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EmBee is a British rapper who is mostly known for getting destroyed in Yung Schmoobin and Lil Mosquito Disease's classic diss-track, Meningitis. He also made several terrible diss-tracks against Flex Entertainment including "Dyslexia" and "Bye Flexers". He was also the co-founder and owner of the now-defunct record label "Billion Dollar Records".

On November 2020, EmBee signed to Flex Entertainment during its merge with his label Billion Dollar Records.

EmBee was kicked from Flex Entertainment in late October 2021, however he was signed back in February 2022.

Early Life[]

Not much is even known about EmBee due to his strictness about personal information. He is a really active member on the Flex Entertainment discord server however.



  • Rising (2019)
  • Sounds of the Studio (2020)
  • E.M.B.E.E (2021)
  • E.M.B.E.E 2 (2022)
  • BARTER 7 (with HOOD GUY)


  • The Hip-Hop Files (2020)
  • Studio (2020)
  • Good Ass Job (2021)


  • The Bad Boy 2 (2019)
  • Devils Night, Vol. 1 (2020)
  • Devils Night, Vol. 2 (2020)
  • Devils Night, Vol. 3 (2020)


Title Year Album
Bye Flexers 2019 non-album single
Dyslexia 2019 Rising
Dyslexia Part 2
2019 non-album single
Rising 2019 Rising
Gacha Devil 2019 Rising
Bust Down Freestyle 2019 Rising
San Andreas 2020 non-album single
Relaxin' 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Call Me A Sicko 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
One Minute 2020 non-album single
Wes' Diss 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Got Drip 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Lyricism & Criticism 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Dance Down 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Not Alive 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Coffin 2020 The Hip-Hop Files
Got to Get It 2020 non-album single
Scottish Bagpipes Freestyle 2020 Studio
Pulling Up 2020 non-album single
Run It Up 2020 non-album single
Astronaut 2020 Studio
#ProudMumbleRapper 2021 E.M.B.E.E
Coffin Freestyle 2021 E.M.B.E.E
AT&T 2021 E.M.B.E.E
Freestyle 2021 E.M.B.E.E
Hurricane 2021 E.M.B.E.E
Count Up 2021 Good Ass Job
Genius 2021 Good Ass Job
Futsal Shuffle 2022 2021 Good Ass Job
Wrist 2022 non-album single
Lean 2022 non-album single
Russia Diss Track 2022 non-album single
Dough 2022 E.M.B.E.E 2
Lonely 2022 E.M.B.E.E 2
MC Icy Diss Track 2022 non-album single
Codeine Crazy Dreaming 2022 E.M.B.E.E 2
Oliverbosslol Diss Track 2022 non-album single
Immona (Remix) 2022 non-album single
NSFW (with HOOD GUY) 2022 BARTER 7

Critical reception[]

E.M.B.E.E's old projects and singles from 2019 recieved negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, However his EP, Devils Night, Vol. 1 and his Mixtape The Hip-Hop Files have both recieved mixed-to-positive reviews.