. He started reacting to various messages with a nerd emoji which would become a common trait of a Mid-Poster. These people would insult people's opinions and spread negativity. Some of the existing Mid-Posters are Lil Pinecone, Big Twigey, and Lil Soz.


Ronnie Coleman is one of the many alt accounts that belonged to the Gifposters, based on the real life professional bodybuilder. Alongside SadRealChatStories, another alt, they started putting out music. Their most popular catchphrase was "LIGHTWEIGHT BABY" which is used by the bodybuilder to motivate yourself and lift heavier in the gym. After the death of SadRealChatStories, Ronnie Coleman left the Flex Entertainment community as the Gifposter era died.

No Call

After the release of Yung Lambo and Hood Guy's "Gucci Swamp", the term "no call" started becoming used frequently in the Flex community thanks to the song "AMAZING CALL." The term means to be separated from an oncoming call to a lonely call all by themselves due to inactivity or the removal of a staff member. This "no call" is said to be a sad and lonely place as Hood Guy describes in the song.

@everyone Drake

Back when the use of pinging the entire server was a common occurrence, Squeaky typed out the phrase out of the blue in June of 2020. This resulted in the loss of his moderator status. It was rumored that someone would do it again on New Years Day in 2021. Lil Pinecone actually did it on April 13, 2021 during the Gifposter era.

Mad Era 3 Vibes

On May 10, 2021, Tending Bike got warned for saying a bad word in the general chat. After he was warned, he said "mad era 3 vibes" to describe it. Era 3 is known to be one of the most tragic periods in Flex history, including the loss of Schmoobin and drama with AOTY. It involved a lot of censorship to clean Flex's image. After Bike's departure from Flex, his "mad" statement was brought back to life in August of 2021 as a copypasta.

My connection ass fuck

On March 12, 2021, Tending Bike's network connection was pretty miserable. This resulted in his response "my connection ass fuck." The terrible grammar used in the statement went on to be a inside joke used when someone's connection is down or struggling.

Creativiting Us

Rocking on the Rocking Chair

xofilo started playing a random video of a rocking chair during voice calls. They would always say stuff such as "I'm rocking on the rocking chair." This forgotten bit from Filo would end up returning to the general public in the most shocking way possible. After Lil Joof was allegedly resurrected in May of 2022, it was questionable if it was the real Lil Joof. But then, Joof said "I'M ROCKING ON THAT ROCKING CHAIR+*! and confused everybody. This random statement is only something that Joof's alter ego Filo would remember. This Joof disappeared after this day.

I'm in a Situation


Fully Exposed


Up North

In November of 2019, Mosquito claimed that he would heading "up north" to film a music video for "Game of Mosquito." This music video was never filmed or released. After the rediscovery of this message, people wondered what happened to this idea. Mosquito blamed it on the COVID-19 pandemic. The term is now used to describe a music video never seeing the light of day.

Forever Is Never Long Enough

Former Yung Amino Acid announced in 2019 that he would be releasing a movie "Forever Is Never Long Enough" with his hit single "Dripping" as the lead piece. He never released another song after this and the movie was forgotten. It doesn't help that he was kicked by Flex Entertainment in 2020 and his channel was deleted. It is likely that this movie will never be released even if forever is long enough.

Use of ! in conversation

When Flex artists conversate, they will sometimes end with sentence with an exclamation point after saying a silly statement. This is to represent the sentence is a joke or sarcastic statement.

AOTY and Flex Entertainment make an agreement (2019)

On October 14, Lil Mosquito Disease & Yung Schmoobin, including reviewers from AlbumOfTheYear like Toasterqueen12, Inglume & thomasny18, as well as the founder of the website, Rob Thomas, signed an official agreement between the website and Flex Entertainment. In the agreement, it resolved the censorship of AOTY user’s music, as artists spamming releases was no longer taking place meaning no need for censorship or confusion.

The Fastoosh Kaloosh Saga (2019-20)

On October 31, the infamous Commander Waterford, better known as Fastoosh Kaloosh joined the Flex Fan Server. He would become a meme legend as almost every sentence he’d type would become a meme on the Flex Entertainment Meme Page on Instagram. Some notable quotes of his include “What is a Aoty? Is it some sort of Dance?”, “Blessed be the Fruit!” and “Lust filled sinner!”. Also on October 31, two future staff members of Flex, Lil Squeaky and Lil Toy Yoda, were signed. On November 11, the infamous Darth Double joined the Flex Fan Server. Around this time Lama Doodle would become active on the server again and would also produce many memes including “Jaewon Maktook”, “I have a big cock” and “I am the college”. On the night of December 9, during a Hunger Games tournament that Schmoobin set up, Lama Doodle secretly listened to the call, and ended up leaking private information (i.e. names and locations,) of some of the Flex Entertainment artists; Mosquito was able to remove the information from the chat quickly.

On January 3, 2020, many Flex Entertainment songs were leaked by an unknown person, although many people on the label felt relieved because only older tracks were leaked. On January 12, the first compilation of Flex Entertainment leaks was placed on SoundCloud. Many people suspect that Fastoosh Kaloosh was behind the leaks due to his face appearing on the album cover, but despite that, the compilation was positively received.

On March 14, another compilation of leaks was released on SoundCloud by an unknown assailant, once again. However this time, it was negatively received due to the person running out of decent material to leak.

Infestation (2019-20)

On November 15, Lil Mosquito Disease released his single “Game of Mosquito” featuring Yung Schmoobin and Submarine Man. It is currently one of his most well received songs. On February 21 2020, Lil Mosquito Disease released his second single for his album Infestation, "33rd Trombone Attacc" with a feature from Big Baller B. On May 14, Lil Mosquito Disease announced that Infestation would be released in one or two weeks. This didn't happen however and it was delayed once again to August. The album ended not meeting the deadlines, which led to Mosquito announcing that the album was complete, but it was slowly being mastered by Kid Phang. To make up for Infestation’s delay, Lil Mosquito Disease announced on July 29 that he would be releasing a new single "Get Shot”, which was released on August 7. The song ended up getting rave reviews, debuted at #7 on the Flex Hot 100 chart, and also got 1K streams on Spotify within a week. On August 25, Lil Mosquito Disease would reveal that his album Infestation was finally complete, and would reveal the tracklist while keeping the names of the features a secret. Amazing Blizzard would also come out and announce that he will be placing a director’s cut version of the album on YouTube a week after Infestation releases.

On October 9, Lil Mosquito Disease released his highly anticipated album “Infestation.” The album was met with tons of acclaim from the Flex community, some claiming it to be the best Flex project of the year. Some criticized it for having too many ideas that weren't executed properly or deviating too much from Mosquito's older works such as Infection. In hindsight some have said the project has shrunk on them while others think it's just as good as they remember. The album did great numbers on opening week too with it taking over the majority of the infamous Flex Charts.

On December 27, Mosquito released his music video for his song "Get Shot". The video is Mosquito's second music video since 2019's "Trombone Attacc" and was edited by fellow Flex artist Yung Lambo. A new music video from Mosquito had been teased since the "heading up north" announcement from late 2019. The video was filled with many deep insider Flex references as well as the first instance of Lil Mosquito Disease's eye being shown in an eye reveal that many say points to Lil Mosquito Disease being J Coyn Drive.

The Snowfall (2019)

Stemming from the official agreement that AOTY & Flex Entertainment signed a month earlier, they also realized that another reason for the conflict with Flex was the quality of releases coming from the label. Therefore, on November 20, an event that is now known as The Snowfall (named after Low Kii’s “Snowfall Warning”) occurred. This would impact the quality of music that came from the label. Artists who had low commercial success and/or overall terrible music were going to be kicked from the label. The artists kicked were Wild Wes, Footye North, Lama Doodle, Foot Fetish Forever, Lil Hood, Lil PP, lil booty snatcher, Low Kii and Tom Sawyer. The system of contracts was implemented during this time.

In hindsight many Flex artists think this was a terrible decision as many artists who were kicked out with the Snowfall have become very well liked in the years after their departure, specifically Tom Sawyer and Low Kii.

The Swift Rise of Beetlebat (2019-20)

Beetle discovered Flex Entertainment through Brad Taste in Music's video about Lil Mosquito Disease's "Infection." He started listening to multiple songs from the label and exploring the Flex Entertainment Worst Music Wiki lore. On November 24, Mosquito tweeted out on his Twitter about the official Flex Entertainment Discord fan server. Beetlebat joined the server around the time of this announcement. On November 25, Mosquito started a Discord server call. Beetle got the courage to finally talk to them. He said “Is this the real Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Schmoobin?” Throughout the week, he began interacting heavily with the server. He even provided ad libs for Lil Squeaky’s “Menace 2.” He became an active editor of the Flex Entertainment wiki page and Mosquito was taking note. The song was released on November 30, 2019.

Beetle decided to release a song himself, a school project for his Physics class. In October, he was struggling in his physics class so he attempted to do an extra credit activity to boost his grade. One of the options was to create a musical parody that involved physics. He choose his favorite song at the time "Memories" by Maroon 5 as the song to parody. He wrote and recorded the song in an entire day. He showed it to his physics teacher Mr. Mowry, who absolutely loved it. Two months later in December, the teacher showed the song to a group of students who were surprised by the piece. Some students came up to Beetle and convinced him to release it to his YouTube channel along with a music video. He decided to give the people what they want and on December 22, he released "Physics." This was the door that led to a new chapter in his life.

He announced he would be releasing an extended-play titled "Beginnings" in 2020. Mosquito and Schmoobin liked the song and signed him to Flex Entertainment on December 29, 2019. After winter break concluded, Beetle was set on filming a music video for the single in his physics class. He asked Mowry if he could do so during the hour and he accepted. It was recorded in a day and featured him performing the song along with other students. The music video for "Physics" was released on January 12, 2020. The video gained around 200 views in twenty-four hours, a record for him. Maroon 5 themselves may have seen the video. The video currently sits at nearly three thousand views. Mosquito reached out to the Flex community to create a Billboard-like chart for Flex Entertainment singles. Beetle accepted the offer and has been consistently contributing to it for two years.

On January 31, Mosquito and Schmoobin were planning to demote Lil Flexer from Executive, due to how inactive he was (musically and socially.) Possible replacements would be Kid Phang, A.J., and Beetlebat. In the end, Lil Flexer stayed as executive but there was now a fourth executive. Beetlebat was promoted to executive for his dedication to the brand.

The Rise, Fall and redemption of Gyfted(2019-20)

The information in this section takes place during a specific period in Flex history. Do not insult or bash anyone involved as the matter is no longer a problem. Scroll down forward to see how it was resolved.

On December 5, Lil Mosquito Disease announced that Celine had been signed to Flex Entertainment. MusiklyGyfted was also signed after joining just a few hours earlier, originally as a meme, but later became a serious artist. On January 20, 2020, Lil Expired Lettuce & MusiklyGyfted (along with MC Icy, beetlebat and Lil French Fries) released a song called “ICU.” Initially upon its release, many considered it to be a Flex anthem, praising the beat, as well as Gyfted & Beetle’s verses. However overtime, the song ended up aging badly.

The very next day, multiple artists were deciding if Gyfted should get kicked off the label. Prior to all of this, he had been the cause of much controversy and stirred up lots of inconsistency and confusion. He has made multiple lies about others on the wiki, aggravated users, and intensified beefs like the ongoing Saint Goose feud. When Gyfted was being put on the boot list, he responded by guilt tripping people into believing that he had bipolar disorder for sympathy points, but his statement was doubtful. It was also alledged that he sent homophobic slurs and death threats to many people in the past, therefore arousing the tension. His statement was very doubtful to the point where Gyfted in the end was only intensifying the stigma around mentally disorders and got kicked out of the server. Many people has lost their respect on Gyfted, and every last shed of heartfelt sympathy was gone. Later down the road, it was also discovered that he created an intern label without any of the executives’ permission, which was technically a breach in contract. The people signed to his intern label were then transferred to Icy Records.

Gyfted would later return to Flex in 2021 under the name "hategyft" and become a redeemed figure in the Flex Entertainment community.

The Birth of Icy Records and Fall of Wild Wes (2019-20)

On December 15, 2019, Wild Wes was kicked from Flex Entertainment due to choosing quantity over quality, as well as other reasons such as underwhelming critical and commercial success. He went on to co-found the record label Icy Records with MC Icy and EmBee. He was however kicked from that label as well, but he would rejoin Icy Records again a couple months later. On February 7, 2020, after much fighting and beef, Wild Wes finally left the Flex Fan Server due to his inability to take criticism. A couple of weeks after Wild Wes left, he would however return to the server later to apologize for good. He then released a single which showed some improvement compared to his last couple of singles; he was then allowed to rejoin Icy Records.

Flex Entertainment Minecraft Server (2020-22)

See the entire lore storyline at Flex Entertainment Minecraft Server.

