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Big Baller Paradise is the debut studio album from American rapper and music critic Big Baller B. It was released on June 7, 2019. It features guest appearances from Kid Patrick, Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Schmoobin.


Brad announced he would be releasing his debut album, hoping that it's better than his negatively panned EP "The Good, The Brad and The Emo." It would include bright synths and smoother production. It also included instrumental tracks like "Lazy River" and "Big Baller Paradise (Outro)." Artists like Lil Mosquito Disease, Yung Schmoobin, and Kid Patrick made appearances on the project.

It was originally going to be called "My Big Baller Paradise." The single "I Took Yo Bitch to the Dentist" was going to be featured but ended up being taken off. "Departure" was the original closing track before being replaced. Other tracks scrapped from the album were named "Super Spritzer", "The Seer Best", "Lost", and "Sandcastles" The third can be found on his SoundCloud account.


  1. "Welcome to the Island"
  2. "Big Baller B Ain't Gotta Pay Rent"
  3. "Hannibal Lecter" (featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
  4. "Is That Yo Girl?"
  5. "Dodge the Popo" (featuring Yung Schmoobin)
  6. "Fantano"
  7. "Lazy River"
  8. "Hating" (feat. Kid Patrick)
  9. "I Got the Evidence"
  10. "Hookada Bookada" (featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
  11. "Big Baller Paradise (Outro)"


The singles from this album were "Is That Yo Girl?" and "Hookada Bookada."


Big Baller Paradise features more streamlined and smooth production than most Flex Entertainment albums. It features low 808s and trap beats.


Upon release, Big Baller Paradise received mixed reviews. On the website Album of the Year it has an average score of 65/100 from 75 ratings. Some praised it for it's more streamlined production while some criticized it for it not being funny.

Chart performance[]

Big Baller Paradise debuted at number two on the Braeden's Most Played Albums chart with 170,000 units sold. It was blocked from the number one spot by Thomas Rhett's "Center Point Road." It became his first top ten album. The following week, it advanced to number one with 310,000 units sold in its first full tracking week. It became the first Flex Entertainment album to accomplish this feat. The album was the 27th best-selling album of 2019 and 45th best-selling album of 2020. It was certified two-times platinum by BMP.


Weekly Charts[]

Chart (2019) Peak
Braeden's Most Played Albums 1

Year-End Charts[]

Chart (2019) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 27
Chart (2020) Position
Braeden's Most Played Albums 45


Region Certification Certified units/sales
Braeden's Most Played Songs (BMP) 2x Platinum 3,000,000