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Beetlebat (born November 1, 2002) is a YouTuber, singer, rapper, and Flex Entertainment executive. He has a YouTube channel called beetlebat where he makes vlogs and gaming videos.

He was signed to Flex Entertainment on December 29, 2019. He became a Flex Entertainment Executive on January 31, 2020.

He was fired from his position as executive in November 2020 due to his inactivity in the community.

On February 23, Beetlebat was re-promoted to Flex Entertainment executive.

He makes experimental rap music with elements of pop and R&B. He has released two singles in his career "Physics" and "On The Regular." Both songs became Flex Entertainment Hot 100 Top 20 hits. He released his debut EP "Beginnings" on October 23, 2020.

Music career[]

2013-2017: Humble Beginnings[]

In 2013, his friend, Legasauce, was writing lyrics to a song for his channel. He asked beetlebat to appear on the track with him. The song would be titled "The Grocery List Song" and the music video was released the same year. The music video was reuploaded in 2014 after the termination of Legasauce's channel. After experimenting with music on Beatlab, he made the instrumental track "Hearty." He released the song to his channel on April 6, 2017. He also released a remix to his friend Ruck's song "Ruckle Hero."

2019-present: Flex Entertainment[]

Beetle discovered Flex Entertainment through Brad Taste in Music's video about Lil Mosquito Disease's "Infection." He started listening to multiple songs from the label and joined their discord in November 2019. During a discord call with Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Squeaky, and Big Lil, they decided to record "Menace 2." Beetle provided ad libs in the track. The song was released on November 30, 2019.

Beetle decided to release a song himself, a school project for his Physics class. On December 22, he released "Physics", a parody of Maroon 5's "Memories." He announced he would be releasing an extended-play titled "Beginnings" in 2020. Mosquito and Schmoobin liked the song and signed him to Flex Entertainment on December 29, 2019. The music video for "Physics" was released on January 12, 2020. The video gained around 200 views in twenty-four hours, a record for him. Maroon 5 themselves may have seen the video. He also featured on the song "ICU" by Lil Expired Lettuce and MusiklyGyfted with one of the best verses.

On January 31, 2020, he became a Flex Entertainment executive for the creation of the Flex Entertainment Hot 100 chart. He released his second single "On The Regular" on June 5, 2020. It debuted at No. 28 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. It went on to peak at No. 10, becoming his first top ten single. He performed his songs "Physics", "On The Regular" and an unreleased "Fresh" at Flex Fest 2020. On October 20, he released a trailer announcing that the EP would finally be released on October 23. The next day, he revealed the cover art and tracklisting on his Instagram. Every track from the EP became a Top 20 hit on the Flex Hot 100. Beetle announced in his "Story of Beginnings" video that there will be a music video for "Patrol" in the future.

On November 13, 2020, Beetle was demoted as an executive due to inactivity. On December 24, Beetle announced there would be a remix for "Patrol" featuring Lil Mosquito Disease and Young Ryan G. It was released on Christmas Day.

Beetlebat teased an upcoming tropical house song produced by Lil Squeaky. "Sun Goes Down" was announced on March 26, 2021 which has a feature from pop artist Ben Riggle. It was released on March 27, 2021. A remix of the song made by Canadian electronic producer 5ach!† was later released on May 28th.


Beetlebat performing some iconic moves

Beetlebat's music was received extremely negatively initially, with many calling him a horrible artist and one of the worst in Flex. However more recently his music has been celebrated for how charming and fun it is with Beginnings becoming more and more popular.

Beetlebat's Flex Entertainment Hot 100 chart has been the subject of much controversy, with many calling him a "simp" for placing Emily Finchum's songs so high and in such an abundant amount on the charts, and for having an advantage in which he can see all of his streaming numbers, whereas other artists must go out of their way to send him theirs. This has created what Lil Squeaky has dubbed "The Beetlebat Curve." Beetlebat has issued numerous emotional public statements in which he expressed his frustrations with those who frequently dissed the charts, and has considered stopping them altogether. He has continued making the charts nonetheless, banning Emily Finchum from the charts for making them monotonous and boring. This decision was in and of itself controversial, with former Flex artist Yung Garfield stating that it "does nothing" and is "unfair to Emily." He has also banned Ya Boy Payden and Lil AK Trap from the charts as they were both suspected of botting their streaming numbers, which have resulted in a number of public feuds involving Payden and MC Icy.

Beetlebat's promotion to executive in January 2020 sparked much debate about how qualified he was to be an executive, and his lack of contributions sparked much criticism of his position. Some say he has helped the label more since being demoted. His promotion is also credited with starting unnecessary competition among Flex artists to also try and get promoted to executive.