Lil Mosquito Disease vs. Knozox: A British Battle (2020)

On January 7, the infamous Knozox released his diss track towards Lil Mosquito Disease simply titled “Lil Mosquito Disease Disstrack”. It featured a rapper called “Extvendy”. It received much negative reception from music reviewers. Amazing Blizzard noticed Knozox’s diss track, and decided to show it to Mosquito, due to how bad the song was. He illegally recorded a voice call with Schmoobin and Mosquito in the Flex Entertainment Fan Server and uploaded it to YouTube. He didn't take it down until Lil Mosquito Disease commented on his video. He would be criticized for his dread locks and called a clown repeatedly due to it apparently appropriating black culture. Knozox's diss track would suddenly gain thousands of views. View botting was suggested by the server. Knozox claimed that his famous Instagram friend shared it with his followers. Mosquito, who originally wasn't going to respond, decided to record a response diss. "Revenge" would be released on January 27, 2020. It received positive reception and Mosquito was considered the winner of the beef. Knozox released two other singles "Critical" and "Extinction." Both received negative reception from critics. Knozox began to remove negative comments from his videos, despite having valid points. He announced he would be releasing an album this year. On March 16, 2020, Knozox was exposed for being homophobic after he messaged Mosquito "Fuck you f*g ass whore." He also messaged Gyfted "Fuck you f*g." On April 9, all of his social media was removed from the internet. It is still unknown why he did this. It is possible he couldn't take all the hate he was getting and wanted to restart. This proves he cannot handle criticism.

Artist of the Month (2020-21)

Artist of the Month was an award given to artists who were deemed to have a significant impact on the past month with their releases, or were expected to make a big impact in the coming weeks with a big release. The award was only officially given out in January, February, March, and April 2020, but fans and artists have begun to effectively revive the award and want to see it return, and they have helped make a retrospective list of awardees for every month of 2020. The award has yet to return as of May 2022.

The "Fresh" Cut Photos (2020)

One of Hood Guy's most infamous trends was the start of the "fresh cut" meme. He would go to the barber shop, get a hair cut, and proceed to flex his haircut in the announcements channel. A lot of these hairstyles would be clowned on by the community, wondering why he would even return to that barber. His 2020 debut album "The Food Must Not Be Processed" featured a song called "Fresh Cut." The meme continued to spread throughout the years as other people would post their or someone's haircut and ask if it was "fresh."

Quality Control Team (2020)

The Quality Control Team on Flex Entertainment was a group of Album of the Year users from different backgrounds and tastes who came together to listen to Flex Entertainment albums to make sure they made the standards set by the label in order for them to be released at the time. This group acted as a quote on quote "safeguard" to prevent unlistenable music from coming out of the label. The group was disbanded in Late July-Early August of 2020 by Yung Schmoobin after various complaints that the group was hindering creative freedom in Flex Entertainment

Former Members

  1. enderawesomeness (ENDY) - a dedicated Flex Entertainment listener who also is able to criticize the music coming from the label. He was the first to join the team
  2. Toasterqueen12 - A popular user from the album reviewing website Album of the Year.
  3. knewnie - An AOTY user
  4. notbuzzzila - An AOTY user
  5. C.L. Jesse - An AOTY user
  6. A.J. - Former Flex Entertainment artist

Potential Reopening of Old Man Dad Records (2020)

In March 2020, it was announced by Submarine Man to CRZFawkz in his Discord server that Doodle is planning on reopening Old Man Dad Records, but without Submarine Man & Lil Flexer, due to them still being on Flex Entertainment. Submarine Man said this after CRZFawkz asked about the cancelled Old Man Dad project The Great Will Rise, and it's current status. Members that may return with Doodle include Footye North, Submarine Boy, & Footi Frank. This reopening has yet to occur.

The Story of YANG 2012 / GENES1S (2020-21)

On March 15, 1027 was removed from the Flex Entertainment roster due to his projects under YANG 2012 being panned by the audience. Beetlebat said that 1027 had potential as a producer, but his music was forgettable. 1027 had also been criticized for constantly self promoting in Flex Entertainment's Discord server; in fact, his self promotion habits were so constant and irritating that members of the Flex Discord server call people who self promote too much "Yang Criminals" as in his stage name YANG 2012. Two months after he was kicked, he renamed himself as GENES1S.

On June 24, Flex Entertainment would squash their beef with 1027 (now under the name GENES1S), with Yung Schmoobin unbanning him from their fan server. GENES1S would later be signed by CRZRecords (formally Icy Records), until the label collapsed. Eventually, Yang was signed back to Flex in late 2020. In the coming months, Yang would be involved in multiple controversies. Initially, Yang received backlash for sending an image of himself shirtless and soaking wet to djstagbag in order to obtain a producer credit. He also received flack for beefing with Yung Lambo in Jackbox rap battles, being mad that Lambo would effortlessly win. Yang's beef with Lambo escalated to the point where Yang said questionable statements as an attempt to diss Lambo, though it did not work and backfired immensely, with Yang being considered "creepy". Months later, Yang got involved in his biggest controversy yet. In a call with Hood Guy and various members of the Monkies Only collective owned by cuhclown, Yang allegedly exposed himself to others. Immediately after this was found out, he was banished from Flex Entertainment forever, due to terrible behavior and actions.

The Rise of Lil AK Trap (2020)

On March 26, Lil AK Trap released his album “AK’S WORLD 01.” The album received hundreds of plays within a week. It spawned hit singles such as “DOPE” and “COVID-19” which are both huge memes in the Flex community.

Flex Entertainment Hot 100 Controversies (2020-21)

The chart has been subject to a number of controversies during its time. A prominent source of disputes and criticism is the method by which the chart accumulates points; in particular, songs with at least 1,000 streams on Spotify have a massive and unfair advantage over songs that do not, assuming that the artist does not explicitly send Beetlebat the streams for a given song. The chart has also undergone criticism for how the top 10 the same, and very old songs is virtually always still appear on the chart and occupy the top 10 despite their age.

One of the chart’s first number ones would be “Diamond Ores” by Jake G. The song’s popularity occured after it was somehow placed in Sanctuary’s YouTube mix. Thousands of Joji fans discovered the song, which led to it gaining thousands of views every week. Despite there being a lot of dislikes, it still became the third Flex Entertainment song to reach 100K views. Its popularity didn’t die out for months, allowing it to pass “Trombone Attacc” as the most popular Flex song on YouTube at the time.

Perhaps the most infamous controversy came about when Yung Garfield's song "Cosby" took a suspiciously large fall in its second week on the chart, despite its massive second-week numbers on all platforms, including YouTube and SoundCloud, which are much easier to measure. This sparked a massive outcry from Yung Garfield and a number of other artists, who claimed the charts were flawed and that there must have been a miscount. Beetlebat vehemently defended the accuracy of the song's placement on the chart, stating that the second-week numbers were much lower than Garfield thought they were. Beetle addressed this issue, claiming that Garfield had not sent in Spotify numbers that would have assisted its chart position. This controversy sparked Garfield's single "Better Flex Charts," as well as a short-lived plan to develop an entirely different chart system.

Many people believe Beetlebat is biased towards placing Emily Finchum songs high because she is a girl. Almost none of the songs are talked about within the Flex community, but they occupy at least half of the top 10 on many occasions, and her songs have dominated ever since (there has not been another #1 song on the chart since "Bones" went to #1). Fans have called Beetlebat a "simp" for constantly giving Emily higher placements than many believe she deserves, especially considering the poor weekly performance of her songs on Youtube; despite very large view counts, the songs don't accumulate many views in a given week. Beetle addressed this issue by stating that Emily has the highest Spotify numbers in the entire label. "Bones" is said to be getting 10-20K streams a week.

Lil Squeaky's 2018 song "MANNY" had a resurgence in July 2020, and was projected to debut within the top 20, but Beetlebat did not put it on the chart. He claimed the song was too old to chart, and that older songs from Submarine Man and Emily Finchum were allowed to chart because they were "more popular than ever." However, "MANNY" had accumulated far more streams than ever that week, almost quadrupling in SoundCloud streams, and thus it should have charted. Beetlebat owned up to his mistake, and placed it on the chart the next week; however, the resurgence was short-lived, and it dropped off the chart the week after.

Payden McKnight, or Ya Boy Payden during that time, was banned from the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 for his first week, due to very high suspicions from numerous people that he was botting his streams. Payden continues to deny that he committed any sort of streaming fraud, but nobody believes him. It is important to keep in mind, Ya Boy Payden was grounded during this time period. It is speculated that the massive streams come from one of his friends who had his entire mixtape on loop for a week. Lil AK Trap was also accused of botting and his streams were nerfed.

Beetlebat has received criticism for having an unfair advantage on the charts since he can see all of his streaming numbers on all services and count those towards his chart positions.

Lil Mosquito Disease vs. Jaewon (2020)

On March 24, Jaewon XXVI left Flex Entertainment due to his belief that Flex would ruin his image, and claimed to be on the way to becoming the "next Bryson Tiller". However, after leaving Flex he didn't release much other than a track titled "Made it" the following year, which was shortly deleted by him. There were several accusations thrown around by Flex members and Jaewon himself. Mosquito and Jaewon to somewhat of a peace later that year after some DMs. Since Jaewon's departure, rumors have spread of his return to the server as "Gaewon", and rumors about his mom calling him during a voice call, saying, "Dylan come get your mac and cheese!", although this is widely believed to be nothing but a dream from Ya Boy Payden.

Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat: The Quarantape (2020)

On March 27, Yung Schmoobin released his third mixtape “Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat.” The project received positive reviews from critics, who called it one of the best meme tapes ever. It features songs like “Hippity Hoppity”, “All That”, the title track, and of course “Meningitis.” He was receiving better reviews than major label rappers like Joyner Lucas. At one point, his mixtape was in the top 25 of the year with a rating of 76. Many attribute the organic and random success of this mixtape to have started the trend of Flex Entertainment moving towards pleasing critics instead of making music artists truly liked.

Sites like the Horrible Music & Songs wiki started to take note of Flex Entertainment’s critical improvement. They slowly started to get on their side, realizing that the label isn’t total garbage. Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Schmoobin were officially added to Best Music Wiki, previously on the Horrible Wiki. Big Baller B would join them in the future before the Horrible Music Wikis eventually shut down.

Jessica: The Worst Best Song (2020)

Speaking of Brad, “Jessica” was released by the man. He made the song with the intent of putting together every detail of a bad song. Ironically, it actually got decent reception, and it ended up topping the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 chart, overtaking Jake G's "Diamond Ores,” making “Jessica” become Big Baller B’s first number one single.

The Flex Favorites Playlist & Livestreams (2020)

Flex Entertainment started branching out to different types of content on their channel. They would host livestreams that invited the viewers to request songs for a Flex Playlist. Other videos include podcasts and compilations. Their first song rating stream was on March 28, but it ended up getting blocked due to Bladee & Yung Lean’s “Gotham City” playing for too long. Amazing Blizzard reuploaded an edited version of the stream to his channel a couple of days after, omitting the clip, while simultaneously adding blurbs.

The Rise of Lil Squeaky (2020)

On April 17, Lil Squeaky released his EP “Squeaky 4 President.” The EP was met with generally positive reviews, with many listeners finding the songs catchy, though others disliked the poor mastering and the very questionable lyrics. The EP spawned Squeaky’s first top ten hit, “Nipples,” which peaked at number 7 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. Thanks to this EP and especially the success of "Nipples," Squeaky gained a larger and more dedicated following.

The Deletion of Lil Mosquito Disease and Lil Meerkat's YouTube Channels (2020)

Around the time, Lil Mosquito Disease was still working on Infestation. However on May 1, tragedy struck. Mosquito received an email from YouTube that his YouTube channel had been terminated. Meerkat's channel was also affected. The reason for the termination was the two channels sharing the same email with a reuploads channel that was uploading content against terms of service. He sent an appeal, but YouTube denied it. The original Mosquito channel had over two thousand subscribers and Meerkat was closing in on a thousand. After reaching out to Brad and other members of the Flex community to spread the word, it was clear that his channel was long gone. Mosquito reached out to Beetlebat to create a new YouTube channel and be the new manager of Mosquito's YouTube content. Beetle reuploaded all of Mosquito's music onto the channel on May 3. The reason Mosquito didn't do it himself is the fear that YouTube would terminate the channel again for a previously terminated manager operating it. Meerkat's music would be reuploaded to the Flex Entertainment channel. Since then, Mosquito's channel has reached 1.6K subscribers.

Better Flex Charts: A Move That Shocked Everyone (2020)

Yung Garfield was almost kicked from Flex in summer 2020 due to listing Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger as a featured artist on his single "Better Flex Charts," which horrified the executives. Kroeger might have taken action if he saw the fake feature. They aggressively forced him to remove the feature, which he did immediately. He later put the feature back on, which reignited their anger and threats, and he was forced to remove it again. The song itself received praise from critics with the wild sampling choices. The title was seen as a diss at Beetlebat who had placed Cosby lower than initial projections due to a lack of Spotify data. He even featured him on the cover.

Two Yung Lambos (2020)

In June 2020, a song by another artist also named Yung Lambo called "Sick 'n' Tired," featuring Babatunde, gained popularity on the music reviewing site MusicBoard, and it reached #1 on the charts on that site for a short time before being heavily downvoted. Lambo stated that Babatunde was shot and killed by Yung Fizz. A cover of the song, featuring Lil Squeaky, who also co-produced the song, appeared on Lambo Season.

Emily Finchum: The Simp Queen (2020)

On June 17, Emily Finchum, an indie pop artist known for her moody & emotional sound and lyrics (as well as being Kid Floral’s sister,) was signed to Flex Entertainment. The following week, her song “Bones” ended up debuting at number 1 on the Flex Hot 100, due to the song having 100K streams on Spotify, as well as 1M views on YouTube prior to her joining the label, potentially making “Bones” the most popular Flex Entertainment song. Many artists in Flex are said to “simp” for her, and have constantly begged her for features. There were various incidents, many involving Lil Odie and Yung Garfield.

