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The Flex Entertainment Fan Server is the official Discord server for Flex Entertainment members and others related to the collective. It was created by Yung Schmoobin and Lil Mosquito Disease on October 10, 2019. It is the successor of the private FlexCord server, created early 2019 for only signed members, that is now archived. It is where Flex Entertainment operates and connects. The most common activities including voice calls, gaming, listening parties, and crown battles. Throughout its two-year existence, it has been a platform for Flex's most legendary and controversial moments.

Notable Members (current)[]

  • Yung Lambo
  • Interbrain
  • CRZFawkz
  • Lil Squeaky
  • Lil Mosquito Disease
  • Depp Gibbs
  • Lil Pinecone
  • beetlebat
  • Skawt
  • Big Baller B
  • Big Twigey
  • White Fury
  • Young Seagull
  • Embee
  • Lil Sperm
  • J Coyn Drive
  • Payden McKnight
  • WT (Muted)
  • sammythefish
  • Hood Guy
  • Tending Bike
  • Lil Expired Lettuce
  • Submarine Man
  • Gillbert
  • boen
  • Yung Garfield
  • Lil Jxck
  • Schwizzle


Information Channels[]


This channel displays a template for when a member joins or leaves the Flex Entertainment discord server. It is useful for moderators to track who has joined the server within the last few days during an alternate account incident.

Rules And Info[]

This channel displays the basic rules and information on the Flex Entertainment discord server. There is a list of the staff team, rules, and a form for reporting troubling Discord users.


This channel is for Flex artists to announce upcoming releases, milestones, and other statements. The channel was infamously deleted by Hood Guy on March 21, 2021. It was unable to be recovered so Flex was forced to create a new channel. Hood Guy's moderator permissions were removed.

Flex Uploads[]

This channel is for members of the server to be alerted when a new video from a Flex artist was uploaded to YouTube.


This channel is an alternate announcements chat for less important messages. It isn't used as often as the main channel with tweets from the Flex Entertainment twitter account being the primary user.


This channel is for server members to create polls for others to respond with Discord reactions like thumbs up or thumbs down.


This channel is for server members to assign themselves roles like stan roles, ping roles, pronouns, and descriptions.


This channel is used to highlight the funniest or most important messages in the Flex Entertainment discord server. For a message to be featured, it must have at least two stars reacted to it. The user with the most starred messages is Gillbert, a bot who speaks like a member of the server.

Flex Servers[]

This channel is used for server members to share their personal or associated Discord servers with everyone.

Text Channels[]


This channel is the primary chatting ground in the Flex Entertainment server. It is the most active channel of all time with over one million messages sent.

Flex Submissions[]

This channel is for aspiring musicians to send in their music in hopes of being signed to Flex Entertainment.

Self Promo[]

This channel is for the server's artists to advertise their music. It mostly used by non-Flex Entertainment artists to generate traffic to their material.

Off Topic[]

This channel is an alternate channel to General for different topics to be discussed in comparison to other chatting ground. It was originally created to stop MC Icy and Embee from talking about their own Icy Records label in the Flex Entertainment discord server. It has also been used to prevent GIF posters from spamming images and copy pastas. It isn't nearly as active as it used to be.

Art Images[]

This channel is used for artists to share their art with the server. The art is rarely good.


This channel is used for gamers in the servers to form parties or discuss games in general. Minecraft Hypixel Bedwars is one of the most popular games played by Flex artists.


This channel is used to share memes for the server to see.


This channel is used to discuss a server members' real-life experiences and moments. It was originally a channel to share each other's pets.

Bump This[]

This channel is used to bump the discord server up the leaderboards for more recognition and traffic.


This channel is used to display the most infamous quotes stated by Flex Entertainment server members.

Takes And Tiers[]

This channel is used to share personal opinions on specific topics from music to movies. It is the third most active channel in the Discord due to its natural form of discussion. Many have described it as the "best" channel.

Bot Commands[]

This channel is used to interact with Discord bots through various commands. It is the second most active channel in the Discord due to the usefulness of the bots. Server members use it to display their most scrobbled artists, albums, and songs. It has also been a ground for crown battles where the member with the most scrobbles on a specific artist, album, or song is awarded the honor. The scrobbles are transmitted from music scrobbling site Last.fm to Discord. Kanye West is the most scrobbled artist in the server with over 70,000 scrobbles and 94 listeners. There are 87 active scrobblers in the server.

Music Channels[]

Music Discussion[]

This channel is for music-based discussion like single or album ratings and reviews. It can also be used to recommend music that one might be interested in discovering.

Samples 'n' Beats[]

This channel is for beat makers and producers to submit their beats or samples for Flex artists to use in their songs.

Music Reviews[]

This channel is for music reviewers to share their full-length reviews on singles or albums. Album of the Year is the most common site that these reviewers use.

Stems, Acapellas, etc[]

This channel is for artists to share stems, acapellas, and more from their released or unreleased tracks. Unfortunately, the channel is very inactive and could be a subject for removal.

Voice Channels[]

Call Chat[]

This is the channel for participants of the voice call to send messages and images. It is also for muted participants to talk.

VC Bot Commands[]

This is the channel for participants of the voice call to play music and files through the Discord bots.

Gallery of Screenshots[]