He had also gotten into a beef with electronic producer 5ach!†. 5ach!† was originally commissioned to mix one of Beetlebat's songs "Turn it Up", but after a decision of banning him from the Flex Entertainment Discord server, he was blocked and fired, with the mixing being handled with Lil Squeaky instead. A few months later after the song's release on "Beginnings", 5ach!† decided to take action against Beetlebat and Lil Squeaky. 5ach!† claimed it was "unfair" due to him being friended with Beetlebat on Discord which made no reason for Beetlebat to block him, as well as his dislike over Lil Squeaky's mix in the song which had vocals louder than the beat.


  • Other than Big Baller B, beetlebat is perhaps one of the most well known Flex YouTubers. Many of his videos have become a part of Flex lore including "I TURNED MYSELF INTO A CARTOON!", "WE FINALLY BEAT THEM", "EATING MEAT FOR THE FIRST TIME" and "EATING PIZZA FOR THE FIRST TIME".
  • Beetlebat is well known for his last fm scrobbles and his love for Maroon 5, Marianas Trench and Twenty One Pilots.
  • Beetlebat's good friend Ben Riggle is also a popular artist in the Flex Entertainment community. His friends Limeade, Lil Kevdog and Domumus have also been talked about.
  • Beetlebat is well known for giving out lots of 6/10s on music reviewing sites.



  • TBA (2021)



List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"The Grocery List Song"
(with Legasauce)
  • YT: 1x Plastic
non-album singles
"Hearty" 2017
  • SC: 2x Plastic
"Physics" 2019 15 6 10 29
  • SC: 1x Bronze
  • YT: 1x Bronze
  • SP: 8x Plastic
Beginnings EP
"On The Regular" 2020 10 6 7 9
  • SC: 1x Bronze
  • YT: 3x Bronze
  • SP: 7x Plastic
(featuring Lil Squeaky, Lil Mosquito Disease, & Young Ryan G)
5 1 7 13
  • SC: 1x Bronze
  • SP: 4x Plastic
  • YT: 7x Plastic
"Sun Goes Down"
(featuring Ben Riggle)
2021 4 3 3 2
  • SC: 4x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Plastic
  • SP: 4x Plastic


List of features
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Menace 2"
(Lil Squeaky featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Lil, and beetlebat)
2019 67 31 68 54
  • SC: 5x Plastic
  • YT: 6x Plastic
  • SP: 1x Bronze
non-album singles
(Lil Expired Lettuce & MusiklyGyfted featuring MC Icy, beetlebat, and Lil French Fries)
2020 31 16 21
  • SC: 4x Plastic
  • YT: 9x Plastic
"Riding Around with the Whole Team"
(Yung Lambo featuring beetlebat
20 34 15 34
  • YT: 1x Bronze
Lambo Season
"I Admit"
(Sammy the fish featuring Depp Gibbs, beetlebat, Lil Squeaky, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Eggnog, R Kelly, Lil Joof, Burger Beard, Lil Pinecone, Sachit, Yung Lambo, K Relly, Emily Finchum, & J Coyn Drive
97 59 non-album single
"Lyrical Miracle (Interlude)"
(Lil Mosquito Disease featuring beetlebat, Big Baller B, Yung Schmoobin, & Yung Lambo)
17 16 15 26
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 7x Plastic
"Please Help"
(Voda Wake featuring Emily Finchum, Justin Bieber, beetlebat, Andrew Bill, & David Douglas)
74 83 69
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 7x Plastic
(Wild Wes featuring beetlebat)
2021 47 40
  • YT: 2x Plastic
(Yung Lambo featuring Hood Guy, Hood The Grand, Pee, Good Guy, Hood Child, & beetlebat)
27 20 26
  • YT: 1x Plastic
The Mission To Make Speeder Flop
"Captain Out of Tune 3"
(Lil Mosquito Disease feat. Young Seagull, yung tegga, Lil Flexer, White Fury, Lil Bit Handicapped, Lil Squeaky, Lil Joof, & beetlebat)
8 9 7 12
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 8x Plastic
Flex Gang Vol. 3
"Sick 'N' Tired" (Remix)
(Yung Lambo feat. Lil Squeaky, Hood Guy, beetlebat, & Biscuit)
25 13 46
  • YT: 1x Plastic
Lambo Season
"Flexing Rocks"
(CRZFawkz feat. beetlebat)
33 24 The Mission To Make (X5) Yung Mod Flop (X5)
(Lil Joof feat. beetlebat)
(Disco Crips feat. Bonus Pee, Hood Guy, & beetlebat)
6 69 4 85 PROG OR FLOP

Other Charted Songs[]

List of features
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Here We Go" 2020 14 6 16 21
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Plastic
"Fresh" 16 12 14 15
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Plastic
"Turn It Up" 20 14 13 17
  • SC: 1x Plastic
  • YT: 3x Plastic


  • Ruckle Hero (Beetlebat remix) by Ruck

Guest Apperances[]

  • "First Glance" (Production)
  • "Riding Around With The Whole Team" by Yung Lambo (Feature)