The 5ach!† saga (2020-21)

On June 19, 2020, one of the most infamous people in Flex Entertainment history known as 5ach!† (popularly spelled as Sachit) joined the server. He is a Canadian electronic music producer who was interested in joining the label. His overly sensitive attitude made him a prime target to being the next clown that the community could dunk on. Prior to joining, the first thing he did was create a video attempting to expose Lil Flexer as Submarine Man. He also tried to be a "smart aleck" by claiming that 6ix9ine's feature on the iconic "SESE" was taken from several videos and not recorded for Submarine Man. He would continue to criticize Flex for not being Best Music Wiki worthy and that there should be better music from the label. This meant that he had been researching Flex in every corner due to his excessive knowledge.

He was signed to Flex in late June as a producer. A week later, 5ach!† was being hit with accusations of being infamous raider Zicari101. Flex Entertainment was having a beef with Icy Records where Flex members accused them for copying their label. He tried defending Icy Records by saying that there was another label that was just like Flex called Gang Weed Records, which had been defunct for months. This made Flex suspicious thinking he was an alt account of Zicari due to it being a topic on Horrible Music and Songs Wiki. It became more suspicious when Lil Squeaky told him where he got his name where he said it came from his middle name "Sachit." Squeaky then started saying that his full name was Elijah Sachit Zicari. The accusations caused him to get kicked from Flex Entertainment and the Discord server. On July 24, 2020, he uploaded a face revealing video on YouTube titled "Flex Entertainment, I am NOT Zicari101 (FACE REVEAL)." This became one of the most infamous non-music related videos in the Flex Entertainment culture. It was iconic due to how cringe and overly dramatic the video was which caused his face to be used in several memes with him now regarding the video as cringeworthy. A transcript of the video became a popular copypasta.

He was brought back into the server on July 29 but wasn't signed back as his music never fit with the label in the first place. This still didn't cause people to like 5ach!† as he would now promote his music during voice calls, complain about being muted, and stir up drama with his annoying antics, primarily due to him being vaguely new to Discord at the time. He was involved in a massive argument on July 31 where people suspected that he was Interbrain after talking about the Horrible Music & Songs Wiki. The confusion continued as people also thought Interbrain was part of the doxxing syndicate with Zicari. He ended up getting banned for a second time. He would be unbanned on August 27.

He became a target of the gif-posters in September of 2020, getting annoyed by mass pinging and the Squidward twerking gif. On October 30th, 2020, he released his most notoriously known and heavily memed single in the community "The Halloween Groove", a techno-driven Halloween themed track to celebrate the said holiday. He was banned for a third time on September 27 for his continuously annoying behavior. He would return out of nowhere on November 25 but would be banned for a fourth time. He then started advertising his record label discord server which would receive raids from the gif-posters.

On February 26, 2021, he was unbanned during an unban wave. He made an AOTY account and started reviewing Flex music which the community gave him push back for not being positive. This came off the "Turn It Up" engineer battle with Lil Squeaky. He left the server on March 15 before returning on May 28 after the release of his "Sun Goes Down" remix. He was welcomed back and wasn't hated for a while. The good will didn't last long as he started bringing the drama involving Schmoobin, defending him, though he retracted. He started getting involved with the fourth Flex Entertainment Minecraft Server after accusations of griefing. After a reddit account named similar to him that advertised Flex music negatively was created, 5ach!† got frustrated, claiming it wasn't him. Payden revealed to him that the reason Flex gives him so much push is due to his overdramatic, emotional reactions to their stupid claims with tendencies of overreacting. He also suggested for him to go outside or leave the server. He had the most love he had ever received in the server when he posted his "fresh cut" on July 29. The love ended quickly after he started questioning why Zicari was still banned and if he changed. He later retracted the questioning.

On September 1, 2021, 5ach!† talked about xofilo randomly blocking him on Discord. Filo revealed they didn't want to collaborate as they was originally commissioned to provide vocals for 5ach!†'s song "Satellites" with Greygrius (a former VIRTUAL Music signee). He tried to claim that Flex was brainwashing Filo. This caused a storm in the general chat that proceeded for everybody to dunk on 5ach!†. He would be permanently banned from the Flex Entertainment server by beetlebat. His reason was that every time he spoke in the server it would be about drama or him taking something too serious as well as tendencies to overreact. Beetlebat believed that he didn't belong in the server as it was unhealthy for him to get clowned all the time and not understand his actions. 5ach!† would message Schmoobin after mistaking that he was being "sexually harassed" by the community after they called him a "pussy" and said "Sachit up in the ass". He is still brought up in the server today, making himself out to be one of the biggest "clowns" in Flex history.

The Death of Icy Records (2020)

On June 29, MC Icy was then disowned by the Flex community after it was revealed that he typed out the hard R. It was also discovered that his friends were responsible for botting the scores of his album on AOTY. EmBee would also come out and express his dismay for MC Icy. About 3 days later, MC Icy decided to leave Icy Records after the controversy, and transferred the ownership to CRZFawkz, in which he renamed the label as CRZRecords. But then on August 16, CRZ would then become uninterested, giving the ownership to EmBee, who renamed the label to Billion Dollar Records.

Various Staff Changes (2020)

On June 30, after a poll made by Mosquito. Lil Toy Yoda would become the fifth executive of Flex Entertainment. Lil Squeaky, Yung Lambo, and Yung Garfield also ended up becoming executives later that year, replacing Yung Schmoobin, Lil Flexer, and Beetlebat (at the time).

Flex Gang, Volume 2: "Dark Ages" Show Their Face (2020)

Garfield and Lil Squeaky said they were considering leaving Flex in May 2020, due to what they felt was increasing corruption and executives trying to censor the artists and their creativity. They were exposed and subsequently accused of being traitors for a very short time. Garfield eventually did leave Flex in June 2020, and most people respected his decision and wished him well. However, Lil Mosquito Disease accused him of only leaving because "Garfield hates him," and Mosquito continued to berate Garfield. Garfield ended up joining the label again mere days later because the two reconciled their disputes. His farewell post ended up becoming a copypasta used by Kardia to leave the label. This reason from Garfield ended up aging well going into the newest Flex Entertainment compilation.

On July 2, the Flex Entertainment label would release the Flex Gang volume 2 compilation, which ended up getting polarizing reviews. Some critics praised the more polished sound of the album compared to many of Flex's previous releases, as well as the improved lyrical content and production, and they praised the last few tracks in particular. "No Words" by Lil Toy Yoda and xofilo (at the time LVN Filo) was considered by many to be one of the greatest songs to come out from the label at the time. However, some critics panned the album for seeming forced and out of character for Flex, and criticized the awkward blend of clearly ironic artists such as Submarine Man with professional sounding artists like Ashi. In hindsight the project has become less celebrated as it for some was the biggest example of what was wrong in the dark ages, in that the label felt compelled to be taken too seriously. Garfield ended up returning to the label again on July 3, 2020.

The "Doxxing" Syndicate: Interbrain, Zicari, & John (2020)

During this dark period in Flex, there was allegedly a dangerous trio forming to destroy Flex Entertainment. Popular Icy Records member Interbrain (or almost dead) had been associating with Zicari101 in early July. Zicari is known for being a thirteen-year old raider who would spam the hard R in servers, allegedly doxxing people, and defend controversial Netflix film "Cuties". Interbrain was said to have various alternate accounts that were sent in the Flex Entertainment Discord to collect information. The staff team planned to boost security and moderation to protect the server for the time being. They didn't even want anyone getting in contact with Interbrain and suggested them to ban him from every server they knew. These allegations caused him to be banished from Icy Records and the Flex community. Due to having no identity at the time, there was beleif that Interbrain was also an alternate account for people such as Zicari, Gyfted, 5ach!†, and Soundtrax. This made sense in their eyes at the time as they all made similar electronic music though it was most likely due to using the same DAW.

After further information was brought to light, it was discovered that Interbrain had nothing against Flex and was his own person. He would be brought back into the Flex community. On September 20, 2020, Zicari released a response video to the drama. Zicari apologized to Embee for calling him a r*tard, called himself "mature" at 11, admitted he was spying on Discord chats but not using them and stealing beats, and forgived Gyfted. He still believed that Saint Goose was an enemy of Flex despite the drama being resolved months ago. He also said he never ban evaded before saying he ban evaded at 12 and claimed that he had no knowledge of doxxing despite of the Jaewon incident. Zicari was brought back into the community during an unban wave but was once again banished as his image was tarnished due to being an alleged p*do, femboy, racist, fart fetisher, and starting the beef with Jaewon. He is one of the most hated people in Flex history.

God Mode (2020)

On July 24, Lil Squeaky released his second studio album “God Mode.” The album was met with very positive reviews, becoming the highest rated Flex Entertainment album on AOTY. Many listeners and critics praised the more polished sound and improved mixing and mastering, as well as Squeaky's infectious flows and vocal performances and often funny lyrics. Some critics disliked some of the lyrics and mixing, but the majority of listeners gave the album very positive feedback. It was considered among many Flex Entertainment artists and fans to be the best Flex project at the time.

Yung Schmoobin Meets Big Baller B IRL (2020)

Big Baller B told Schmoobin that he was driving through his area in Kansas. He suggested that they could meet up for a while. On August 2, the two legends met up at a park in Schmoobin's town. Schmoobin claimed that Brad wasn't as tall as he thought. They taking photos and filming videos of each other. Brad then said that they should make music. Schmoobin was confused by this statement because they were in a public park. Brad went to his van and pulled out a microphone and laptop. They spent some time freestyling over beats. The songs have yet to be released. Brad decided that he was gonna leave early due to not being used to the air quality in Kansas. He said goodbye and hopped into his van. Schmoobin claims that as he left, Brad was jamming Kendrick Lamar at maximum volume with the car shaking. He found it funny as his area was very conservative.

The Rise of Yung Lambo (2020)

On August 6, Yung Lambo released his third single, "Duel of the Fates" featuring Lil Toy Yoda. The song was released with an accompanying music video. Prior to the release of the song, Lambo was considered both one of the worst musically and most annoying Flex artists, often criticized for his Minecraft behavior and over the top personality, even being "on the chopping block" to be kicked from Flex. However, the song was met with generally positive reception, and is considered his saving grace, as well as one of the biggest Flex Entertainment comebacks of all time, with many listeners enjoying how ridiculous the production and lyrics were accompanied by Lambo's deadpan, autotuned delivery and Yoda's very aggressive delivery. Yung Lambo releasedd his highly anticipated debut album Lambo Season on October 2, to very positive reception.

Flex Gang, Vol. 2.5: The Forgotten Sequel (2020)

During summer 2020, there was a planned sequel to Flex Gang, Vol. 2 titled "Flex Gang, Vol. 2.5". The idea was that it would be kind of an intermediate project between Vol. 2 and 3. The album would be made up by people paired up randomly by the spin of a wheel with very odd combinations of artists planned to make songs. Sadly, the project never came to fruition due to people leaving and joining Flex in big waves as well as a lack of interest from the community for the most part.

August 20: "The Darkest Day" (2020)

The information in this section takes place during a specific period in Flex history. Do not insult or bash anyone involved as the matter is no longer a problem. Scroll down forward to see how it was resolved.

On August 19, an incident that lead to the quote on quote “AOTD Drama” officially began. It began after Ava called Lil Squeaky a “bigoted racist” in response to Lil Mosquito Disease stating that Squeaky had helped him with his self confidence issues. Due to this incident as well as previous issues in the staff team, Yung Schmoobin, the founder of Flex Entertainment, decided to leave the Flex Discord server. He states that he did due to how stressful it was with “all the constant bickering.”

After this incident, Ava left the server after being demoted due to the rudeness of the incident and a long line of complaints from many Flex artists on how they felt uncomfortable joining calls with them. There were many allegations thrown at both AOTY members and Flex artists at this time, many being false. This lead to even more controversy. The next day, Schmoobin left the label due to the controversy and the “background drama” going on. In his statement, he said he would still make music, and that he had made a lot of friends that he still wanted to make music with.

Schmoobin attempted to diffuse the situation as much as he could by going in the servers involved and asking people to stop the beef although this didn't really help anything as it continued escalate. The reaction among Flex artists was mixed with some disappointed by the loss and others feeling mad about the whole drama. This situation would continue for weeks on end, being continued onto various Discord servers including the “AOTD” Discord server. More arguments, rumors, and huge amounts of false information were spread, primarily regarding the main players in the incident such as Squeaky, Schmoobin, Ava and Mosquito.

In hindsight the event is looked at with disdain and regret by many Flex members as it is seen as the beginning of the waves of toxicity which would engulf the community for months. It is also seen as a learning period for Flex on how to handle serious situations and grow from them. Because the situation would be resolved at some point later down the line in 2021.

Flex Fest (2020)

Flex Fest was a music and arts festival, similar to Coachella, held by Flex Entertainment inside a Minecraft server. It was organized and constructed by Sammy the fish. The event features musical artists from many genres of music, including pop, hip hop, and electronic dance music. The artists who played at the show were beetlebat, JThousand (J1D at the time), Depp Gibbs, Hood Guy, Eerlob Lil Eggnog, Lil Mosquito Disease, xofilo (LVN Filo at the time), OPstrap, Yung Lambo, sammythefish (Sammy the Fish at the time), and Lil Squeaky. The festival received mixed reviews with the idea and build being praised but the execution being poor. The server was super laggy and would crash occasionally. Eerlob and Opstrap's performances were panned heavily while Squeaky and Mosquito received the most praise for their performance, especially Squeaky who was praised for performing various skreet hits at the show including the infamous "Arms Race". Hood Guy was frustrated for his set being skipped for Mosquito. The event didn't happen in 2021, but a 2022 event is planned to take place on the fifth Minecraft server owned by Yung Lambo.

