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"Cosby" is a song by American rapper Yung Garfield. It features guest vocals from fellow American rapper Viper. The song was released on June 11, 2020. The song samples the intro of the children's television show "Little Bill." It is one of Garfield's most popular songs to date, and its success spawned a remix featuring Big Baller B and Lil Squeaky, released on July 3, 2020.


"Cosby" was produced by creating a loop using the opening notes of the "Little Bill" theme song, with a drum loop placed over them. The lyrics were Yung Garfield and Lil Squeaky, and Garfield obtained a surprise feature from Viper, who offered to perform the song's hook for twenty dollars. Garfield intended to diss rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again, since Youngboy allegedly stole the beat from Garfield's song "Flex Like Jimmy."

Critical reception[]

"Cosby" received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised the production, the lyrics, and the performances of Garfield and Viper on the song. Garfield gained a newfound following after releasing the song, and the song received multiple shoutouts from the famous Youtuber Brad Taste in Music, who would appear on the remix. The song also received heavy praise from Flex Entertainment executives and affiliates.

Commercial performance[]

"Cosby" debuted and peaked at number 13 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. It has amassed nearly 400 views on Youtube as of July 4, 2020.