BOMBOCLAAT: The End of the "Dark Ages" (2020)

The “Dark Ages” finally came to an end in early September, once Administrator Yung Garfield announced his long-awaited, long-delayed, highly anticipated debut album BOMBOCLAAT. This album presented a complete contrast to the music that Flex Artists were pressured to make during the Dark Ages, during which they were pressured to make music that would please critics on AOTY. Garfield immediately made it clear that his album would be an unabashed display of his personality, and would not be made to please critics.

Era Four officially began when Flex Entertainment administrator Yung Garfield dropped his highly anticipated debut album BOMBOCLAAT. This era came after what many called the “dark ages” and it felt refreshing that Flex Entertainment artists felt they could make the music they really wanted to make instead of feeling under tremendous pressure from critics. This album was met with love from the Flex community of fans and artists. It was seen as a return to form after the dark ages.

This new era was officially kicked off, and is defined by Flex attempting to regain the magic that it held around a year before upon the creation of the Discord server. The ultimate goal of this era is to strengthen Flex’s sense of community, and stress enjoyment in music and a casual, lighthearted atmosphere although this would later backfire near the end of the year.

Tending Bike: The Underdog Story (2020)

On September 20, Tending Bike and CRZFawkz were both signed to Flex again after improving their sound and becoming more dedicated to their craft. Their return was celebrated by the community. Ben Kenobi was also signed on this day. Tending Bike's return was seen as inspiration as he was one of the most hated Flex artists at the start of 2020 due to his uninteresting delivery and music. Despite being kicked out of the label, Bike continued to make music. He was initially kicked out of the label in July, and he then joined CRZRecords (later Billion Dollar Records). He became an executive in Billion Dollar Records, but later resigned the position and left the label. He was signed back to Flex Entertainment after the release of his single "Backseat" which was seen by many to be a very fun and enjoyable song that contained the Flex spirit despite him not being at the label when the song dropped. The song went onto top the Flex Entertainment Hot 100.

Lambo Season: An album to be remembered (2020)

Lambo's debut album, Lambo Season, was initially announced in Spring 2020, but was slowly worked on over the summer. The album was completed in early September, and was released on October 2, 2020. The album was mixed and mastered by Lil Squeaky, and contains guest appearances from numerous Flex Entertainment artists, including Lil Squeaky, Big Baller B, Lil Toy Yoda, Yung Garfield, Lil Mosquito Disease, J Coyn Drive, and many more. Several songs from Lambo Season had been leaked over time, and Lambo has been credited with popularizing leaks in Flex Entertainment.

On August 28, 2020, Lambo released his fourth single, "SAND" featuring Anakin Skywalker as a Soundcloud exclusive up until its release on the album. The song received positive reception for the ridiculousness of the lyrics and beat. It was however regarded as Lambo's biggest flops commercially as it was only released on SoundCloud at 2 AM on a Saturday. The song, however, rebounded in popularity after being added to Emily Finchum's album I'll be okay.

Lambo Season was released on October 2, 2020, and was met with generally positive reviews. Many listeners praised Lambo's sense of humor and his presence on the songs, as well as the production and features, though some were critical of the humor and the repetitive nature of some of the songs. 2 days after the release of his album, on October 4, 2020, Lambo released a 3 part music video for 3 of the songs on the album, "SAND", "Pong Krell Diss Track" and "I Cook Meth". This video was quite well received for its originality as multi-song music videos were not something very common in Flex at the time.

5ach!† vs. Lil Squeaky: "Turn It Up" Engineer Battle (2020-21)

Beetle got into a beef with electronic producer 5ach!†. 5ach!† was originally commissioned to mix one of Beetlebat's songs "Turn it Up", but after a decision of banning him from the Flex Entertainment Discord server, he was blocked and fired, with the mixing being handled with Lil Squeaky instead. A few months later after the song's release on "Beginnings", 5ach!† decided to call out to Beetlebat and Lil Squeaky. 5ach!† claimed it was "unfair" due to him being friended with Beetlebat on Discord which made no reason for Beetlebat to block him, as well as his dislike over Lil Squeaky's mix in the song which had vocals (whether intentionally or not) louder than the beat. Their beef was later settled with 5ach!†'s remix of Beetle's song "Sun Goes Down" which was produced by Lil Squeaky.

Lil Squeaky vs. Yung Garfield: Executive Election (2020)

Garfield and Squeaky ended up in a heated election for which one would get promoted to executive. Squeaky was winning at first, and Garfield was particularly angry about it, resulting in J Coyn Drive messaging numerous members of Flex to vote for Garfield. Many of these members stated that they received these messages, leading to many people accusing Garfield of unfairly trying to win the election. Garfield infamously accused Squeaky of doing nothing good for the label and called him a "douchebag." In order to stop the chaos, Mosquito promoted them both to executive, since he was afraid to confront Garfield.

Beetlebat's Demotion (2020-21)

Beetlebat's promotion to executive in January 2020 sparked much debate about how qualified he was to be an executive, and his lack of contributions sparked much criticism of his position. He was demoted to Admin in November 2020. Beetle took the demotion maturely and accepted he needed to help the label out again. Some say he has helped the label more since being demoted. Beetle explained that he had been taking a month break from the community and the staff team happened to notice his inactivity around that time. He returned to executive status on February 23, 2022, following the label's regret of the decision. Many people look back on his demotion as one of the dumbest decisions in Flex Entertainment history as Lil Toy Yoda was doing even less but he wasn't demoted.

Ashi's Dream Debut Album "Lion" (2020)

On November 13, 2020, Squeaky talked about having a dream where Ashi, one of Flex's only R&B artists known for being extremely distant from the community, announced in the discord server that he wanted to become a lion. He would release his debut album under the name "Lion." He claimed Ashi went into the announcements and atted everyone and saying "Well it's about time I drop something for once lol...I don't care how you guys will take this, but all my life my greatest dream has been to become a lion. That is what I am deep down, and that is what I want to be. Thus, I am proud to announce my debut studio album, Lion. Feel free to contact me if you wanna feature." Squeaky was then added to a group chat made by Ashi, which contained the two of them plus Lil Mosquito Disease and beetlebat. It was said to be released in 2021. Upon Squeaky describing his dream, Lion immediately gained widespread attention from the community. A fake tracklist for the album has since been leaked. Ashi would return to the discord server on November 22, saying that the album wasn't far off from his vision. He hasn't spoken in the Flex server and only released two songs since then so it's likely the album won't see the light of day.

The Acquisition of Billion Dollar Records (2020)

On November 22, 2020, Flex Entertainment announced that Lil Squeaky had bought Billion Dollar Records from E.M.B.E.E. for five-hundred robux. Lil Sperm, E.M.B.E.E. 4Pac, WT, Lil Diabetes, Wild Wes, Once Left Unsaid, Young Plant, 5Pac, Lil Meat, BigVladminVEVO, 57W1ZARD, and Matt Denton. Some artists were kicked after, but not all. It is known as a legendary event, as it brought both communities together as one label and also was a precursor to the Gifposter Era.

Yung Lambo's "Die Very Rough": An unlikely hit (2020)

The song "Die Very Rough" by Mario Judah blew up on TikTok in October 2020. For some reason, Mario Judah was no longer credited on the song on the app. Instead, Yung Lambo was named the artist. This caused him to gain a lot of popularity, making his streaming numbers explode on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify. "Freezin" has been gaining thousands of views each week on YouTube. This caused the song to have a second win, reaching No. 2 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 on its 26th week. Lambo released a cover of "Die Very Rough" on October 31, 2020. The song blew up on Soundcloud and debuted at No. 13 on the Flex Hot 100. It leaped into the Top 10 the following week. After the release of the "Smoking the Lambo Pack", "Die Very Rough" reached number one on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, his first number one in his career. It dethroned "Bones" by Emily Finchum, which had a twenty-one-week reign on top.

Ya Boy Payden and his antics (2020-21)

Ya Boy Payden was an infamous figure in the Flex Entertainment community. He was by far one of the most clowned on people in it's history as well, being with the likes of Lil Kraqqen and famous nudist R&D. There are several important events that happened in Ya Boy Payden's career.

The Snitching

In late September 2020, Ya Boy Payden was in general VC in the Flex Server talking to fellow Flex artists while he was in his physics Zoom class. Payden got very bored in his class and decided to send the Zoom meeting link in the call chat, allowing any Flex artists who came across it to join. Around 15 people joined the Zoom from the link, notably Yung Garfield, Yung "Omegle" Tegga, and the entirety of the Depp Gibbs band for causing a ruckus in the class. Due to this incident, the physics teacher got super confused and mad that his class had been ruined. Then Depp Gibbs decided to send a message in the chat saying "Payden sent us". Ya Boy Payden would then immediately confess to his sin and snitch on himself. The physics teacher then told Payden to stay in the meeting after class and not leave with everyone else. Due to Payden saying that it was an accident, the physics teacher decided to give him grace and didn't snitch to school district about the incident. However, his parents were not very pleased with their son's antics and grounded him for the entirety of October, forcing him to miss the release of his own debut mixtape "16 Bit Fantasy".

Payden Pacc

Due to Payden snitching on himself, he would become a living meme in the Flex server. Many artists, notably Yung Garfield and Depp Gibbs would begin making jokes about the incident. They would claim they were "smoking the Payden Pacc", usually accompanied by a gif of someone smoking which often came from episodes of Breaking Bad. There was also a photoshopped image of Payden on a cigarette carton that read "Payden Pacc". This meme would become the most popular in Flex Entertainment without Payden even hearing a word about it. The only words we got out of Payden while he was grounded was a typed paragraph explaining what happened in the Wild Wes comment section on the Flex Wiki. This paragraph has since been deleted but is another notable event where Payden snitched on himself. The meme would continue to thrive even as Payden was ungrounded and remains a staple of 2020 Flex history.

"Crash and Burn" incident

In early December 2020, J Coyn Drive would depart from Flex Entertainment. While he departed, he was in a call with the infamous snitch Ya Boy Payden. In the call, J Coyn Drive would tell Payden his reasons for leaving and these reasons ignited a fire in Ya Boy Payden's heart. This caused Ya Boy Payden to start fights with random assorted Flex members in the takes-n-tiers chat the following day as well as DMing people to leave Flex due to "Lil Squeaky brainwashing people". Lil Squeaky would confront Payden in the takes-n-tiers chat the next day, denying the rumors of brainwashing and stating that he did not hate J Coyn Drive. Payden and Squeaky would continue arguing for 2 hours until Payden eventually admitted to taking things a little too far. Shortly after saying that however, he would state "just take my word for it when flex gets burned to the ground by the end of 2021 lmao". This would become an infamous quote and many wondered if his prediction would come true. Ironically that wouldn't happen because Payden would returned to the label the next year to help save it from that fate. The same day Payden said this infamous quote, Flex mobster and professional lasagna cook Yung Garfield would kick Payden temporarily from the label due to him being "a clown". Payden would later return for a few weeks before disappearing again on his own accord.

I Feel Fetus

In April 2021, Flex addiction therapist and chemist Young Seagull would release his second studio album titled "Russel". This album was met with generally positive reception, but there was one track that stuck out for many. This track was titled "Neil Armstrong" and featured then former Flex artist, Ya Boy Payden. Payden would sing very passionately on the song saying "I feel defeated". This would not be what people heard though as unanimously everyone said they heard Payden singing "I feel the fetus". This would become yet another giant meme spawned from the mouth of Ya Boy Payden, despite him at this time just recently departing the label. Then executive Lil Squeaky claimed that Ya Boy Payden might be the only person in Flex history to stay relevant in Flex after their departure.

List of Sus Payden Bars and Quotes

Ya Boy Payden was known as "the most sus person in Flex" by many. He would always say many weird quotes and statements and often was clowned for them. His successor Payden McKnight would also continue this trend but this time without the slurs. This is a list of their combined sus bars and quotes.

  • "I feel the fetus" - (Neil Armstrong)
  • "Licking hairy bootyholes, as always" - His old Discord status
  • "Wait till next year Imma drop my album, it'll be epic and it'll be awesome, Flex Entertainment will treat me like a model, and the executives will like it no problem" - (My Pal Fort Fort)
  • "@Lil Squeaky good job, i liked the album, it was fun to listen to while i play minecraft with the girl i like" - After the Situation listening Party
  • "just take my word for it when flex gets burned to the ground by the end of 2021 lmao" - in takes-n-tiers chat after being pissed off
  • "Great Von Feet"
  • "WEENOR"
  • "you wanna see me smacc my bare bottom"
  • "Shout out to my Brutha Ethan" - (Insanity)
  • "Aye, I'm feelin' like a no show, that is a ref only Garret would know" - (No Show & AYE)
  • "i am in danger of my life" - in response to Mr Ice
  • "I'm eating Nikocado Avocado's intestines"
  • "you sound like you were having sex at the dentist office and the stuff was still in your mouth"
  • "I'm in a situation"
  • "Lebansese Booty"
  • "when we meet up, imma SMELL YOU"
  • "i hate that you can see those 7 grade moobs in that picture"
  • "i used to be so THICC"
  • "I don't wanna come across creepy, I just wanna be your friend" - (CEILING FAN)
  • Issa Vibe
  • "Don't touch the kid or you'll get the Payden disease!" - (HOLD ME)
  • "I don't like being called gay cause I like women" - (HOLD ME)
  • "Mr. Fake Gel" - (HOLD ME)
  • "I hate when y'all treat me like the Elf on the shelf" - (HOLD ME)
  • "you will never step up to my level of susness"
  • "i just killed my dog!"
  • "guess who's going up my ass again"
  • "My aladdin verse is all one take"
  • "@J Coyn Drive we are starting system of a down without me"
  • "I'm literally diarrhea ear rape rn"
  • "trenton your not getting the point"
  • "killed a cop now i'm horny"
  • "renegades all up in my ass"
  • "you smell like bootyhole buttsack"
  • "that's the ya boy payden hat"
  • "jolly rancher flavored dildo"
  • "ajr is the opposite of air, it literally kills me"
  • "love your music j coyn drive"
  • "Yo, after I get back from LA, I'm going to submit an audition to join Flex Entertainment"
  • "I’ll give you guys the zoom link hold on one sec"
  • "J Coyn Drive sucks his own pussy"
  • "Stop busting balls Filo"


Molester Moon was a song released by Yung Lambo, Lil Squeaky, Lil Mosquito Disease, Yung Garfield, .jitters and Lil Nav in late 2020. It was inspired by the villain of a Smosh video in 2014. The track instantly became one of the most popular and infamous tracks in the label's history just due to how awful sounding it was. The track originally was made as some sort of diss against Flex administrator J Coyn Drive but evolved more into a cult classic with the passing of time. A second Molester Moon was recorded in 2021, however it never was released.

Yung Lambo vs. Hood Guy (2020)

Yung Lambo and fellow Flex rapper Hood Guy entered a beef in November 2020, with Hood Guy releasing a Yung Lambo diss, titled "The Third". Lambo responded with "Stinky Pinky". Hood Guy then released an apology song, titled "Rockstar", featuring Rick Ross.

Non-Music Related Videos on the Flex Channel (2020-present)

The Flex Entertainment YouTube channel is known for mostly uploading audios or visuals of Flex Artist's songs or albums. Occasionally, there will be a random non-music related video uploaded by a Flex artist. The content uploaded is usually strange or hilarious. Examples of these videos are "BIGVLADMINVEVO CAUGHT TWERKING", "yung lambo gets shot by the crips", "HOW to make BANANA PUDDING in PRISON (Must Watch)", "EDP445 vs Chills Epic Rap Battle", "Lil Squeaky Hairstyle Tutorial", and "WT DIES WHILE EATING SPICY WINGS." Podcasts, how to make an song from a certain artist, and deconstruction videos are also uploaded.

J Coyn Drive's long infamous Hiatus (2020-present)

In December 2020, J Coyn Drive announced his departure from Flex only two months after the release of his debut EP "Chillin' & Vibing." This was the start of a long and lengthy hiatus for J Coyn that resulted in no new solo material from him for the next year and half of 2022.

On June 22, 2021, J Coyn signed back to Flex Entertainment. He was also promoted to executive due to his prior experience as an admin in the server while he was in the label. He has since been featured on various Payden McKnight songs since his signing including "Flesh of a Bachelor", "INSANITY" and "ALADDIN". He was also on "Mosquito Mansion" by Lil Mosquito Disease on "Infection 2" and "the epilogue" by hyperpop personality xofilo. He has yet to make a proper return to his own material. It is rumored he will be returning in the summer of 2022.

Yung Head$hit (2020-present)

On December 14 of 2020, a mysterious song debuted on the Flex channel. The song was by a man named "Yung Head$hit" and it was titled "#freehead". Flex artists and fans alike were bewildered by the viking-esque screaming on the track and the iconic phrases uttered by the man "Otro loco mas stas". The song instantly became a cult classic in Flex and people would quote the track for years to come.

Head$hit would continue releasing tracks such as "Emotional Stress" and would eventually release a debut studio album in the form of "Creativiting Us from Darkness to All". The album was met with positive reception as people laughed their asses off to the viking screaming of Head$hit.

In February 2021, Head$hit would be arrested and release a prison Ep titled "Head$hit. The EP was met with extremely negative reception when it first dropped as many saw it as "not a real" Head$hit EP as he had chose to rap over popular rap beats from artists like Chance the Rapper and Bladee. Later that year Head$hit would release his track "Prison" with Yekomari Tekoma which was reviled by most with it's very strange sounding vocals.

In early 2022, Head$hit would see a resurgence as Brad would begin shouting out the Head$hit EP on his streams. The EP would be revisited by the masses and this time loved as people realized how funny it really was. Due to all of this new attention, Head$hit would begin releasing more music with his signature hit "3 Headed Glizzy" dropping that year. He dropped his second studio album that year with "Heart of La Loca" which was met with intense backlash on release day as it was saw as lazy but quickly began to be adored only a week later due to it's catchy hooks and verses. Head$hit would release another single after the album titled "MY D**K" with a feature from Flex titan Yung Garfield. In comparison to some of his other tracks, this one flew under the radar.

Head$hit would also make a Twitter account in 2022 where he would support famous rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again and attempt various ratios on rap pages using his own tracks.

The "Death" of Lil Toy Yoda (2020)

He died on December 22nd, 2020, after gunshot wounds from the "opps" whilst attending MF Chicken and Lil Boxx's funeral. He was quickly replaced by skawt (formerly sk00tt), a hyperpop artist who many suspect to be the same person as Lil Toy Yoda, stating that his death was faked. skawt's music has been more polarizing than Yoda's with some praising it for it's innovation in hyperpop while others seeing it as too reliant on taking elements off of the work of other artists. Lil Toy Yoda's music has been positively received, especially in retrospect, with many citing "Rat Booty Stuck in Train Tracks" as a classic.

The "Pedals Inc" Saga (2020-21)

Flex Entertainment artist Kid Floral created a group called Pedals Inc in 2020. The roster would include Flex members as well as some former Flex members. It consisted of Yung Tegga, Skawt (sk00tt at the time), Yung Garfield, xofilo (LVN Filo at the time), Young Ryan G, Claradactyl/Clorox, J Coyn Drive, Lil Mosquito Disease, Emily Finchum and Kid Floral himself. The biggest achievement Pedals would ever be attributed to was producing the beat for Mosquito’s 2021 hit “Just For Show: Reloaded.” This caused Yung Tegga to be promoted to executive as a potential go-to producer for the label. The decision was criticized by the other executives who felt like Mosquito was giving them too much to soon. The group would become embroiled in many controversies involving several Flex members ranging from Yung Lambo, Payden Mcknight and Lil Squeaky due to the toxic nature of the group. Tegga would be demoted in March of 2021 due to lingering tensions and his toxic behavior. He is seen as the worst executive in Flex history. Pedals Inc eventually ended mid 2021 with a lack of interest in the group. The group’s name is now a running joke and is seen as one of the most toxic groups in Flex history.

Tegga calls Squeaky a "dumbass"

An infamous incident involving the Pedals crew was a day where various members of the server and collective began hurling insults at random Flex artists in the Flex server, primarily Yung Lambo and Lil Squeaky. An infamous quote spawned out of this incident, that being one from Pedals co-owner Yung Tegga.

The quote was "hey squeaky. you talk a lot of shit for someone who does literally nothing for flex and only talks down to people who thought of you as a friend. grow tf up. act your age dumbass".

The quote has been memed to hell since then as it came across as extremely petty and kinda funny.

The Onions Verse Controversy

One of the biggest hit songs from Yung Lambo's Lambo Season was a track titled "Onions". It featured Lil Squeaky and is currently one of Lambo's only songs to have reached 1K streams on Spotify.

Due to his love of the song, kiernan would ask to be on a remix of the song. This elusive remix would be dubbed the "Onions Remix" and Tegga would ask many times to be on the remix. Eventually Tegga would stop asking but now Lambo would return the favor and constantly harass kiernan to "do the onions verse".

A remix EP for Lambo Season was released in 2021 and featured an Onions Remix although it did feature Yung Tegga. It is not known if the verse was ever recorded but it remains a staple in Flex history.

The Rise and Fall of the Gif-Posters (2020-21)

The term "Gifposter" was a word made to describe the many artists of a very niche subculture in Flex in late 2020 to early 2021. The culture involved the practice of spamming certain Gifs (hence the name gifposter), weird songs about very niche inside jokes and of course the infamous "stories".

The Gifposters really took a hold of Flex in the afromentioned time period of late 2020 to early 2021, but more specifically early 2021 as by that point they had completely taken over Flex's culture. Some iconic Gifposters included Mr Ice, WT, BigVladminVEVO, Yung Benji, Matt Denton, Lil Sperm (at the time) and various alt accounts such as SadRealChatStories and Ronnie Coleman. A group chat named "Amire" was also a big proponent of the culture, being the home of various artists in it. Some iconic Gifposter tracks included "Danny Savage Blocked Me on Twitter", "Sachit Reloaded", "I hate Dream Stans" and "UNMUTE US WE'VE HAD ENOUGH". Even mainstream artists like Yung Lambo and Tending Bike would participate in the culture.

The culture reached it's peak in April 2021 but had a sharp decline after, often attributed to various incidents where the infamous "stories" would take over general chat and various people would be weirded out and offended by the very vulgar and sexual undertones of the jokes which often amounted to "this person fucks this person" or "this person slides his cock into this person".

Flex began a crackdown on the more vulgar elements of the subculture in May 2021 as many believed enough was enough and that Flex had to move into a more positive direction with more creative jokes and ideas. By the end of 2021, the culture haded faded into obscurity.

In 2022, certain jokes made by the Gifposters, such as the "bare ass" or "Frankie Grande" jokes, are often referenced and brought up in calls or tracks but the main subculture has seemingly died.

BigVladminVEVO Caught Twerking

On December 16 2020, a mysterious video was uploaded onto the Flex Entertainment channel. The video was simply titled in all caps "BIGVLADMINVEVO CAUGHT TWERKING 😱😱😱😱😱😱". The video was posted at around a time when most Flex artists were just waking up and everyone gathered in a voice chat to watch the video together. Everyone was left astounded with what was seen and ever since then, BigVladminVEVO would become an infamous icon in Flex Entertainment history.


ESMBot was a bot that was added to the Flex Entertainment server in 2021. The bot allowed users to create gifs with text over them without having to use other websites. The bot initially was used well in the server but once the gifposters found out about it, it began being abused to the limit with thousands of gifs being created per week and being spammed constantly. Due to the chaos and commotion, the bot was removed from the server much to the dismay of it's fans.

"Bare Ass"

The bare ass joke was a joke started by Flex rapper WT. The joke basically consisted of people going around saying "_insert name_ shows his bare ass", often times that person being MC Icy. The joke would quickly die after the crackdown on stories in mid-2021.

Looperman Artists (2020-22)

Looperman is a site for musicians to use free music loops, acapellas, and vocals. This was taken advantage of by several members of Flex Entertainment. Yung Garfield was one of the first Flex artists to use the site's library in his music including obscure samples and drum loops. WT and Embee also used the site frequently. However, strange artists ripped from Looperman started appearing on Flex Entertainment tracks. The first Looperman artist to be signed to Flex Entertainment was Yung Head$hit. He's known for his very distinct rapping voice, powerful personality, and popular phrase "OTRO LOCO MAS." His debut single "#freehead" is regarded as a Flex classic. The second Looperman artist is Bonus Pee who became a common associate with Yung Lambo and Hood Guy. The common image of him comes from a Xiu Xiu cover art for their album "Dear God, I Hate Myself." The man behind the photo is the lead singer Jamie Stewart. He made guest appearances on their album "Gucci Swamp" and Disco Crips' song "Slide." His most popular phrase was "Don't tell me I have to go." This strange phrase is theorized to relate to his death. Hood Guy would start a record label unrelated to Flex called El Toro Records which featured other Looperman artists such as Hood The Grand and Hood Child. These two made an appearance on Flex Gang Vol. 3's "The End of the Grand Era" and had several strange singles of theirs uploaded to the Flex channel like "Omicron" and "Studio Bitches."

The peak of Looperman rap culture was its use in Flex classic "Gucci Swamp" by Yung Lambo and Hood Guy where Mosquito produced almost every song with Looperman loops and vocals while he was bedridden from wisdom teeth surgery. The first Flex release of 2022 was "Son of the Bitch" by YELL, another Looperman artist. It is said to be a tribute to Bonus Pee. On February 18, 2022, Looperman rap wasn't looked at the same after Yung Head$hit and Hood the Grand released their albums on the same day. The albums were panned by the Flex community for how draining and uncomfortable the experience was. Yung Head$hit was kicked from Flex Entertainment and Hood the Grand was banned from the Flex channel temporarily.

57W1ZARD is Yung Lasagna (2020-21)

In December 2020, it was rumored that 57W1ZARD was Yung Lasagna, a rapper who was previously banned from the server. He ended up being kicked due to the high suspicions from users he was an alt account. In February 2021 it was fully confirmed that 57W1ZARd is in fact Yung Lasagna. He later on left and tried to move away from Flex and started reviving his collective "penis gang" with tongs the following month with Voda Wake rejoining.

A.J. vs Yung Lambo and Yung Garfield (2020-21)

A.J. has gotten in several controversies with Flex Entertainment artists Yung Garfield and Yung Lambo as she banned both of them from her "Neptune" server. She called Yung Garfield "the worst person I've ever met on this app" after some inappropriate comments thrown towards A.J. from Garfield. The beef received great flack from the Flex community as both artists were well liked. As of May 2021, A.J. and Yung Lambo have put aside their "beef" and now Yung Lambo streams Rose Gold on repeat on Spotify. Garfield and A.J. have yet to reconcile as of now.

Why are you calling me?

There was an incident where Yung Garfield called A.J. on Instagram and A.J. would respond with "WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME". This phrase would be turned into a meme, mostly in the Pedals side of Flex.

Wild Wes Goes Trap: An Underdog Story (2021)

Wild Wes was a reviled figure in Flex Entertainment for the first two years of it's existence. He was seen as lazy, unmotivated and insecure regarding the criticism of his own music. He was seen as the "Boom bap" rapper of Flex and gave the genre a terrible name in the community as many saw it as "oldhead" music.

In early 2021, this would begin to change as Wes released his comeback album in Flex titled "Moonquake". The album saw Wes travel in a trap direction akin to artists like Pierre Bourne or Playboi Carti. The album was seen as a huge step up for Wes and he began to gain some new fans as people loved this new direction. Wes would release his following album "Intergalactic" later in early 2021. This album was also met with similar reception and famed Flex rapper Lil Squeaky called it and still calls it "one of the greatest Flex albums of all time". Wes would also receive praise for his collaboration with MC Icy on Flex Gang Vol. 3 titled "For da Ages'. While it was a boom bap track, many saw it as legitimately fire and it was praised.

Later that year however, things would begin to take a downturn for the Indiana rapper. Wes began to be seen as lazy once again as he continued with the space theme used on both of the albums released earlier that year. He would be criticized for just "doing the same thing" over and over again as many of his songs just went with the Pierre Bourne sound he engulfed himself in that year. Wes would later be kicked that year in a roster cleanup due to his failure to really hold his fanbase and continue the streak he had that year.

The Strange, Questionable Rise of Lil Sperm (2021)

NJD vs. Interbrain and Voda Wake (2021)

Album Of The Year critic NoIDMedia otherwise known as NJD joins the Flex Entertainment Fan Server, He then proceeds to act very obnoxious and rude (using homophobic slurs, being annoying). This prompts Interbrain to drop a diss on NJD featuring Young Smores. NJD responds on Album Of The Year with a rather long paragraph about why the song sucked. A few days later fellow labelmate Voda Wake releases a diss track on NJD for the same reason as Interbrain, NJD yet again responds with a long paragraph on Album Of The Year about why the song sucks. After a few months, NJD is never heard from again and it assumed that the beef is over.

Cartel EP vs Pee (2021)

In early February, Yung Lambo released his first project since his monumental debut from the past year in the form of a 6 track EP simply titled "CARTEL". Soon after this EP was released, Flex rapper Hood Guy responded with a speedrun compilation album of many of his old songs titled "PEE" in an effort to cause the CARTEL EP to flop.

While CARTEL did indeed underperform for Lambo standards, Pee also ended up flopping hard. In retrospect Pee is viewed as a classic though.

Speedrun Albums (2021-22)

The Speedrun album trend was something started in 2021 by various artists. Some popular speedrun albums included "Pee" by Hood Guy, "The Mission to Make Speeder Flop" by Yung Lambo" and also various projects by CRZFawkz. The culture of speedrun albums died down as 2021 went on.

In 2022, the trend gained new traction as Lil Squeaky and Hood Guy began making new speedrun albums including "Michigan Boy Baxter" and the "Scary Mixtape".

Anthony Fantano praises Kid Phang's Five Dollar Foot Long (2021)

Kid Phang released his long-awaited comeback single “Five Dollar Foot Long” on February 5, 2021. It received positive reviews from the community and excitement that he would be making music again. It became Phang's biggest song to date, peaking at No. 1 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. To everyone’s surprise, it was praised by Anthony Fantano, also known as TheNeedleDrop, who is one of the most popular internet music critics. Phang sent it into Fantano’s “Reviewing Your Music” livestream. It impressed Fantano and his chat who called it the highlight of the stream.

In Development: Praised By Many and Hated By Many (2021)

Lil Squeaky stepped down as exec on February 23, 2021. He stated the position brought a lot of unexpected stress, and he wanted to return to treating Flex more casually and distantly like he had done before becoming admin or exec. He also felt that he had become somewhat "addicted" to Flex, and taking breaks and leaving the server didn't help much, so leaving his position of power he felt was the best move to relieve his stress.

Squeaky announced a multi-genre album, initially titled FAIR LAKES PLAZA. The working title was then changed to Squeaky, and then to Fever Dreams, and then to Purity, before Squeaky announced that the album had no title. In February 2021, he formally announced the album, titled In Development, set to release on March 26, 2021. The album's tracklist was revealed on March 19.

In Development was the third studio album by Flex Entertainment superstar Lil Squeaky released on March 26. It features artists like Young Seagull, 2Maajor, Kid Floral, Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Flexer and White Fury. The album was met with varied reception with some saying it was the best Flex Entertainment release ever with its more "serious" sounding approach, focused lyrical themes, and genre experimentation, while others criticized it for its more serious approach and subject matters which came across as corny to some, and many consider it one of Squeaky's most polarizing releases.

The album also ended up in some controversy as some people outside of Flex believed the album featured tracks and songs about them. It was perceived as a diss track album by some as well, specifically due to the tracks "All That Jazz" and "Nothing Ages Well". Squeaky left the label in April 2021, keeping his reasons for leaving mostly ambiguous. It is assumed that he left in order to ease tension.

As time went on however, the album's negative reception has began to die down as people began to realize that the album wasn't really about any person in particular other than Lil Squeaky himself. The album is now viewed as it should have always been viewed as, an indie album with personal undertones.

The Story of "Sun Goes Down" (2021)

Lil Squeaky reached out to Beetlebat, telling him he should make an EDM song. This statement got the attention of many people in the Flex Discord Server, becoming a short lived copy pasta. Squeaky sent him a tropical house instrumental to use and Beetle worked on it for about a month. He asked his friend Ben Riggle to hop on the track as he was a big fan of electronic house music. Beetle announced the track on March 26, 2021. It was released a day later. A remix was later made by Canadian producer 5ach!† and was released on May 28th and received mixed reviews. A music video originally wasn’t planned to happen but it ended up being considered after they decided to meet up in Indianapolis. Beetle and Riggle met up in Indianapolis on June 30 to film a music video for the single. The music video was filmed at an Indianapolis Marriott Downtown hotel. It features Beetle and Riggle performing the song at various places like their room, garden, and lake. It is a vlog style visual where the two artists hold the camera themselves. It was finally released on July 9. It was praised by the Flex community, cementing itself as Flex’s song of the summer.

Tha Shop: Biker Gang Rolls In (2021)

In January 17, 2021, Bike along with Flex Entertainment executive Yung Lambo started the short-lived collective "Biker Gang". The collective became less known for its music and more known for Bike and Lambo's constant arguing about how the collective should be run, before its eventual demise. A day later the collective released "Biker Gang Sings The Classics" inspired by Lil Squeaky's April 2020 live mixtape "Squeaky Sings The Classics" the project. Bike ended up leaving the collective in May of 2021, the collective officially disbanded on August 23rd 2021.

On March 12, 2021, Bike released his long awaited debut studio album "Tha Shop", inspired by Bike's discord server of the same name, creatively directed and executive produced by Yung Lambo. The album contained features from Hood Guy, Lil Sperm, Young Seagull, Yung Lambo, LEGGOLAND and Lil Squeaky. The album was released to positive reception; however, as time went by, listeners began to reconsider their opinions and began attributing most of the album's quality and enjoyability to Yung Lambo's direction.

Disco Crips: A failed experiment (2021)

Disco Crips were a band created in the aftermath of Lil Squeaky leaving Flex in mid-2021. The band was intended as an experiment to bring some much needed creativity into the Flex community which at the time was in a drought. The Disco Crips would release 3 singles that year, those being a self titled song, "All my Love" and "Slide". A song titled "Scaled and Icy" was released in between All my Love and Slide but it was deleted by Hood Guy due to the song being "complete ass".

"im gay" by Yung Lambo (2021)

On April 4, 2021, a song was uploaded on the Flex Entertainment YouTube channel called "im gay" by Yung Lambo. It was set to premiere on Christmas day. The origins of the video are unknown. However, it premiered earlier than expected two days later. The few people who saw the video were left confused. After its premiere, it was private. Lambo claimed to have no involvement in the video.

XandroR2 vs. Freddie Gibbs (2021)

Freddie Gibbs got into one of many arguments on Twitter on April 26, 2021. One of the arguments happened to be with former Flex Entertainment artist and designer XandroR2. Gibbs tweeted "I don't tell grown men to shut up unless I plan on knocking they teeth out. Who's Next." Xandro responded "I think its bet for you to take a break from social media." To his shock, Gibbs responded to Xandro with the tweet "I think u should eat a dick. Who's next." Xandro responded again with "im 15 wtf" trying to indicate that Gibbs was telling a minor to suck one. He didn't respond after this. It is highly likely that Freddie isn't a weirdo like that.

The Tree of My Own Pee (2021)

The Tree of my Own Pee was an album released by the band Depp Gibbs in June of 2021. The album was seen by many to possibly be the greatest Flex album of 2021 thus far due to it's strange sampling, vocal performances and creativity. The album would slowly lose attention though as the year went on.

The Death of Lil Joof (2021)

Lil Joof was one of many plotagon artists in Flex Entertainment. He announced he would be taking a hiatus in July of 2021 to help out his hometown of JoofWorld. Unfortunately, Jewfree passed away on July 10, 2021 due to a blean (bleach+lean) overdose when he was at a house party. His cousin, Bil Doof made an official statement. The statement read: "Last night, something really terrible happened. I was at a house party with Joof last night in Joofworld, Otepez. He was tired so he decided to take a nap in one of the bedrooms. I had come to check on Joof since he was asleep and he was breathing fine, but the second time I checked on him, he stopped breathing and he was unresponsive. Unfortunately, I later fond out that Lil Joof overdosed on Blean. With a heavy heart, it really saddens me to say that Lil Joof is dead. The loss of a true hip hop savior is simply devastating. He was a great man who brought back mumble rap. We take this moment today to reminisce on the good memories we've had with him and his music will live on through our hearts. Thank you for reading. You will never be forgotten, Joof. We will miss you. R.I.P. Jewfree "LIl Joof" Dickinson. 2003-2021. 2D Girls Rule and 3D Girls Drool. #LLLJ."

A compilation album "JOOFPACK #RIPBOZO" was released on November 19, 2021 to celebrate his memory.

Flex Entertainment vs. Mr. Ice (2021-2022)

The information in this section takes place during a specific period in Flex history. Do not insult or bash anyone involved as the matter is no longer a problem. Scroll down forward to see how it was resolved.

Mr. Ice was an artist signed to Flex Entertainment during late 2020. He was initially praised by almost all Flex artists for his great vocal performances on tracks and his interesting sense of humor. He was also a part of the "gif poster movement" alongside WT, Lil Meat, BigVladminVEVO, Yung Benji, Matt Denton, and Lil Sperm during early 2021. Down the line in mid 2021, Mr. Ice was kicked from Flex Entertainment during a roster cleaning due to his behavior in the Discord server with him often spamming gifs and using inappropriate language.

This lead to Mr. Ice sending in many "alts" into the Flex discord server to attempt to get himself unbanned by the staff team by overwhelming them. He thought it was unfair that other gif posters like WT and Lil Sperm weren't kicked but he was. These alts would display inappropriate names and profiles that would spam nasty images in the general chat and spam ping the executives. The executives needed to put their foot down and prevent this from occurring more. Similar to the Saint Goose raids of 2020, Flex decided to make an unapproved role for newly joined users. This would prevent Mr. Ice from causing a scene. He has managed to slip a few alts in here but he eventually stopped the method. He would instead spy on Flex but not engage in conversation with normal looking accounts. He wasn't a fan of people insulting or mentioning him so Flex worked to prevent people from speaking about him.

From the summer of 2021 to the spring of 2022, Mr. Ice would continually bash and intimidate Flex Entertainment on his Instagram and YouTube page. He started releasing musical parodies and albums of popular songs about wanting to be unbanned and attacking Flex. Some of these songs had fake features from Flex artists. He would also edit popular content of his to display fake Flex Entertainment music in the thumbnail and title. This was a method used to mock Flex when you search it up. A collective he was formerly associated with would also use Mr. Ice's name and do many vile acts under it against Flex including being transphobic to people on Twitter as well as making various vulgar gifs surrounding Flex.

In 2022, it was found after a conversation with Mr. Ice suggested by Beetle that he indeed had not been responsible for a few of the allegations that had been placed against him during mid-2021. There were other people who had done those vile acts like using distributers to upload fake music to music platforms under the Flex Entertainment name. It would usually involve Frankie Grande or evil Markiplier displays. It's almost like he was used like a pawn by these people to get something out of Flex. He hopes to disassociate with this group and potentially stop them. He also apologized for his behavior with the alts. Due to this, Mr. Ice was given a second chance and after a few months will be given the chance to be let back into the community if he so chooses. Beetle proposed this in order to teach him a lesson and give him time to focus on becoming a better person as his obsession with Flex was taking a toll on him.

On June 15, 2022, Mr. Ice was brought back into the Flex Entertainment discord server, a year after his ban.

The Rise of Lil Stuart Little (2021)

Stuart contributed a song to Flex Gang, Vol. 3 with Young Seagull & Interbrain called Cheddar. Many people enjoyed the track, saying it was one of their favorites on the album. Paul Harrison The Music Reviewer gave a more negative review, asking why people liked it, and that it scared the shit out of him. Ivan Knight also gave the song 3 out of 5 stars on his reaction channel, being taken very off guard by Stuart's verse. Stuart would then feature on a few projects, including Lil Soz's Soz-OP and CRZFawkz's Ugandan Bands 2. In April 2021, he dropped a single called Cheese. It was a lukewarm hit. He then dropped another single with CRZFawkz called Fool For That.

On July 3rd, 2021, Stuart finally announced the cover and tracklist of his debut album, The Mouse LP. It includes singles like Thicc Ass Mouse Shawty! and Cheese. It was released on July 9, and got a very mixed reception. Some say it's the best album ever made, while some gave it a 0-1/100, calling it "Unlistenable", "The worst thing i've ever heard", etc. Stuart then announced a deluxe edition with 9 more songs, coming on July 13, 2021 on YouTube and SoundCloud, and services on July 15th. The album was a success for Stuart, clocking in over two thousand views on YouTube overall.

Beetlebat's Rumored Debut Album: The Middle (2021)

Beetlebat was highly speculated to release an album called "The Middle" in 2021 after former Flex Entertainment artist Lil Squeaky revealed a "tracklist" for the project. The tracklist featured appearances from a wide variety of artists from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to former Flex Entertainment artist Amazing Blizzard. Beetle confirmed the album was not happening.

Payden McKnight: A Comeback Story (2021)

Payden McKnight, formerly known as Ya Boy Payden, returned to the Flex community after claiming that “Flex would crash and burn to the ground by the end of 2021” at the end the previous year. He brought J Coyn Drive, his now best friend, back to the server with him. In June, Mosquito made a proposal that if J Coyn returned to the label, he would become an executive of the label. He accepted this offer and soon had the idea that Payden should also join back and become an executive due to his creative ideas. Payden would accept this offer and join the label once more.

Once signing back, Payden wasted no time and immediately started rolling out his second mixtape titled "Payden Saves the World" with various snippets on his social media platforms that ended with the date of July 30. He released his first singles back in the label "WARZONE" produced by world renowned producer and Discord personality A.J. and the solo version of "AYE" on July 16. "WARZONE" and "AYE debuted at No. 18 and No. 72 respectively. He announced the title and release date for his mixtape, the release date being July 30, 2021. The third single for the mixtape "MIAMI (Hotline)" with sampled vocals and stolen beat from J Coyn Drive was released on July 23. It debuted at No. 5, becoming his highest debut on the chart.

Upon release, "Payden Saves The World" received mixed reviews from critics. The tape was praised for its production, but its concept and lyricism was criticized for being underwritten and corny. Despite the reception, it made a significant impact on getting Payden's name out there. Every song debuted in the Top 50, competing with WT's "Thank U Next 2." The three singles reached the top 5 on the release week. The following week, "PAPERCUT" with Lil Toy Yoda leaped to the number one spot on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 after a massive streaming surge, becoming his first career number one. Its consistent success is due to its inclusion on various twenty-one pilots playlists as it includes a sample of one of their unreleased songs "I Need Something (To Kill Me)." To this day, it is still one of his most streamed songs on Spotify due to this.

Also Payden's song "MIAMI (HOTLINE 2)" got Payden into some deep controversy as many criticized Flex admin CRZFawkz for "stretching" the thumbnail of the music video and making Payden look like he had no lips.

Suck 'Em vs Drippin' (2021)

In summer 2022, Lil Sperm and Hood Guy had a battle over which of their songs would get more views. These songs were "Suck Em" by Hood Guy and "Drippin'" by Lil Sperm. Eventually Drippin' would win the battle but Suck Em would continue to be very close behind, though Suck Em is viewed in a much more favorable light in the Flex community.

Lil Flexer's Arrest (2021)

On August 23, Flexer's Instagram posted a photo reading "This is Lil Flexer's management. As you may have heard earlier this year, Flexer has been arrested and sent to prison. As a member of his management team, We are putting together the last group of songs he had recorded before his arrest. #FREEFLEXER". This post confirmed what Flexer had stated earlier on his Twitter that year in regards to his arrest. Not much is known about Flexer's whereabouts since.

Swamp Forever: The Ogre strikes Back (2021)

On July 23rd, Lambo released his newest single THE BAD 81T3H , which featured an accompanying music video.

On August 6, Lambo announced the release date for his second studio album "SWAMP FOREVER" on Twitter, the date being August 20, 2021. The album was released to positive reception, with listeners praising the improved rapping and catchy sample-based production, as well as the strange and experimental touches throughout the album.

SITUATION: A complicated legacy (2021)

In summer 2021, Lil Squeaky would announce his fourth studio album titled "SITUATION". Not much was known at the time about the album other than the title and a leaked snippet of "CYBERBULLY" which was played in calls occasionally. The original release date for the album was the one year anniversary of God Mode, however the album was not ready by the time that date rolled around. Lil Squeaky states that he listened to various underground and cloud rap playlists as he made this album while getting constantly high off of energy drinks.

The album would finally release on September 3, 2021. There would be a listening party for it although nobody in Flex was pinged for it as at this point in time, Lil Squeaky was signed to the boyband juicyflail and not in Flex Entertainment and due to this, only hardcore fans would end up joining the call. The initial reception was decently positive, most people enjoyed the trap bangers on the album and while there was general criticism for it not living up to the hype or it's predecessor "In Development", it was still generally enjoyed.

This would all change as famed Gremlin and wretched beast of a man known as Yung "Michael Clarkson" Lambo would begin a hate train on the album, claiming it was "mid" and "boring" and the features were ass. Most people began to agree with this statement and soon the album was reviled in Flex. Eventually, people would begin coming around on the album and nowadays it's even in contention for some people as the best Squeaky album.

Infection 2 (2021)

On October 8, Mosquito released his fourth studio album "Infection 2". The album was a direct sequel to it's 2019 predecessor and features a wide variety of Flex Entertainment artists. The album was met with mixed reception as many saw it as a comeback to Mosquito's original sound but others thinking it did not go far enough into the Infection style.

iKnight Radio: A massive improvement (2021)

In early October 2021, Payden McKnight announced that he would release his third mixtape in December. He began the rollout with the first single and music video "Ghost Pepper Salad" on October 8, 2021. The theme of the rollout was that he would release a new single and music video every Friday at 7:00 PM PST with the mysterious titling of 101.2. This run of singles would end on December 10th with the release of "IKnight Radio." The next two singles "Breezy" and "One-Sided" got released on the 15th and 22nd respectively. These three singles didn't end up making the mixtape but were included on the first extended play titled "101.2 (001-003)." The next few singles were "Ceiling Fan", "Raindrops and Butterflies", and "Loophole" which were released on October 29th, November 5th, and November 12th. These few singles all got complied on a second extended play "101.2 (004-006)."

Before Payden was able to release any more singles, a tragedy occurred. World renowned Discord raider Mr Ice leaked a version of future single "BUMP THIS" with the title "BUMP DIS". His version of the song was acquired via Flex opens chat and features Mr Ice singing in his elegant voice about the Flex discord server. It also contains a demo verse from Payden. The leak of the song actually ended up creating hype for the future single and even caused people at Payden's school to start chanting "fuck Mr Ice" throughout the hallways. Payden would go on his IG story to report about the leak of his song stating that he was "in danger of his life" with many rants to follow.

The next singles to be released were "Neighborhood", the infamous "BUMP THIS" and "Insanity" which were all become hits and were released on November 19th, November 26th, and December 3rd. They would be included on another extended play "101.2 (007-009)." The songs that actually ended up on the official mixtape were "Ceiling Fan", "Loophole", "Bump This", and "Insanity."

"iKnight Radio" was initially released to positive reception from critics and fans alike, and was considered to be one of the best Flex Entertainment releases from 2021. Out of all its elements, the concept was praised the most for its radio-like vibe that The Weeknd allegedly stole with "Dawn FM." The concept was said to be a massive improvement over his previous mixtape "Payden Saves the 57w1zard". Over the next few months however, many Finnish men came out with more negative reception towards it, criticizing the lyrical content of the mixtape. iKnight Radio is his most commercially successful release to date, with every track debuting in the top 20. "Ceiling Fan" become a sleeper hit, peaking at No. 5 on the Hot 100. "Insanity" is also receiving a push on streaming platforms, peaking at No. 12 so far.

Neighborhood would become a huge YouTube hit after infamous hip hop channel Hip-Hop HQ would include it in his "Worst Songs of 2021" video. Many YouTubers would react to the song due to it being in the video, laughing their asses off about this ginger kid saying he is in Wakanda.

Bike's Fun Adventure: Sorry, We're Closed! (2021-22)

Tending Bike left the label on April 23, 2021 but signed back on May 3, 2021. Eight days later he made the decision to depart from the label for good and had no intentions on returning anytime soon. Bike started his own label called Bike Shop Records on October 27th, 2021. Bike Shop Records ended a month later after Bike sold the label to Embee. He would release his second studio album "Bike's Fun Adventure" on November 12, 2021. The album was universally clowned and panned by critics. It had a user score of 5 at one point, making it one of the most hated albums in the community. It was criticized for how lazy, uninteresting, and unfunny it was. The backlash caused Tending Bike to leave the internet for two months. Squeaky was the only person who defended the album, giving it a 5/10. By 2022, Squeaky continued to work with Bike to improve his craft and give him more motivation. Bike was inspired by Squeaky's constant release schedule that he started releasing singles almost every week. Beetle recognized Bike's hustle even if he didn't like the songs. The possibility of letting him back in Flex was declined by the executive team at the time. But on April 26, Mosquito signed Bike back to the Flex Entertainment.

The Last of the 2016 SoundCloud Meme Rappers (2021)

In late 2021, Flex Entertainment signed Lil Kori Da Fine$$e Kidd, a rapper popular in the SoundCloud meme rap scene. He was part of the grand Soundcloud meme rapper signing period where artists like boen, Lil Jxck, Kid Judo, and Lil Henjin were brought into Flex. Kori was initially very well received, being the leading part of the Flex Gang Cypher, and someone with various connections. But in coming months, the majority of the label grew to despise Kori, due to his anger issues and refusal to change his flow in his music. He became embroiled in beef with fellow SoundCloud rapper Lil Jxck, as well as a mysterious individual named Avo. Kori has since departed the label in rage for being server muted in the call. It is not known what Kori has been up to since then, but legend says he is still shouting out XOXOCOURON, Shortbus Clique and SMEET GANG.

Gucci Swamp: An unlikely icon (2021-22)

After Mosquito's wisdom tooth surgery, he was unable to make music for several weeks. Due to this he decided to begin working on a project with Yung Lambo and Hood Guy. The project was the long awaited collab album between the two Flex titans called "Gucci Swamp". The album was made in a week with Mosquito producing almost every song with Looperman loops and vocals. The album was released to great acclaim as many were entertained by the insane and weird samples, vocals and performances from Lambo and Hood Guy. Brad would later shout the album out on one of his "Songs that Aged Poorly" videos leading to the album blowing up on YouTube and receiving over 2K views in a few months.

Lil Squeaky Returns To Flex Entertainment (2022)

Lil Squeaky signed back to Flex Entertainment in January 2022 to the surprise of many, with no prior announcement. On January 15, Squeaky released his comeback in the form of a double single titled "THE RETURN / PETER PAN." The double single was met with generally positive reception, with a lot of people praising THE RETURN for being a return to form from the rushed NARCISSIST / Kanye Pooh EP. Squeaky announced another single, "Undercover" featuring Thick & Thin, which was rejected by Distrokid for its copyrighted cover art. Instead of releasing it on the intended release date, however, Squeaky surprise-dropped the long-awaited "Menace 5," featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Tending Bike, and Lil Stuart Little. The song and its music video were released on January 21 to positive reception. "Menace 5" became his highest charting song on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, peaking at number 2. Shortly after, he announced his fifth mixtape The Sex Tape, set to release in early 2022. He released "UNDERCOVER" featuring Thick & Thin, on January 28, which peaked at number 6.

On February 5, Lil Squeaky released not one, but two mixtapes. The Sex Tape and the Scary Mixtape, the latter of which was dropped a few hours after the the first. The Sex Tape was met with mostly positive reception (with the exception of the well-known police officer Yung Lambo and mass murderer "Jackson" who told Squeaky to make rage songs then didn't like the tape) as many praised the tape for going back to a more fun sounding and energetic Lil Squeaky, as well as praising the rage influence and feature performances from Tending Bike, Voda Wake and Lil Mosquito Disease. The Scary Mixtape had more varied mixtape as many were "too scared" after listening to it. Soon after the release of these projects, Squeaky went to Twitter to state that his next project would be his "most based, artsy, introspective, and positive one yet". Squeaky announced in March that his new album would be titled Art, set to release sometime in the spring, and he proclaimed the album would be the "most positive album in the history of Flex Entertainment and the internet rap scene," telling fans to "prepare to embrace the based philosophy." The lead single "Only One" featuring Hood Guy was released on March 18. The album was announced for an April 15 release.

Yung Garfield Steps Down As Executive (2022)

Yung Garfield had been an executive for Flex Entertainment since November of 2020. During this period, he had been demoted and repromoted several times without doing all that much for the community in general. His inactivity and lack of responsibility was criticized by the other executives except Mosquito. Beetle believed that Garfield would be better as a moderator and not someone who represents Flex. Mosquito defended Garfield heavily by claiming he has had writers block, family issues, school issues, and health issues. Beetle built on his point and said that should be enough of a reason for him to demoted if he can’t be an active leader. Mosquito still wouldn’t budge and was afraid of upsetting Garfield, potentially losing a friendship. Garfield finally came online to address his inactivity. He agreed with Beetle that he shouldn’t be executive and asked for Mosquito to remove his role. Despite Garfield’s request, Mosquito begged Garfield to reconsider his decision. Garfield declined and left the server so his role would be removed. He is currently a moderator for the server.

Lil Sperm: Professional Sleeper (2022)

Lil Sperm was an artist who had been signed to Flex since November of 2020, but by April of 2022, he had only released two songs under the label. Many questioned why he was even in the label anymore, stating that he seems to do nothing but sleep all day. Many no longer consider him a rapper, but more of a media personality and "professional sleeper". Sperm has also been criticized for his behavior in the community, allegedly refusing to interact with the greater community and hiding in "Private Calls", where he sits in silence in the voice chat listening to Aphex Twin albums, occasionally with the entire band of Depp Gibbs joining in. These calls were dubbed "The Silent Calls". This situation was ended swiftly when Yung Lambo, Yung Garfield and a mysterious man named Zanpook joined the Silent Call and forced Lil Sperm out of hibernation. Since then, Sperm has been waking up and joining calls more often.

The Life of Stuart: A Second Win (2022)

After the poor commercial success of "12 Stuart", the general community seemed to forget about Stuart. The second studio album didn't produce any hits, and looked to be a sophomore slump. It seemed like people were getting tired of the same formula he was using each song.

Stuart stayed quiet until February 7th, 2022, when he released the single "Pushin Cheese" with Yung BINK$. It was a parody of "Pushin P" by Gunna, a popular song at the time. The song is currently his second most successful single after Telephone Callin, having nearly 600 combined views on YouTube between the audio and music video. He released 2 more songs, Dreamin Pt. 1 and Dreamin, Pt. 2, as a double single on February 18th, 2022. He then announced a new album titled The Life Of Stuart on February 28th, followed by the tracklist on March 2nd. It was revealed to be 19 songs, being the longest Stuart album that isn't a deluxe edition.

The album released on March 3rd, 2022 at 11PM EST to very divided reception. While some called it fire and gave it an 80/100, it was also seen as horrid. The album exploded in popularity when the famous music reviewer Brad Taste in Music, also known as Big Baller B, reviewed the album and gave it high praise. The album was then heavily analyzed by a mob of Brad Taste fans, causing Stuart's popularity to skyrocket. Following the album's explosion in popularity, Stuart released a deluxe edition, as well as a music video for the "Cents" remix featuring Lil Squeaky and Lil Soz, as well as a music video for "Numa Numa."

Beetlebat Is Innocent (2022)

Beetle had been inactive on his YouTube channel since the end of 2021. He also hadn't released a song since "Sun Goes Down" in March of 2021 other than a remix of it in May 28th. People were wondering if he had stopped making music entirely. On April 6, 2022, Beetle returned from his hiatus with a trailer titled "MISS ME?" It features Beetle walking around a beach and a hotel in Destin, Florida. At the end of the clip, sirens can be heard with Beetle walking backwards in confusion. The clip cuts to the announcement of the single with the cover art displaying Beetle and his "mugshot." The single would be released on April 8, 2022, at 3 PM eastern time.

The song is a fictional story about Beetle being accused of harassing a woman on the beach. Beetle declares the reasons he is innocent by being a man of faith, the woman having no proof, and his claim of being at the pool when the alleged incident happened. He also claims that the woman knows he has a lot of cash so she knows she could profit. Beetle is declared innocent by the end of the song. Beetle went into more depth about the song in a vlog he released in Destin. He originally wasn't going to release the song as a lead single but due to complications, he decided it was the best choice. He wanted to create a hype anthem that differs from his more lowkey pop rap material. He was afraid the lyric "Cuz you’re just trying to scam me and be another me too" would raise some ears. He explained that he supported the women who had gone through legitimate harassment and opposed the ones who were faking it to ruin someone's reputation. The song is against the ones who fake these claims.

The music video for “Innocent” was released on April 8, 2022, alongside the single. It was filmed in Destin, Florida. It features Beetle, a Karen, a judge, and various backup dancers. Beetle poses in several scenes rapping the song. One scene shows Beetle and the Karen at court debating the case. It is declared that Beetle was innocent in the case as the Karen leaves the scene at the end. The video was well received, amassing three-hundred views and forty likes in twenty-four hours. This makes it his fastest growing video since the music video for "Physics" in 2020. It has one-thousand views as of May 2022.

A remix of the song with Lil Squeaky, Tending Bike, and SWAGMAN67 was released on May 9, exclusively to the Flex Entertainment YouTube channel.

MidWorld Chronicles: Lil Squeaky vs. The Gremlin (2022)

Yung Lambo was once known as a Lil Squeaky superfan, scrobbling his songs thousands of times. When Squeaky released his fourth album "Situation", Lambo switched up and started calling everything he made "mid." Lambo changed Squeaky's tier list ranking from S tier to C tier. Squeaky felt insulted by this and wondered what led to Lambo switching his opinion. Lambo says that the trap formula he has been doing is played out and boring. Squeaky invented the term "MidWorld" used for when the general public thinks the music you make is middle of the road. Squeaky went on a quest to make music that isn't "mid." On March 11, 2022, Lil Squeaky and Hood Guy released a diss track on Yung Lambo, titled "Back 2 Back". Following the diss, the beef remained dormant for several weeks. Then, Squeaky released another diss track on Yung Lambo remixing Kodak Black's "Super Gremlin." The song was received positive reviews and he claimed that Lambo wouldn't respond. Days later, Lambo released a response to Squeaky's diss a remix of "Ima Dogg" by NLE Choppa. The song received negative reviews. Squeaky started referring to Lambo as "The Gremlin." On April 3, 2022, Hood Guy released his diss track, "I Hate Hood Guy", which dissed Lambo along with many other artists. On April 10, 2022, Squeaky released his fifth studio album "Art" to positive reviews from critics. Lambo gave the album an 8/10, allowing Squeaky to escape MidWorld.

Tom Macdonald Stan Accounts and Tom's White Knights (2022)

On March 18, 2022, several Flex discord members including Lil Mosquito Disease, Royal Flush, Twisted Wizard and Yung Snoozy were in general VC shitposting on fake Tom Macdonald stan Instagram accounts they had made. The accounts were abandoned shortly, but they gave Twisted Wizard an idea to make music with Flush and Snoozy based on the ideology of the accounts. That day, Tom's White Knights was born. On March 26, 2022, just eight days later, the group released their debut single, "Red, White, and Blue (The Effects Of Watching Turning Red)". This track used a generic white-rap instrumental, a bass boosted, distorted chorus, and several highly offensive and bigoted statements (all in jest). The track received positive reception from the few who listened to it. At this point, none of these three artists had been signed to Flex, however they were all eventually signed, the last being Yung Snoozy on April 27.

The group's second single, "American Power" was released on April 19, to mass fanfare. The track featured more of a country sound, complete with Flush and Twisted donning over-exaggerated Southern accents and an autotuned-to-hell improvised Yung Lambo feature. The third and final single, titled "White Hot Rage" was released a month later. The track features the knights detailing how they murdered three Tom Macdonald haters in cold blood. The track received mixed reviews.

The group is expected to release their debut album, "Killing The Neighbors And Red Pandas" in the summer of 2022. This will be their only album, due to a mutual agreement by the three members to not milk the idea of a Tom MacDonald fan boy band.

Art: The Rat is Back (2022)

On April 15, famed stripper and Flex artist Lil Squeaky released his fifth studio album titled "Art". It featured various beat switches, interesting production choices, hard hitting and based bars and lyricism and varied and diverse feature performances. The album was released to very positive reception from the fans and critics alike, breaking Lil Squeaky out of MidWorld and making it acceptable for people to proudly enjoy Lil Squeaky again. There was a very small minority who thought the features were bad, but for the most part those consisted of washed up hyperpop artists.

Flex Entertainment vs. Gif Posters vs. PENIS GANG (2022)

After making up with Mr. Ice in April, Flex Entertainment decided the next move was to speak to MartianBoy. He is a former member of the discord server who went on to join the infamous collective Penis Gang. There was doubt from Lambo that they would be able to make up with MartianBoy as he is less mature than Mr. Ice. Beetle still believed that there is a chance to do so with the right words and approach. On May 27, 2022, Mosquito told the group that his unreleased song for Flex Gang, Vol. 4 “MR FLEX” was scheduled to be released on June 3 without his knowledge. The first and most obvious suspect of who leaked it was WT. He was the only one in the Gif Posters group who could access the Vol. 3 chat. Mosquito dmed WT. WT explained that he did leak the song as a joke but he didn’t distribute it. He blamed MartianBoy for the song being distributed. Plans for a meeting with the man were then arranged. It was unknown if the song was a cover or the actual Mosquito song. The fear was the song being leaked and all of his followers hearing it before its release. This is similar to the leak of Payden McKnight’s “Bump This” which Mr. Ice was responsible for. This meeting would be composed of the Flex Entertainment executives (Beetle, Jake, Mosquito, Payden, & Lambo), former gifposter Sperm, WT, and MartianBoy. The meeting was scheduled for May 29.

On May 29, Mosquito, Beetle, and Lambo started the call. MartianBoy didn’t join the meeting, who was assumed to be sleeping. They rescheduled the meeting in the evening. MartianBoy still didn’t show up or respond to any messages. They started analyzing the situation more by dividing people into groups. It was Flex Entertainment with the support of the Gifposters (Mr. Ice, WT, Matt Denton, Lil Meat, BigVladminVEVO, Yung Benji) vs. Penis Gang (MartianBoy/Yung Vice/kaseii, Tongs/yung ca$io, Yung Lasagna/j4ko, luvroxu, & Voda Wake). The Gifposters were the ones using evil Markiplier, satanic imagery, Frankie Grande, and sexual imagery. Voda Wake and Tongs are credited as the owners of Penis Gang. Yung Lasagna is a former Flex Entertainment artist who was exposed as 57W1ZARD back in 2020, evading his ban. Voda Wake was also a former Flex Entertainment community member who was banned due to being underage for Discord. He became friends with Penis Gang. Fliptard was a former member of the collective but had departed months ago. After the meeting failed to occur, Mosquito tried to reach out to Spotify who couldn’t help with his request. The only way to stop the distribution is the distributor themselves. They needed to find who distributed the song before it was too late. Beetle originally saw MartianBoy as someone who was all talk but wouldn’t discuss his differences with them due to him not answering their requests.

On May 30, MartianBoy finally responded in the group chat, claiming that he didn’t distribute Mr. Flex. He did admit that he distributed the single “666 I Hate Flex '' under axxturel. He didn’t intend for it to be under the Mosquito name though. He said that he uses UnitedMasters and the “10006 D..1” album was posted under Routenote. WT was confirmed to use DistroKid. MartianBoy also said that he was done messing with Flex as a whole, leaving him out of the question. He claimed Yung Lasagna had no involvement. Mr Ice denied that he distributed his Frankie Grande songs under Flex Entertainment with UnitedMasters. The suspects were looking to be Tongs or luvroxu. The conversation picked up later in the day where Mosquito added Lil Meat to question him. Mr Ice and WT also jumped in. Meat denied that he was involved. The use of a donkey in the cover art pointed towards a Gifposter. Meat pointed fingers toward someone using the Annoying Orange pfp who had been offline and knew about Flex. Fliptard was confirmed out of the picture, wanting to step away from gifposting and forget it. Benji was brought into the picture. Mosquito offered to message Benji, who also denied it. Mosquito and Beetle listened to the album for clues. It was getting to the point where all the suspects were being clear, leading to someone potentially lying.

Beetle messaged Tongs on SoundCloud who confirmed it wasn’t him. Annoying Orange was added into the group for questioning but didn’t respond On June 1, Mosquito announced that the song had been removed from distribution. Whoever did it must have seen that Mosquito was in a panic, felt bad, and stopped it. It was likely someone who was in the group chat. After his help in the case, Mr. Ice was brought back into the Flex Entertainment discord server on June 15. The other Gif Posters and PENIS GANG could return in the future.

The Revival of Lil Joof? (2022)

On May 12, 2022, an account under the name Jewfreechan joined the Flex Entertainment Discord server, claiming to be Lil Joof. The community was confused by this as it was assumed he passed away in July of last year from blean. The speculation was either his death was faked or this was an imposter. The way this Joof behaved was super similar to the original Joof with an identical way of speaking and mind blowing knowledge of past events. It is unknown who could be controlling this account or if this is the real Joof himself.

As of June 13, 2022, nothing appears to have been released from this new Joof.

The Mid-Posters (2022-present)

After the fallout of the Gifposters who ended up growing out of the habit, a new group that ruled Flex's general chat formed from the common hip hop insult "mid." The first major incident came from Lambo sending Squeaky to MidWorld until he broke out with "Art." Since that moment, Squeaky became apart of the problem itself. He started reacting to various messages with a nerd emoji which would become a common trait of a Mid-Poster. These people would insult people's opinions and spread negativity. Some of the existing Mid-Posters are Lil Pinecone, Big Twigey, and Lil Soz. This group would cause Payden to become less distant in the Flex community. Any take he would deliver in the takes & tiers would receive unnecessary criticism. It led to Payden banning Twigey from the server entirely out of anger. Soz attempted to make a campaign to unban Twigey but nobody seemed to care. Emoji spam is also a trait for Mid-Posters similar to excessive gifs from Gif-Posters.